Wednesday, April 08, 2009

PR Wins 2, BN Wins 1 must know the equation already.
Pakatan Rakyat retained the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat in Perak and the Bukit Selambau state seat in Kedah in by-elections held simultaneously yesterday.

The Barisan Nasional retained the Batang Ai state seat in Sarawak.

Ousted Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin captured Bukit Gantang, defeating BN candidate Ismail Saffian and independent Kamarul Rami-zu Idris.

Nizar won 21,860 votes against Ismail's 19,071 while Kamarul got only 62 votes, losing his deposit.

PKR's majority increased this time. More people cast their votes too.
Nizar's majority is 2,789-vote over Ismail. The late Roslan Shahrom defeated BN's Azim Zabidi with a 1,566 vote-majority in last year's general election.

The Election Commission said 75.1 per cent or 41,626 of the 55,562 voters cast their ballots.
In last year's election, voter turnout was 72.6 per cent.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat won Bukit Selambau with a slightly increased majority of 2,403 votes.
PKR's S. Manikumar polled 12,632 votes against BN's S. Ganesan's 10,229 votes. There were 415 spoilt votes.

All the 13 independent candidates lost their deposits as they failed to poll one-eighth of the ballots cast. Collectively they polled just 1,326 votes.

The Bukit Selambau by-election was called after incumbent and Kedah state executive councillor V. Arumugam resigned over morality issues.

In last year's general election, Arumugam, who contested as an independent, won the seat with a majority of 2,362 votes, against S. Krishnan of the BN.

BN candidate Malcom Mussen Lamoh polled 3,907 votes beating PKR's Jawah Gerang who managed 2,053, delivering the ruling coalition a 1,854-vote majority in Batang Ai.

In the 2006 state elections, the late Datuk Dublin Unting of BN retained the seat with a 806-vote majority.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

I hope you remove the daulat tuanku logo. The people have spoken and dont want the absolute powers given to the Sultan. It has to be ruled by the people elect. No disrespect to Perak Sultan as I think he himself is a wiseman and goodhearted person.

However, we should never give to one person, especially non-elected person like Sultan abolute powers in Malaysia.

Look, Sultan of Johor actually killed somebody. And never put to jail. When will there be justice for the decease.

We dont want any monster in our country anyway. We can have Sultan if we still want to preserve this part of Malaysian identity. But we can do it like UK and Japan where the monarch really dont have power but just merely status symbols.

I urge you to remove Daulat Tuanku. They are not God. Nevertheless, we should give respect to the deserved.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

I think it was a wise move by the rakyat. Having a new leader does not justify support from the rakyat. The leader must prove the change he would introduce and he needs time.

Look at what happened after Pak Lah got landslide victory in 2004. The people trusted Pak Lah in 2004 and all he had to offer then was verbal promises and commitments. He failed to deliver and people are more careful today.

With time, we will see who would serve the people better.
We don't have much choice. Today we are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Congrat BN, PKR and PAS.

I really pray all of you are there to serve the interest of the people.

Hang Tuah said...

Perakians have spoken. It is time for new state elections in Perak! Stop denying the voice of the people in Perak!

Anonymous said...

Tak Nak Najib!Tak nak Mamak!

Anonymous said...

BN should realise that they can't hoodwink Malaysians anymore with old politicians who are past expiry dates to come and resurrect UMNO and MIC. Sooner the BN leadership realises this it is better for them. Najib should be a man to himself than leaning on old politicians.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nuraina to use your space....according to the press report by Merican ...the cause of death of Mr. Kugan is due to acute myocarditis but according to Wikipedia one of the causes of acute myocarditis is physical agent like electric shock.....So what you think about PDRM treatment????????

Anak Malaysia Sejati said...

Kak Oh Kak

Kita dah boleh tanggalkan banner "DAULAT TUANKU", sebab Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur semalam telah menetapkan bahawa pencabaran Dato Nizar terhadap kesahihan Zambry sebagai menteri besar adalah SAH (baca sini yek, dan tengok rakaman videonya juga, jangan tak tengok).

Dan oleh itu, baik semua bloggers-bloggers kalian turunkan sahaja lah Banner "Daulat Tuanku" sebagai propaganda menentang Pakatan Rakyat sebab Mahmakah dah putuskan bahawa Pakatan Rakyat dan Dato Nizar tidak ada apa-apa penentangan terhadap istana, Sultan atau Tuanku..


Anonymous said...

For me whatever ceremonies that are conducted or the way we have to speak to the Sultan is 'Syirik'. It is as though they are a mirror of God on earth. I am only hamba to Allah. Let's not be blinded by this, beliving that the sultan is the symbol of the Malays or Islam in this country. It is just how the British have implanted in our minds to deviate from the true teachings of Islam which is total submission to Allah and not sembah Allah and Sultan. We will not be questioned in the afterlife for what we have done for the Malays but what we have done for the Ummah (by this I mean Muslims of every race, and even the non-Muslims, like a true Caliphate State).

If we keep on addressing Ketuanan Melayu, how different are we from the Jews, who potray themselves as the chosen people.

This Ketuanan Melayu and Kedaulatan Sultan is just for the ruling elite to hold on to their power, just like the New World Order of the ruling elite in this world.


Adik said...

Hello, don't kacau Nuraina la
If she take off the daulat tuanku banner, then Rocky Bru wont be her friend anymore, then the UMNO folks will think she is anti-UMNO
Nuraina got no guts to follow her conscience la so let her be in peace please



i am not usually bothered by remarks such as yours but I have only two words for you and they are not allowed here.:-)

you must be seriously pathetic.