Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ijok Wants Parthiban

BN Wins With Higher Majority

re's the Bernama story.

KUALA SELANGOR. -- The Barisan Nasional (BN) continued its winning streak, retaining the semi-urban Ijok state seat with an increased majority of 1,850 votes in Saturday's keenly-fought by-election.
BN's K. Parthiban polled 5,884 votes while Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) received 4,034 votes in the straight fight.
There were 134 spoilt votes.
Returning Officer Haris Kassim announced the results at 8.42pm (on April 28 2007).
The BN had earlier won four by-elections. They are in Kuala Berang (Terengganu), Permatang Pasir (Kelantan), Batu Talam (Pahang) and Machap (Melaka).
In Saturday's by-election, which recorded the highest ever voter turnout in the the country's election history, a total of 10,049 or 81.88 per cent of the 12,272 electorate cast their ballots.
The predominantly Malay seat fell vacant following the death of Datuk K. Sivalingam, 59, of a heart attack in Chennai, India, on April 4.
In the last general election, Sivalingam retained the ethnically-mixed seat with a 1,649-vote majority in a three-cornered fight, beating PKR's Abdol Rahman Moharam and Mohamed Shariff Nagoorkani, an independent.
Ijok, a traditional MIC seat since 1990, is among BN's fortress in Selangor.
This is the second attempt by PKR to wrest the seat from BN, the first being in the last general election in 2004.

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Mr. Right said...

To all wakil rakyat around Malaysia:

Please take good care of your health, it is not an easy task for us (Malaysian) witness our tax money being use by BN (government) to buy voters trust.

Maybe we need to check wakil rakyat medical condition strictly before accepting their nomination request.