Thursday, April 09, 2009

Death For Altantuya's Killers

Chief Insp Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar were sentenced to death after the Shah Alam High Court found them guilty of murdering Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin said the defence failed to create a reasonable doubt in the prosecution case.

Azilah, 32 and Sirul, 37, were charged with murdering Altantuya at Mukim Bukit Raja between 9.54pm on Oct 18, 2006, and 9.45pm the next day.


Anonymous said...

Justice is seen to be done.

But why did these 2 UTK guys kill a mongolian girl not known to them?

The person(s) giving the order to these 2 UTK guys is free.

Only god shall give the real killers the justice they deserved.

alrawa said...

Why would these two fellas kill Altantuya? Was it for fun?

PahNur said...

Wait. For someone who does not exist (no immigration record) , and Razak Baginda proclaimed that such a woman name Altantuya was a mirage created by the opposition to smear the PM in waiting, how can these two be found guilty of killing someone that does not exist? Oh wait. Let me come up with a conspiracy theory, from the top of my head. Public never did get a good look at these two as their faces were covered at all times. I will not be able to recognize them even if they sit down and have tea with me. What if they need to be sentenced to death, so that they could be given a life elsewhere…in a land far far away…I mean, think about it, with a new ID, in a new land, with a bank account full of money to last them for 3 generations, who’s to know? There are people hoping to close the case hastily…..hmmm….

K L said...

It is sad that one is willing to die for his boss !

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's well known all over the world
All those in rich and powerful whorl/whirl
Can get away with practically any crime
While scapegoats are thrown into the brine

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 090409
Thur. 9th Apr. 2009.

Anonymous said...

pah nur
I agree with u.Just look at the cabinet line up today.Whose holding HOME portfolio.As we know the Police, Immigration and also cuctoms dept is under HOME.Easy to do paper work and cover up ma!I and my friends already predited earlier that keris will get the dept.Kan sedara sedarah.Misti jaga punya.Baru tiga tahun lagi boleh jadi Timb.Presiden and DEputy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

AS a normal person like you. I'm asking this question why these two UTK guys killed the poor girl? for fun?....What you think?

Ahmad KL

Anonymous said...

Hai ya....these two people will live happily with new identity like most of other criminals.They won't tell the truth as they're happy with the offer.End of the story.

Anonymous said...

Something is not right. What was to motive for these 2 UTKs guy to kill Altantuya.? The worse part even blown her to pieces?. How they got C4?. Why blown her as well?.I'm confused

Anonymous said...

two murderers who killed a foreign woman without any reasonable motive and reason. And they are also the elite member of Malaysian police commando.
How come no one ask why he or they killed the poor woman?
Oh, I forgot, they picked the wrong woman......
Anyway, who cares, she's not a Malaysian and came from the a place where they only drink horse milk. Weird people I guess. So, who cares what happen to her. Just like the Immigration dept record showed. Who cares about a women from a country no one plan to visit.

Anonymous said...

pah ran, ur arguments sound logic to me.. after all, malaysian politic is always suck!
anonymous: yes it's true. Justice can only be given by God.

Az said...


lina said...

Pah Nur...great theory

TTS said...

I'm not amazed by the verdict coz I simply feels like there is no justice in this case. I just can't imagine 2 UTK guys, didn't even know a lady, later simply kill her. As far as we are concern UTK guy is nothing but "saya yang menurut perintah"..


ahmad (anon@7:33PM),

i'm sorry. i wouldn't know.

Anonymous said...

to ahmad kl,

when nuraina said "i wouldn't know" it's equal to "i wouldn't say".

frm: not naive

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprising. From day 1 we can make an educated guess as to which way the verdict is going to go. Change of judge and DPP on flimsy reasons and so on and so forth. It's so typical of Msia. I'm not disappointed as I don't expect much from our judiciary.

frm: give up


not naive (anon@12:47PM)

i'm sorry.

i meant exactly that : "wouldn't know". therefore, of course i am unable to say, whatever it is you expect me to say.

Ahmad KL: do you know?