Friday, March 08, 2013

Today, Five years Ago....

I made my vote count.

On the morning of March 8, 2008, I  went early to Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Samad in Petaling Jaya to cast my vote.

I did not want to stand in a long line so I made sure I was there nice and early.

I voted in a Selangor constituency: Petaling Jaya Selatan (parliament) and Bukit Gasing (state). The BN incumbents in both seats lost to the opposition.

In the battle for the parliamentary seat, PKR's Hee Loy Sian who obtained 28,598, defeated Donald Lim Siang Chai who obtained 22,892. (5,706 vote majority)

For the state seat,  Gerakan's Lim Thuang Seng obtained 6,923 votes, losing to DAP's Edward Lee who obtained 15,735 votes (8,812 majority).

In the previous general election in 2004,  Donald Lim defeated R Sivarasa of PKR by a bigger majortity (21,416) actually. Lim obtained 35,054 votes against his opponent's 13,638.

For Bukit Gasing, Lim won the seat with a 4,081 vote majority. he obtained 13,057 against DAP's John Chung's 8,976.

"Every vote counts" had never rung true then.

And it still rings true today.


manmanlai said...

Nuraina,Finance Twitter's article 'What are lessons learn from Sabah invasion' is a good read for your readers,especially home minister Hishamuddin.

bludy misy busybodies said...

Let us not waste our votes by staying at home or voting for irrelevant candidates.Let us put our votes to do real work.That is sweeping the Umno/BN out of Putrajaya by putting a more responsible and transparent gomen in placs of them.Bye bye Umneenos and nite nite.

manmanlai said...

Nuraina,now that the Donald is a minister,will he win if he dares to stand as Najib's winnable candidate.No,he will smell election dust the night of the GE.But most probably he will get the message early when voting closed,and the exit polls are out.

I strongly believe that Mca and Mic will join Gerakan and fade into the sunset.Umno will be the only opposition party with some remnants of East Malaysian parties sitting on the opposition bench after this GE13TH.

the gaffe guy who know's said...

And do not sell your votes to anybody.Vote with your conscience.Think about your children's or grandchildren's future,not yours for life is to short to think about ourselves.

the mean machine said...

For the mother of all blunders by Hishamuddin in Sabah,the armed forces votes will be split equally between BN and PR.Its the Broadway's swan song 'bYE bYE bIRDIE" to Umno/BN.

As a reward PR will appoint Hishamuddin as principal of pre-k schools.That is the job he is suitable and most comfortable at.Ordering children around.

Rockybru said...

They have not made the same mistake since then. And so we shall vote with our head as well as our heart this time.

At the same time you were casting your vote on March 8, 2008, I was driving up to Perak to make sure that mine counted too. And BN lost the stateb of Perak just admit lost the whole of Selamgor.

We made the change then. We UBAH already. We did what was necessary to bring down a useless leader.

Time to UBAH back to pre-PRU12. Bring on the GE.

manmanlai said...

Nuraina,Najib's and Umno's last line of defence,the silat exponents have already been despatched to storm the Penang gomen's office in Komtar.They were banging and trying to kick down the glass doors,trying to get in and caused damage and injury to the staff inside the office.

And our mata mata was watching like helpless,dazed and leaderless deers blinded by headlights.How is it that when against a couple of hundreds of Umno goons our brave men,who would not hesitate to baton charged tens of thousands of protestors are suddenly turned into chickens.

Is it because the mata mata are under the juridistion of the federal Umno/BN gomen,and their orders are to let these hired goons do the utmost damage and humilate the Penang gomen as far as possible.

Maybe the IGP after the Sabah ivasion by Taulogs have been quashed would like to offer his explanation.We have brave men in uniform willing to sacrifice their lives for the nation and people in Sabah,and their collegues in Panang are doing the opposite.

Or maybe the HM will be the most suitable candidate to speak about these in-actions of the mata mata.His explanation will be 'we must protect the safety and avoid bloodshed of the aggresors or invaders at all cost'.

Anonymous said...

If opposition want to rule this country, please register all the party under one symbol /flag and choose your leader (like what in BN).

Why they cannot come under one party/flag/symbol???

We cannot give this country to be ruled by the 3 party with 3 heads.

At the moment, BN still the best. Believe me, another tsunami will occur but not to BN. All country will be rule by BN except Pulau Pinang(50/50) and BN will win more than 2/3 majority in parliament..