Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Najib's Cabinet...

UPDATE: Najib will announce his Cabinet at 3pm tomorrow.


Earlier posting:

We all have our own idea of what Najib Abdul Razak's Cabinet should be.

Malaysia's new Prime Minister is expected to announce his line-up soon.

According to the NST, at least three ministries will be dismantled while Najib is bringing back the posts of parliamentary secretaries.

Six ministries, it seems. will be merged into three.
The Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry is expected to be merged with the Tourism Ministry; Higher Education Ministry with the Education Ministry; and, Plantation, Industries and Commodities Ministry with the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry.

Actually, that does make practical sense.

I thought the Cabinet under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was too big and well, unwieldy.

I remember having difficulty remembering the names of deputy ministers and some of the ministries. We had a "poster" of the Cabinet, featuring the pictures and names of ministers and deputy ministers to help us if we forgot who was where.

I hope to not see tainted individuals in the new Cabinet.

Again...I am sad to see Shahrir Samad's departure.

Anyway, we are all waiting with bated breath, need I say, to know who's going where.


Fadhil said...

Salam Puan Nuraina,

I agree with you about Pak Lah's cabinet being too big. Trimming down the ministeries is a good move.

But I wouldn't be surprised if arrogant politicians get ministerial posts. There is one or two already in there and I doubt that they would be dropped.

I am actually sad to see Shahrir go. He may not have handled KPDN & HEP too well but he is a good MP. Now that he is not Minister, I hope he'll fight for a better Johor Bahru.

Tulang Besi said...


Hang bukan skrg ni dah patah balik sokong UMNO ka?

Hari tu hang ada buat perjumpaan antara blogger pro Islam dgn Zahid Hamidi?

PAsai apa hang tak menari sekali atas pentas kat Kuala Sepetang tu?

hailtheking said...

High time to 'tutup kedai' menteri wilayah.
...and please lantiklah YB dari Temerloh. He is a good leader.



right you are.

thank you for visiting..


tulang besi.,

sebenar nya, saya bukan penyokong mana-mana parti. Saya mengenali rapat pemimpin-pemimpin dari parti-parti -- Umno, Keadilan, DAP, Pas...

Nampak-nya, kalau sesiapa sokong Umno adalah perbuatan jahat. saudara menganggap saya sudah patah balik sokong Umno. Satu "tuduhan".

Dan, memang hari tu saya dan beberapa blogger ada berjumpa dengan zahid hamidi...saya sudah lama kenal zahid, dari masa beliau bekerja dengan Najib dalam tahun 80-an.

"PAsai apa hang tak menari sekali atas pentas kat Kuala Sepetang tu"

APa maksud saudara dengan soalan itu?

Anonymous said...

Show me one who is not tainted in BN.

amoker said...

Agree that Shahrir is a shame, but he is pricipled.

The rest.. no confidence. Najib sucks as the FM.

It is not only the size, but they need to trip down the bereucrats. There is just oo little meaningful jobs

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

Yes, we wait and we hope the cabinet,will be better than the 2004 and the 2008. There are some people who should not be in the 2004 and the 2008 and the coming 2009.

I agree smaller cabinet would be better and there are overlapping activities.

I think Minister's role must also be made known to the public. Because the truth of late, I don't know what are their role.

Reason being that sometimes I haven seen Minister's micro managing the Ministries, i.e. getting down to the running of departments under their purview, when clearly the duties are those of the HoD.

OK if they must micromanage (which I oppose to) they would need to have the expertise in the subject matter but many don't. So how can they bring any good?

So it would be nice to know their roles and I would like to know how would they can help the rakyat in their roles as Minister. I am sometimes confuse as well when states claim they would like to have their rep elected as Minister. How can these Ministers help them? Bringing projects to their state? Hmm... is that the role of a Minister. At least I thought differently.

Anonymous said...

Puan N,

I read your write-ups sometimes, n they are generally well-balanced...

But not your notty Rocky la..
He loses his dignity when he spins Bukit Gantang by-election as Anwar vs Sultan....Nobody spins like that!

Now that BN lost, the spin put Tuanku in "bad light"...Tak da cara lain ke??

It is worse than the act of "pohon derhaka" He owes Tuanku an apology!

Daulat Tuanku


Anonymous said...

I won't hold my breath.. It's not going to make any difference to how the country is going to be run.Methinks the whole setup will be like any government department with many redundant people pretending to look busy and important and getting gaji butak.

B.S Hit

Anonymous said...

Dear Nor,

I suggest we insert a microchip in all the newly elected ministers and their deputies.Via a satelite link all of us can see their movements, you and rocky too can keep track of your favourite ministers in the cabinet.

soul eater

alrawa said...

Dear Ina,
You have to name the 'tainted individuals' and make the job of forming the new cabinet easier for Najib.


patik (anon@4:01PM),

i can't speak on his behalf. i'm sure he expected people to disagree, to whack him, even.

but, want to tell me that he is derhaka....

come on...

thank you for visiting...

Melayu Islam said...

Puan N

Whoever is in the cabinet its almost the same tainted people. We all know the sickness of the politik wang from the grassroot right to the top. (Do I hear anyone denying this?) What the country needs is a totally new cabinet run by a different political party. 50 years of the same is enough.

Anonymous said...

saya nak beri sedikit nasihat. lebih baik lu tutup mulut puan nuraini sabagai sa-orang perumpuan. jagang kau lupa Malaysia ni sa buah negeri Islam. ok.

telur dua said...

KJ should be included in the Cabinet and not the loser son who can't articulate to save his own life.

KJ may be abnoxious, but he's a smart cookie. These two qualities do go hand in hand sometimes.




telur dua said...

Zahid Hamidi? Hmm, can people still remember how he made a U-turn and deserted Anwar just prior to his (Anwar's) downfall?

Lousy friend and one who gives politicians a bad name.

lunarlu said...

Telur Dua,

ypu said:
"KJ should be included in the Cabinet and not the loser son who can't articulate to save his own life.

KJ may be abnoxious, but he's a smart cookie. These two qualities do go hand in hand sometimes."

you must be joking. Have you forgotten ECM Libra? His excesses and abuses? His interference in his father-in-law's admininstration? cookie...yep..Najib doesn't need a spoilt brat like him!

johnny cheah said...


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When some people are no longer in high and mighty tower
They will feel sharply the loss of their political power
Some may not even easily throw in their overdued towels
Thinking that they can forever keep their public trowels

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 090409
Thu. 9th Apr. 2009.

Anonymous said...

We need a lean cabinet of no more than 12 ministers.
With a population of only slightly over 28 million, we have too many ministers not to mention deputies and political secretaries.
Cane we have more departments under one ministry?
Why one minister each for information, communication and tourism? They are all related.
Yes, I also cant rmember the names of too many ministries. Ministers?
I believe these are the work of the PTD. The one who run and dictate the government.
Let the MPs write the bills.
Cut down on the PTDs.
We dont need KSU and TKSU dictating the nation.
Those reaching 58 should go. Including the present KSN.
We need elected representatives to do things much faster and write laws and not allowing these PTDs wasting the tax payers money.
How come every new projects being introduced, you will see more positions and perks for the PTDs?

Anonymous said...

I think Zahid Hamidi is OK.

I am not going to comment about the U-turn mentioned by "telur dua" because I do not know the inside story of that but I have met Zahid Hamidi a few times and he appears more down to earth compared to many other ministers.

You must see some of them and you would appreciate the very few like Zahid Hamidi.

Anonymous said...

Tulang Besi asked..
..PAsai apa hang tak menari sekali atas pentas kat Kuala Sepetang tu?
Ena ..what he meant to ask is..
'Heard you are you going to wear a tudung labuh soon and embrace your lady YB friend (who do not believe in marrying but had an illicit affair with a Muslimah's hubby}'.
Maybe then, 'holier than thou' guys like Tulang Besi will stop 'tuduh-ing' you..
..hehehe jangan marah..


melayu islam said...

zahid hamidi, najib, muhyudin, kj...they are all the same. they have been given numerous chances to run an efficient and clean govt. how long more the agony?