Monday, April 13, 2009

New Cabinet Begins Work Today

It's the first day on the job today for the Prime Minister's Cabinet.

The monitor is ticking and in six months we will see who are performing and who are not.

Do keep your own KPI.
As you know, new broom always sweeps clean. After a while, one may just lose one's stamina.

And if you still have something to say about Najib Abdul Razak's line-up, just drop him a line in his blog

He welcomes it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, We would like to ask No:1, lots of Questions.
Can we Start with Mongolian Beauty, than go to PI Bala or shall go to How come immigration records can be tampered with or shall I ask him how could one get C4 explosives so easily,or what was the motive for the two police officers to murder or shall we ask him who was behind all this.Too many question and too much silence.

boxer guy said...

Damn mukhriz is there? Im sceptical about yr stance: pro or anti-KJ?!!!

Damn. mukhriz old fart