Monday, April 23, 2007

Back Down the Mountain

At 12.51pm, got an sms from MarinaM. She said: "I did it! Climbed 2 top n down again! Got the cert n aching legs 2 prove it too."
That's really great, I said in response. Cool.
I could almost feel her excitement and relief. The sheer sense of achievement.
Anyway, she said when she gets back she will be posting about her Kinabalu mountain experience.
We will be reading all about it soon.
All I can say is -- way to go, Marina!


J.T. said...

So glad she made it. That is one big achievement.

BigDogDotCom said...

Wow! I am awed to hear that. The only mountain I'll be questing is a mountain of things to do not yet done.

Congratulations Dato' Paduka!

mekyam said...

Way to go, MarinaM! Looking forward to reading abt her climb at rangtings.

I ditto bigdog abt my "mountain". :D

shar101 said...

And I see that All-Blogs mountain looming ahead of us.

Climb aboard, folks.

Next step. BUM2007 19th May'07.

Will it be a 'riot of sorts'? I certainly hope so with all the 'engaging and embracing' that's bound to happen.

Meanwhile, MarinaM. Congrats! Now go climb the real highest peak in S.E.A in Myanmar - ????? Dang, forgot the name lah. I hate being 2nd best. Don't you?