Monday, April 13, 2009

Thai Crackdown..

I wish I were there in Thailand to see what's really going on.

Then again, I'd have to be careful what I wish for. Not a pretty place to be stuck in right now.

According to latest reports, trouble and violence are escalating in the Thai capital as soldiers began firing volleys of shots in the air to disperse protesters blocking key roads.

With the first show of force by the government since declaring emergency rule, 74 are left wounded.

According to AFP, demonstrators sent hijacked buses and molotov cocktails hurtling towards military lines in a chaotic battle at one intersection, where soldiers fired assault rifles and tear gas shells as they advanced.

Here's the rest of the story.

Got my finger clicking on this blog Mana-Mana. I had a nagging feeling that he'd blog something about Thailand, given his affinity and deep endearment for our neighbour.

Read Aziz Hassan's cry for the Thais. Don't weep too much, brother!


Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

Khun Sis Ena sa bai di ru? (please excuse me if my Thai is rusty)

I am particularly partial towards Thailand. One melts faster in Bangkok, more from the enchanting smiles than the dreadful scorching temperature.

I remember in April 1989, I went to Pattaya to avoid the mid 90s degree Fahrenheit of Bangkok. There were hordes of pampered Japanese tourists and plenty of mad US sailors in Pattaya then.

The locals were celebaring songkran where people splashed water and rubbed white powder at whoever and wherever they fancied. I was not spared.

Watched a rip-roaring and entrancing show at the famous cabaret. One of the songs has this catchy lyric "rambutnya hitam bergelumbang".

Haven't been there for yonks. And so eager to set foot there again.

YPeng said...

Of late, there are a number of unfortunate incidents that happens in Thailand - bombs at tourist destinations, clashes between pro and anti-govt activitists, etc which no doubt has filled the front-page newspaper columns for awhile. And the recent event has even cause the important Asian summit to be cancelled. It does spread the message through of the political turmoil in Thailand.

I, in particular, do feel bad about such extensive action taken by the Thai people to cause unrest in the country. Are they instigated by some irresponsible leaders to topple the govenment?
The world's economy is already on the brink of recession, such event can aggravate not only the economy but also the political stability of the country. Neighbouring Asian countries too will be effected by such incident which is; so to speak uncalled for or should some say otherwise?
I am really worried of the current economy now & to 'sail' through another six months of such; do take lots of patience & reasoning. Do you? :-O