Monday, March 04, 2013

Our Fallen Heroes

They were killed in Semporna protecting our sovereign land. Our prayers for them..May Allah Almighty protect our soldiers and security forces.


the mean machine said...

Our condolences to the families of our brave men who gave their lives in the line of duty for country and people.

The casualties on our side should never have occured.It is no point blaming our leaders as the damage has already been done.

But an RCI must be called.To evaluate what actually went wrong,that no action on armed foreign militants for almost three weeks.Giving them all the time to prepare plans to cause casualties on our side.

We have heavy military power,but we kept them at home,fearing the use of them might cause heavy bloodshed and safety of lives of foreign militants.

bludy misy busybodies said...

I agreed that an RCI will be the most appropiate way to get to the bottom of this mess.This is to make sure that there is accountability for the blunder that has cost lost lives to some of our bravest.

The actions and behaviour of some ministers are unbecoming,and an RCI is to make sure such disastrous blunders do not happen again in the future.We must make sure that the safety concerns and well being of our men in uniform always comes first.We do not care less or want to criticised our leaders,as long as the casualties are on the enemies side.

We could have blown the foreign militants to kingdom come,the very first day,and not accord them privileges we usually do to enemy soldiers during wartime.These foreign militants are guerillas or terrorists back in their home country.They do not belong to the army of any sovereign nations, therefore should be treated as terrorists.