Sunday, April 08, 2007


All-Blogs Going Places
For your information, news on the National Alliance of Bloggers have made its round across the globe.
Jeff Ooi's Screenshots has the list of online newssites which published the story.
Quoting Jeff : " Again, it was Internet speed, within 36 hours of earth time, that the world reacted to the formation of Malaysia's National Alliance of Bloggers (All Blogs). The story was published online in Malaysia by mStar and Malaysiakini on Thursday, April 5, 2007 from 9pm onwards."
- mStar: Penulis blog tubuh 'pakatan nasional'
- Malaysiakini: Bloggers unite in face of hostility
- National blogger alliance takes shape
- Malaysiakini: Blogger bersatu hadapi 'serangan'
- Malaysiakini: 维护发言权鼓吹部落格风气, 全国部落格联盟昨正式成立

Then, the following day, Friday April 6, they had the story:

- The Star: Bloggers form grouping
- AgendaDaily: Bloggers kini sudah ada ‘payung’ sendiri
- IHT, Paris: Malaysian political bloggers form alliance to counter criticism from government
- Al-Jazeera, Doha: Malaysians form 'band of bloggers'

By Saturday, Associated Press (AP) article by Yeoh En Lai was published by some 40 on-line newsites in the US, Australia and Canada. Among them is MSNBC, USA: Malaysian political bloggers form alliance. The others include:

- The Age, Australia: Malaysian Bloggers Form Alliance
- San Francisco Chronicle, California: Malaysian Bloggers Form Alliance
- Houston Chronicle, Texas: Malaysian Bloggers Form Alliance
- MWC News, Canada: Malaysians form 'band of bloggers'

Find out about the rest here.


sesat said...

Yep, National Alliance of Bloggers is going global all right. I was particularly pleased to read the article on NAB in Sydney Morning Herald - my daily newspaper of choice.

Way to go!

nstman said...

this is the power of the Net. Those who do not embrace the net risk being left far behind. those who have an agenda against blogs will be exposed in quick time. I can bet my last dollar the majority of our cabinet dont even know what is the function of a blog. Shame on you. You will be condemned to the scrap book of the history books.

Rocky's Bru said...

So, the world's watching us. That's fine by me. Cos I've been watching the world so it's nice to be watched in return. With the attention comes the pressure to perform to expectations. The good thing is we don't know what the world expects. I am sure people don't expect much from a bunch of Malaysian bloggers. But then, did they expect these bloggers to come this far, in the first place?

I am sure the Malaysian government is watching this development. There hasn't been much on the setting up of the Alliance in the mainstream media, of course. The Star's decision to publish the report on its setting up was a brave one. Imagine that!? For me to say that it is brave of a tabloid like the Star to report on the setting up of All-Blogs! But it's true. The editors andjournalists there have balls. Especially the m-Star fellas. Huge balls.

The pressure is on the Malaysian government, too.

This is especially so after the remarks made by several of the ministers. They have been inspired, obviously, by the PM's own blinkered and biased view of the blogs. Pak Lah's "lies after lies" remarks in January, soon after the blogs exposed the purchase of the RM200 m aircraft for the PM, opened the floodgates of criticisms and condemnations of blogs. None of those remarks have made any sense but there you are!

The Malaysian goverment is being watched by the world that will judge it based on how it deals with the Alliance and the blogs.

Ruhanie Ahmad, a veteran journalist and politician [], made some suggestions on how the government should behave with blogs. Zam will do well to heed to Ron's advice.

Lo said...

proud to be malaysian bloggers! do it for malaysia guys!