Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rafidah Will Defend Her Post...

The writing was on the wall.

Last week when Wanita Umno vice-president Shahrizat Abdul Jalil called for the wing's leadership transition plan to be brought forward from June to March, it was clear that all was not well at the top (of Wanita Umno).

The transition plan was agreed to by the Wanita exco in August.

As expected, this afternoon Shahrizat announced her decision to challenge Rafidah for the number one post.

Rafidah told 3540 Jalan Sudin today that she will be defending her post.

"It is not a question of whether or not I am accepting the challenge....there is a challenge and I will have to defend my post.

"We will meet di gelanggang in March," she said.

Rafidah said she was shocked by Shahrizat's "about-turn" because Shahrizat had given assurances to her, the Wanita exco and to the public that she had no intention of contesting the top post.

The transition plan was to ensure a smooth transfer of leadership in June.

Shahrizat's decision has now upset this plan. Also, Wanita Exco member Kamilia Ibrahim has announced her decision to contest the vice-chief post.

Looks like she has won the post uncontested.
Asked about criticisms that the plan was neither provided in the Umno constitution, nor was it an Umno practice, Rafidah said that was inconsequential.

"Just because it is not in the party constitution or not an Umno practice does not mean that it cannot be done. The point is, we all agreed to it."

On concerns that handing power to Shahrizat in June, three months after the party elections would render Shahrizat just an "acting chief", Rafidah said she had reassured Shahrizat that "if you are the leader, you are the leader, acting or not."

In other words, being an acting chief does not have a bearing on one's leadership.

Rafidah said (the late Tun) Hussein Onn was acting Umno president for more than one year.

Rafidah's supporters have questioned Shahrizat's late decision, accusing her of denying other very able and capable leaders from contesting.

"Why didn't she oppose the plan from the beginning? What kind of leader is this? She said repeatedly that her word is her honour.....why this?" a Wanita leader asked.

Shahrizat's supporters have hinted that Rafidah was selfish and was leaving Shahrizat with little choice but to contest.

The Wanita chief said that she had explained to the exco that she needed six months to strengthen not just the wing but the Barisan Nasional Wanita machinery.

"After that, I will step down. I have already explained. It was accepted".

Rafidah said BN lost five states and she needed to help lay the groundwork for the next general election.

"You know I have nothing to lose," she remarked, adding that she had been looking forward to retiring from active party politics.

The former International Trade and Industry Minister is Kuala Kangsar Member of Parliament. She holds no Cabinet post currently.

Shahrizat lost her Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat to Parti Keadilan Rakyat's Nurul Izzah Anwar in the last election. She was made Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for Women and Social Development Affairs.

Asked if she would hand over the leadership to Shahrizat in June if she wins in the March elections, Rafidah said:"If I win, then I will have to lead the wing for another three years."

Well, there goes the Iron Lady's retirement plans....

Read the Star on Shahrizat's decision to contest....HERE


Anonymous said...

You know her well, it seems. What is your take on her delaying the transition plan to June?

Malay Mail had this story today, and I personally think that it is spot on.

Zainal Epi

Why is Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz reluctant to hand over the top Wanita Umno post in March but doesn’t have a problem doing so in June?

That is the million dollar question being asked within Umno, more so in the ranks of Wanita, as many in the party ponder the merits of the veteran leader's argument that she needed the three months to sort things out.

However, speculation is rife Rafidah is simply gunning for a Cabinet post under the leadership of the incoming prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Umno division heads said it was the tradition of the new president, in this case Najib who will also take office as prime minister, to revamp the Cabinet after the party elections. By convention, the Wanita Umno head is given a place in government.

“If Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil wins as Wanita head, will she be given a ministerial post despite not being a member of parliament ?

Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim, who is going for the No 2 post, is also not an MP.

So who will represent the movement in the Cabinet? These are the issues now being speculated,” said one division head.

“Only Rafidah is qualified. So, if you go by what has been practised by Umno, this could be the reason why she want s to contest and stay on till June.”

Traditionally, the Cabinet reshuffle takes place a month after the Umno elections.

"This means that the new lineup will be announced in April, or by May at the latest. If Rafidah remains Wanita head, then she stands a chance of being appointed to the Cabinet," the official added.

However, Shahrizat and Kamilia can also be given places in government by being appointed as senators.

An Umno leader said Rafidah could also want to protect her supporters in the Wanita exco line-up.

“The practice is winner takes all. Rafidah's fear might be that her supporters in the exco line-up would be replaced by Shahrizat's people. It's about taking care of one's supporters...”

Umno leaders who spoke to Malay Mail give Shahrizat a 50-50 chance of winning if she challenges Rafidah; and being able to retain her deputy head’s post if she fights it out with Kamilia.

They said Rafidah commanded a lot of support in the movement and the majority of the delegates picked to attend the movement's assembly in March were her supporters.

“The ones calling for change and expressing open support for Shahrizat are the movement’s division heads but below that level, the many more Wanita delegates who will be casting their votes at the general assembly are Rafidah’s supporters,” said another division leader.



Anonymous said...

I just love Rafidah fighting spirit. Well done Kak Fidah, macam tu lah, don't chicken out like Pak Lah.
Good Luck Tan Sri!!!!!dh9753

Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

I'm glad that you gave her more airing. Obviously TV3 doesn't like her. Trust the Mak Ciks in UMNO will vote with their good hearts for the brave heart come March, insyaAllah. Yep, THE Lady has nothing to lose.'

Semut Api said...

that's true.. if rafidah wins, she will have no obligation to hand over the rein as her plan was rejected...

Anonymous said...

please get a few things straight:
1. rafidah is waiting the 3 months to get ministership in najib's cabinet
2. sharizat was not consulted when rafidah announced her decision to do the june plan during "wanita bersama pemimpin"
3. the amount of effort put to make sure wanita umno does not split was what caused sharizat to shut her mouth and "angguk". do what she can to save wanita umno, also orang mencarut. dont do also, orang mencarut.
4. after exco meeting, all the grassroot women said to shahrizat that they will "memberontak" because they want the change, they dont want rafidah. half of the 117 that voted for rafidah were threatened by rafidah's 5 female thugs in exco to vote for dragon lady, or else.
5. the "transition plan" that shahrizat "angguk" to was taking into consideration was given the fact that
- pak lah transfer to najib in 2010
- umno gen elections NOT in march
6. now that those two points have changed, the june "transition plan" is null and void.
7. given all of the above, its only natural shahrizat stands for #1.

Nordin said...

She and a number of others never learned and understand the meaning of democracy. Everything has it time frame. When the term expire, she has to seek reappointment. So, what is there to defend. The problem with umno is when they were appointed they thought the position they held became their right. Only they will decide when to let it go.

So the fight for wanita umno nomuro uno is a defining moments. For whatever their motives, they have to get the mandate from their members! In a political party, the members should be supreme and not the other way!

Anonymous said...

Sharizat reminds me of flip flop Pak Lah. Indecisive, unsure of herself, never in control, no vision,clueless, letting others make decision for her and more interested in form than content. No wonder she is only good enough to be Menteri Pembangunan Keluarga dan Wanita. As Wanita Head? Hmm...give me 1 month to think.


Anonymous said...

I hope Rafidah wins....memang Rafidah ini nenek tua, tapi she also nenek yang berani... she is one of the individuals who is against KJ and berani suruh paklah blah....

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BlameNobody said...

To me it has something to do with the influence that one could do to top election.
If one is in power [without challege] during the election, she will be very powerful in getting support from wanita wing for those others who are contesting.
Once others are elected because of her wanita wing's support, that means he or she who win will owe her a lot for her effort. AND this sort of effort will have to be respected for as long as you are up there even though she may not be the head 3 months later.
A very smart move if successful!

Tok Kemuning said...

Transition plan is a non-sense anyway. Rafidah has no right to transfer anything as she is not been elected yet.

Actually what Rafidah trying to do alleging as transition plan is totally against society acts. In addition to that it is also having corrupt values that could invite the BPR to investigate. Corruption is not only constitute money but also action.

Rafidah should go for Deputy President against Mahyuddin instead. What for hanging on as Wanita Chief for too long. Rafidah should be more that eligible to contest for number 2 post. She is having all Wanita behind her including Shahriza and Komaliah teams. Anyway but not anymore.

Rafidah had missed a huge oppurtunity to test UMNO whether they would provide room for a leader like her. Rafidah is actually a good material for president or deputy president post.

Rafidah has enough experience in government and party to lead and play a bigger part in UMNO leadership. Hanging on to the Wanita Chief post actually is a fatal mistake by her.

Anonymous said...

"If I win, then I will have to lead the wing for another three years."

See how magnanimous Rafida is?

Let's say Shahrizat sticks to the transition plan, ie she wont challenge Rafidah and Rafidah retains the post.

Rafidah will hand over the leadership to her, Shahrizat.

But now that Shahrizat will challenge her and if Rafidah menang - which I think she will - there is no way she is going to hand over the leadership (in June) to Shahrizat, who has technically lost to Kamilia.

Shahrizat will now have to - by hook or by crook - ensure she wins. Otherwise there is no place for her in the movement.

Is Shahrizat going to be another Zaharah? Scalped to a pulp by Rafidah?

Anonymous said...

rafidah said ""Just because it is not in the party constitution or not an Umno practice does not mean that it cannot be done. The point is, we all agreed to it."

i say if it is not in the constitution , what is to prevent kamilia from challenging the transition when june comes along?

i say that rafidah is just not being fair to shahrizat and not at all sensitive to the dilemma that ijat is facing.

puteri said...

Shahrizat is taking a big risk going against Rafidah.

Rafidah might just continue to be the Wanita head and Shahrizat can kiss goodbye to her dream of leading the movement - for now.

Anonymous said...

Rafidah should leave with honour n pride:-

1. Almost 90% of branches will support Shahrizat. Nomination was set up by the groups of shahrizat even though rafidah is leading.. (from the trusted source).

2. Rafidah is so arrogant- 'jumpa di gelanggang' well if she stand with his decision i think wanita delegates will help her to show 'keluar' signage at Dewan Merdeka, PWTC..

3. To TS Rafidah better leave in peacefully or another 'gelombang' will sink her out of the history..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Boxed in, Sharizat’s only way out is to challenge. Challenging means to fight and die by the sword if she loses. Everything looked sown up and just waiting for delivery. But that’s politics; every minute is a life time.

The stigma of inheriting the ‘flib flob’ stance will now be enhanced, more so if Sharizat loses. But I have every confidence in Wanita’s ranks to extol and implement change and not be knuckled down by the old guards with yesterdays’ agenda.

One has to look beyond the Iron Lady’s intimidating presence to understand what people in power feeds on. Fabulous lifestyles and riches beyond dreams are not what they seek anymore. Two or three generations will survive; no problems. It is the adulation, the respect one commands (whether genuine or lavished upon by hangers on), to have people rushing to serve you at your beck and call at all times.

I have seen a wakil rakyat in my daerah who was floating on air when in office. Don’t even give you the time of day or acknowledgement when he rushes by with his entourage. When he was not selected to stand, and no more a YB, he even takes the trouble to tap me on the shoulder when he passes me on the street. I gave him a polite smile; he made my day.

But as I said in earlier postings on this subject, I still believe that Rafidah will, in the last hand she play, abdicate and Sharizat voted in as the Wanita leader.

It will be a worse scenario for Rafidah to be Ketua Wanita without a portfolio. Najib is no fool to include an elephant size thorn in his new cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Walaupun Rafidah dah 20 tahun menerajui Wanita, kita tidak nampak ada pelapis dalam Wanita Umno yang mampu menandingi kewibawaannya sebagai pemimpin bukan saja di dalam, malah di luar negara.
Tidak salah kita kekalkan seseorang itu lebih lama kalau dia seorang pemimpin yang bagus dan benar-benar perform...macam Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad juga.
Kalau seseorang pemimpin itu tak bagus, tak perlu kita kekalkan terlalu lama.
Wanita Umno harus utamakan parti, bangsa Melayu dan negara, bukan sekadar melaung-laungkan mahukan perubahan. Kita bimbang perubahan yang diharapkan kelak akan membawa kepada keadaan yang lebih buruk.

Anonymous said...


This is a very good strategy applied by kak dah's camp to slaughter off ijat so that she can continue to be dollah bodohwi special advisor even after march 2009...all the public supports to ijat of late were merely a ploy to make ijat feel she has the right tonic to show kak dah the exit door, but knowing kak dah for many years...she would win hands down comes march 09... leaders like ijat doesn't fit well in najib's line up...najib must have taken the q from tun m that all dollah bodohwi lickers should be removed if umno still aspire to be relevent in dunia malaya let alone malaysia