Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Najib And The ISA

I'm glad our new PM Najib Abdul Razak released 13 people, including Hindraf leaders, detained under the Internal Security Act.

When I got the NST alert last Friday that 13 people will be released, I was so so happy.
And that Najib would have the ISA reviewed...I was happier.

Revoking the ban on Harakah and Suara Keadilan was also good news.

Cynics will dismiss - if they have not already - his action as political, warning Malaysians not to be duped by this man.

Oh... come on. Give me a break for once. Najib has ordered the release of ISA detainees. Let's be glad for that.

I know I was so happy when Datuk Seri (now Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad ordered the release of more than 100 ISA detainees, including my father and his friends and colleagues, immediately after he assumed the premiership.

And if Najib is duping us all with his "soft approach"...well...we'll just have to wait and see.

You can't fool everyone all time. And Malaysians are not idiots. I know I am not.

Najib-haters can go to town with their anti-Najib slogans and all....but I am just so glad for the families of the ISA detainees.

And for Harakah and Suara Keadilan -- because I buy and read these publications and I was so angry that the Government had ordered their ban!!!!!!

As Najib said: “If we don’t release them, they will say the Government is repressive. If we release them, they will say we are populist.”

“The Government has the best interest of the people at heart,” he said.

So....I'm going to see if Najib is as good as his word.

And oh, I'm hoping that he'll pick really good people in his Cabinet. Tough, I know.

(I'm sad, though, that Shahrir Samad is quitting! I'd like him to remain. )


Anonymous said...

"Oh... come on. Give me a break for once. Najib has ordered the release of ISA detainees. Let's be glad for that."

It is just so easy to con some of the people all the time..



if releasing ISA detainees and lifting ban on publications is conning...whoa...con me more, man!

Anonymous said...

It's good that the ISA detainees are released, and I'm sure that they (and their families) are very relieved to be free.

But why were they detained in the first place? So now they are no longer the threat to national security they were last week?

Hamba said...

Not a con job but some people are too naive...Remember that TDM released ISA detainee when he became PM? Well, he detained hundreds more during Ops lalang. Ops lalang was done because tension arises by the antics of Najib ( UMNO youth) and MCA youth...Do you know who was detained??? Surprise..surprise...it was opposition members, not the actual individual who are responsible ( Najib)...So why are you happy that ISA detainee are freed, when they were not supposed to be detained in the first place? A kidnapper returned the person he kidnapped and were supposed to be grateful to the kidnapper? Wow! you really do care about others and it really shows!

Anonymous said...

sure, and they will be more than happy to keep detaining more of you and banning more publications so that you can jump for joy each time they find a political opportunity to score some points by 'releasing' them back to you..

Anonymous said...

releasing you before elections den detaining you again after elections, well sure I'll con u more :p

Anonymous said...

dear nuraina

i) i give u rm1, with maximum public relations msm publicity 4 me..utusan, tv3, nst...

ii) then i take away your land, your share of the country's wealth (i.e. timber, oil etc...) worth millions...billions...

iii) then tomorrow i come again and give u another rm1...

repeat steps (ii) and (iii)...

or maybe this:

i) i make public transportation as lousy as possible.
ii) then i use my cronies and build hiways (i.e. toll concessionaires)...
iii) then i promote the fervent purchase of new private and company cars...
iv) "use the tolled hiways...they are more convenient". i collect toll. easy income.
v) then i build more hiways
vi) then i collect more tolls.
vii) remember to make public transportation as lousy as possible.

repeat steps...


John B said...

Scrub, rinse and repeat. Wait for few more years then the amount of people being arrested for ISA will be the same as the one released now. You know the basic law of thermodynamics: mass flow in = mass flow out



they were detained under Pak Lah's administration.
they should not have been detained at all because there are enough laws to deal with any violation of laws of the country.

it is a question that we will always be asking when anyone is detained under the ISA.

My unflagging belief is for the repeal of the ISA and release of all ISA detainees...

thank you



you have your own belief and i have mine.
and honestly, Najib was not responsible for whatever that you are accusing him of.

i agree...these detainees should not have been detained. WE ALL AGREE on that.


but...as the situation is...13 people have been released. YES we should be happy that they are because when they were detained,we were all angry and protested!

YM said...

Shahrir Samad would make a darn good Chair of Disciplinary Committee of Umno. We know he'll brook no interference plus he's actually smart and darn balanced.

jebat's fren said...

hi nuraina

looks like you are quite objective when it comes to matter, definitely better than jebatmustdie. think he will betray his fren for the sake of umno(ruler). he is a real hang tuah.

digress a bit..back to najib. but ISA is one thing, you may say that the detention was during Pak Lah's time but many of them were detained during mahathir's time too.

if najib is considered human, he should have release all and charge them in court. but don't you think that najib himself is saddled with so many scandals. there is a cantonese saying "without wind, there is no wave". do you think people dare to spread rumours and attack najib if najib is clean?

since you are quite close to zahidi, i am sure you can get some insider info as to whether najib is guilty or not. i won't be surprised some UMNO leaders might know something but just keep it, if not, the entire UMNO ship will sink.