Monday, April 23, 2007

To Go Or Not To Go To Ijok

Is that the Question?
All-Blogs plan to go to Ijok to see first-hand what is going on there in the run-up to the by-election.
That's a good thing so we know what's happening on the ground.
We go down to Ijok as All-Blogs because the alliance exists and for practical reasons too.
Of course, we all hope to blog about our visit, if we want to, as individual bloggers.
For some All-Blogs members, it will probably be their first time going to assess a constituency where a by-election is taking place.
For me, it certainly will not be, having been a (socio-political) reporter in my earlier life.
So, the experience will be good for the first-timers among us,
It goes without saying that All-Blogs cannot play partisan politics. But as individual bloggers, some have their own political predilection. Some don't. That is how diverse we are.
Bloggers have their own stand on politics, on a whole range of issues. Or not at all.
The decision to express our views in cyberspace is entirely up to us. There is no compulsion.
Because of our diversity, with each blogger subscribing to his or her own independent views and beliefs, what we write cannot represent All-Blogs.
All-Blogs, in the first place, cannot be having a stand on any political party or ideology.
I think we owe it to ourselves, as bloggers, to see what is going on in Ijok. We're not going there to campaign for anyone or any party. And certainly not for All-Blogs.
Personally, I don't think I want to confuse the people of Ijok about All-Blogs.
All-Blogs and what we stand for are irrelevant to the constituents.
And why get drawn into the campaign. In fact, the safety factor would be a good reason not to go, seeing that our brother, Jeff Ooi and his colleague got caught in somebody else's trouble yesterday.
Well, sh** happens, especially when the by-election fever gets too hot and desperation overcomes you. But we'll try to stay out of trouble.
Certainly, we're not going to literally blow our horns there. But, if they or anyone, do to us what was done to Jeff Ooi and friend, then there is really something to blog about.
Going to Ijok is not about making a political statement.
It is about getting to know Ijok and the campaigns by the BN and PKR to woo voters. Some of us are really curious.
As simple as that.
It's good that there is a debate on why All-Blogs should and should not go to Ijok. Just shows that there is democracy in blogosphere.
All-Blogs does not exist to fight for or against anyone. But as individual bloggers, we are entitled to our say.
As bloggers, we take responsibility for what we write.
And if we believe that we can continue to have a discourse on this or any other issue, then we're on the right track.


Kata Tak Nak said...

All-Blogs should go to Ijok and should it want to report, do so without taking sides. All-Blogs does not represent any single political party. Do not compromise for members' sake. Say it as it is. If the opposition is a bunch of hooligans, say it. If the government is likewise say it.

I am sure readers are not only interested in who is behaving badly and who is not. We would also like to know how life is there, what is the mood of the people there, the atmosphere there, the sad and happy stories there, the works.

J.T. said...

For someone who is too far away from the "happenings", I would prefer reading a blogger's own perspective of Ijok. If All-Blogs go, tell it like it is. If I am interested in a one-sided affair, I have the newspapers. ;)

a malaysian in riyadh said...

From reading All-Blogs postings on Ijok by, to name a few, FL2020, Screenshots and A Voice, it gives me a balanced perspective on the "real" situation there. Yes, I still want more! A turning-point by-election?