Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jeff's Case

On Tuesday, April 24 2007 blogger Jeff Ooi successfully withdrew an application to strike out the original claims in a defamation suit filed against him by NSTP & 3 Others, with no order as to costs. This is a similar outcome to Ahirudin Attan's case that was heard on April 2. The date for the hearing of the new striking-out application will be fixed later.

On Tuesday, June 19, 2007, there will be the mention of the inter-parte injunction and the hearing proper of Jeff Ooi's application to consolidate Jeff's and Rocky's case and for it to be heard in KL High Court before Justice Hishamuddin Yunus.

Meanwhile, the ex-parte injunction that resulted in Jeff Ooi having to take down 15 allegedly defamatory postings from Screenshots still stands.

By the way, Jeff's case on Tuesday was heard at the new Jalan Duta Court Complex.

Photos : (bottom) Jeff looking out from the balcony; (top left) the magnificent new court complex and: Jeff with his lawyer, Malik Imtiaz.


Anonymous said...

We will walk with you, Jeff Ooi and Rocky!
No Fear!

Mandolin Wind said...

Nice pics! I was at the next court complex the other day. A most daunting, imposing structure. Quite ugly from whichever angle but saved by an uglier (and more notorious) Matrade building in the vicinity. Both spoil the beauty of the mosque, easily one of of the most beautiful mosques in the country.

The greyness of the court complex is compounded by the very weak road signs, which sent me round and round the area just to find the entrance to the building. I was not the only one lost, mind you. I got to know this lawyer who had a case the morning I was there and who was also looking for the entrance. So we drove round and round, me in front and his car behind mine, to get access to the complex - and to justice!

We pay taxes to that they make life difficult for us?

Anonymous said...

We already have a Palace of Justice in Putrajaya.
Now, there's an imposing structure for the courts in Jalan Duta, purportedly the second largest judicial complex in the world.
Is the one in Putrajaya for show while the latter is for use?
Or is the government having too much money to throw?