Sunday, April 08, 2007

Building Bridges

Don't Build a Wall Between Us
As far as Ruhanie Ahmad the "Kuda Kepang" is concerned, government mouthpieces, including Zainuddin Maidin, need to be taught a lesson. Literally. About the multimedia in Malaysia. Hopefully, Zam and others who have been demonising bloggers, will understand something about what they've been attacking. Perhaps, then, they would not be too unrestrained in their attacks against bloggers.

Ron said:
" Di Malaysia sendiri terdapat ramai pakar undang-undang ICT. Kita juga mempunyai MCMC. Kalaulah, umpamanya, perisian iklan multimedia mempunyai etikanya yang tertentu,
mustahilkah kalau bloggers Malaysia di ajak berunding untuk sama-sama membentuk kod
etika blogging di negara ini suatu hari nanti?

Pra-syaratnya, jangan ada sesiapa jua di dalam pemerintahan negara ketika ini bercakap
pasal bloggers secara rambang dan hentam keromo.

Jangan dimulakan proses konfrontasi antara kerajaan dan bloggers. Jangan
tembok pemisah sebelum pihak pemerintah mengenali hakikat
sebenarnya mengenai blogging."

You can read more of what Ron has to say here.
Rocky in his Bru talks about Ron and Zam, both ex-journalists.

" Ron was a Member of Parliament between between 2000 and 2004 while Zam was made a Senator by Dr M before he rose to become the Information Minister. In other matters, the two differ. And on the question of blogging, they are at loggerheads."

Read Rocky's "Ron On Zam" here.

My take on this?
I don't think people instructed to attack bloggers are that stupid.
They don't care what you and I think. They know what you and I think.
The message to us is simple-- stop blogging.
The message to the public, including the voting masses is -- DO NOT TRUST BLOGGERS. THEY ARE LIARS.

This is going back to basics -- basic propaganda.


Anon. Fm Miri said...


All I can say is our "gomen" now is having bloggers phobia.

mekyam said...

Nuraina: This is going back to basics -- basic propaganda.

I'm with you. They ARE ignorant, but not THAT stupid! It's not blogging per se they are against, it's having their DISHONESTY, IRRESPONSIBILITY and TREACHERY against Malaysia and Malaysians EXPOSED!

Like you said, they are just using a blanket accusation against local bloggers. They are not concerned about those Malaysians who blog about their personal interests and idiosyncrasies.

They want to stop bloggers who are concerned and informed, who blog openly and intelligently under their own names, from revealing things the government would rather keep from public scrutiny. This is directed at owners of news-portals like Malaysiakini and MalaysiaToday too, especially the latter, because Raja Petra provides interactivity not unlike blogging for every news and article on his site.

They have labeled these bloggers and news-portal owners as "politically-motivated bloggers," making it sound like being politically motivated is a dirty word.

It is NOT! If "politically-motivated" is what some Malaysians do, advertently or indvertently, to thwart actions of public servants, from the PM on down, which are not in the public interest, then why shouldn't these bloggers be politically motivated? They are after all Malaysians.

In fact each and everyone of us breathing Malaysians, whether we are blogging or not, should be politically-motivated. Politics concerns us. All of us have a vested interest in all things political. In fact, the trouble with Malaysians is that we have not been political enough. We have been too complacent and uncomplaining about how we are being governed. That is why the current government think they can get away with what they're doing.

Politics is the simply the tool of governance. Thus it touches every aspect of our lives as citizens. Who are they, these people we ELECT and PAY to take care of our politics (i.e the running and governing of this political entity we call Malaysia for us Malaysians), to tell us not to be politically-motivated? Who are they to start this propaganda, this smear assaults, against our some of us for being good responsible citizens? Who are they to turn around and attack us for defending our rights? How dare they!

I'm not a blogger and not likely to be one anytime soon, but this bullying and sly vindictiveness of our elected representatives, especially ignorant ones, really incenses me as a citizen.

Rajahram said...

Tepat dan jelas rencana Datuk Ron semalam itu. Harap dapat dibaca oleh semua yang berkenaan supaya kod etika itu menjadi kenyataan. Salam dan senyum-senyumlah selalu.