Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ops Sulu Launched


It has been renamed Ops Daulat.

Earlier posting:

Our army began attack and assault on the armed Sulu intruders at 7 this morning.

Below is the statement by PM Najib Razak (taken from blogger Apanama who is in Lahad Datu)
Kenyataan Akhbar

Sejak pencerobohan oleh kumpulan bersenjata di Lahad Datu pada Feb 12, kerajaan telah mengambil pendekatan untuk menyelesaikan konflik ini tanpa pertumpahan darah. Pihak polis telah mengadakan pertemuan dan rundingan dengan harapan penceroboh akan bersetuju keluar dengan aman tanpa dikenakan sebarang tindakan undang-undang yang serius.

Semakin lama pencerobohan ini berlanjutan, jelas kepada pihak berkuasa bahawa penceroboh tidak berniat untuk keluar dari tanah Sabah. Pada hari Jumaat lepas mereka telah melepaskan tembakan ke arah anggota polis yang bertugas di kawasan tersebut menyebabkan dua anggota kita terbunuh, sehari kemudian enam lagi anggota polis dibunuh oleh penceroboh di Semporna.

Setelah serangan yang pertama, saya telah menegaskan bahawa penceroboh mesti menyerah diri dan jika mereka enggan pihak berkuasa negara ini akan bertindak.

Sebagai negara Islam yang cintakan keamanan dan mengangkatkan perjuangan penyelesaian konflik scara perundingan, usaha kita menggelakkan pertumpahan darah di Lahad Datu tidak berjaya. Sebaliknya, anggota pasukan keselamatan kita diserang dan dibunuh, rakyat Malaysia khususnya di Sabah bimbangkan keselamatan mereka.

Kerajaan mesti mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya bagi menjaga marurah dan kedaultan negara sebagaimana yang dituntut oleh rakyat. Pada jam 7pagi ini pasukan keselamatan telah melancarkan serangan di Kampung Tanduo.

Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak


God speed, soldiers and may the Almighty protect us all...



Anonymous said...

Well if you ask me for my opinion, the whole situation here boils down to the manner the matter has been handled and managed. If even just 20% of the manner is Islamic the problem would have been resolved long long ago. The trouble is no one seems to want to take an Islamic stand to resolve the issues

the mean machine said...

First of all the PM did the right thing.To order the military to throw all its weight on the foreign invading militants.And blow these killers to kingdom come.

These are hardened militant fighters who knows nothing except to kill.Hishamuddin's career as a minister is definitely over.PM Najib must fire him,no two ways.He not only caused a blunder which got many of our security forces killed,by trying to sweet talk to killer militants.He compromised the national security and soveirnty of our country with a bunch of mikitant killers.

manmanlai said...

The invasion of Sabah by Muslim rebels fron the Phillipines has pry open eyes so wide,that this incident will go down in history as the biggest shameful blunder of our defence system and by mistakes of leaders.

The country has spent hundreds of billions on defence,and we let a couple hundred of foreign killers landed on our shores undetected with not a single shot fired.

Then we have ministers who think that it is best to negotiate with foreign armed militants who invaded our shores.Not that it is shameful for governments to negotiate with killers,it has given the enemy weeks of time to plan ambushes for our security forces,causing eight deaths and many wounded.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:36

how wrong you are. it takes two to tango, islamic or not.

Anonymous said...


yes lah . we have lousy ministers. but did you volunteer to go to lahad datu to wipe them out the day after they landed? or you just stayed in the comfort of your home?


manmanlai said...

Anon 5:22pm

At least I do not have to waste time teaching you how to suck eggs,as you are already so very good at sucking eggs.Hahaha.

disgusted observer said...

anon 5.22pm,

pls do not try to teach others to suck eggs.

Just try telling any of your relatives,friends or neighbours who are serving or have served in uniform,how well our leaders have handled the Sabah crisis.I wouldn't be surprised you will be sucking eggs with a toothless mouth later on.

bludy misy busybodies said...

The Filipino millitants are well trained guerillas who have fought with the Filipino army.They are just the opposite of our communist terrorists,remnants of force 136,who are well trained by the British.

Like Sharifah said,the only difference betwwen them and the CT's are that they are foreign fighters who have invaded our shores,while the CT's are mostly made up of locals.

Malaysia do not gain nothing but have a lot to lose negotiating with these foreign terrorists,and with conditions too.How can our leaders negotiate with armed insurgents who breached our country's security and soverignty,and allowing them to demand or make conditions.

These are just a group of outlaws from another country,coming to our shores trying to be cowboys.By even talking to them,makes our leaders and country looks like a weakling.This is a very shameful and cowardly act,according these ragtag terrorists these privileges.

manmanlai said...

anon 5:22 pm,

at least you have the eggs to admit that we have lousy ministers.Do not be surprise and gasped swallowing your dentures, choking yourself in the process,if there are future incursions if we still have eggless ministers in the future.

A very bad precedence has been set this past few weeks,to potential enemies of the state.But at least at the end PM Najib over rode his ministers by giving the green light to the military,to decimate the enemies of the state with the full might of our firepower.

Leaders lead,and not to be led.But you would not understand what I am saying.You need to be led and taught.Shame on you,baby.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:22pm

My boy,I will teach you how to suck eggs at no cost.In other words,it is FOC.Kids will always be kids.Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:22 pm

By the comments from Manmanlai,he sounds like a no nonsense man,in his fifties or sixties.He is bn bashing,but not so rude,crude or vulgar in his comments.

But from your comments,you sound like an immatured brat.Manmanlai could teach you a lot of things.Like sucking eggs for example.Or maybe you can ask your mama to teach you,you rude baby.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:22pm

If you think the ministers should negotiate with these thugs,then you have lost your eggs.Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

the defence and home ministers just went on the air to announce that the PM would be coming to sabah! i thought they were going to update us on the situation there. you dont go live just to say the PM is coming. very childish..

522's worst nightmare said...

ANON 5:22pm.

You are a bludy disgrace to your mama.Surely you must have learn to suck eggs from other's than your mama.Am I correct,maybe not.Hehehe,carry on sucking,babe.

Anonymous said...

anon@8:40 Did anyone say our ministers should talk to the thugs? You have a dislocated brain. Like mamanlai.

Lee said...

I hope that this is not the beginning
of another nightmare for Malaysia...
guerilla warfare, this time not from the communist terrorists, but from Islamist terrorists!The Phillipines and Thailand have this nightmare for decades!Peoples fighting for a cause, even a "lost" cause can be dangerous.Let's pray that Malaysia will be spared this nightmare!

Old Fart said...

Err..Can Anonymous at 11.36am be a little bit more specific? What exactly is Islamic? Or what is the Islamic stand to resolving this problem? I am trying to understand that. Tried to see if in Afghanistan maybe they have an Islamic way to bring about peace. Pakistan and Iran too....I cannot see what is it that they are doing that is Islamic? Unless of course what they are doing is in fact Islamic!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:36 pm

dislocated brain,with our superman genius surgeons,no problem,babe.But I pity a blockhead like you,with no cure in sight.