Friday, November 21, 2008

"My Word Is My Honour...."

Those were words uttered by Wanita Umno vice chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to the media after the wing's June leadership transition plan was announced in August.

She had repeatedly given the assurance that she would not challenge Rafidah Aziz for the leadership. She would also not accept any nominations to contest the post.

"What happened to this?, " Wanita Umno chief Rafidah Aziz seemed to be asking today.

Yesterday, Shahrizat who obtained 73 nominations, ended speculations when she announced in a two-paragraphed Press statement that she will be challenging her boss e in March.

Rafidah issued an 11-paged statement explaining the situation. She also expressed her disappointment that the transition plan was being disputed and rejected three months after she made the announcement.

She said she appreciated and respected the nominations she received from 117 divisions.

"Ever since I made the announcement, none among the executive council members, or those outside, has questioned it.

"In fact, Datuk Seri Shahrizat herself, either during four-eye meetings, in executive council (meetings), and in news conferences, has repeatedly affirmed that she will not contest the post even if she is nominated, that she will abide by the transition plan, that she will abide by the advice of top party leaders.

"In fact, she said, she would keep her words, that "my word is my honour'. All these have been reported in the media," she said.

Rafidah also said that she had no reason to believe that there would be turmoil after the completion of the nomination process.

Read the rest of the Bernama report HERE.


Anonymous said...

Rafidah should respect the members. If the grassroots do not want her, she should leave with honor. If she feels that she still ants to lead, then she must allow for the normal democratic process to prevail. Let Wanita members vote on who they want as their leader.

Rafidah must not bully people into submission - that's what she did when she put Shahrizat on the spot in the many EXCO meetings.

straycat's strut said...

"my word is my honour'.

Seriously kan kak Ena... Nenek Fida should know the meaning of honour among politicians. She was famous for that crocodile tears she shed when Tun announced his wish to retire, kan?

Seriously, I love Nenek Fidah when she was doing the MITI things but I would love her more if she could spare me even one AP. For recond one pun tak pe.

Shahrizat... well, only if that Professor whatever could stop doing that Anak Mami sequels, I may be able to be more objective towards her.

Its just tiring. Bosan. Seriously.

Ghifari X said...

There is no such thing as "My Word Is My Honour" not in Malaysia especially amongst us Muslims. Not even in Black & White.
I had assume for all my life as a Muslim it was sacrilegious to go back on ones word and I have lived with this principle with fear of shame before GOD and Myself. It disturbs me of the ease and habitual frequency we Muslims violate our own word. Please don't raise such subject worst of all amongst our incumbent politicians and expect some form of redemption.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha it's amazing that Rafidah could sound so hurt and naive that Sharizat dishonoured her word. But I bet it is because she is beaten to the punch because come transition date, I am sure she Rafidah would have dishonoured her own word and refuse to handover the reins. Such is the Umno DNA.

Anonymous said...

Sharizat : "My word is my honour"

In UMNO "my word" is not important anymore. Money rules!!! How can we trust a leader who say one thing and do another thing. Where is your integrity and "maruah diri". You cannot compromise your "maruah diri" with reason that the akar umbi wants you to contest.

I have always advised my colleagues that if you cannot honour your word then do not make promises. Maruah diri kita bergantung kepada nilai mulut kita.

But in UMNO promises are meant to be broken. That's the worth of UMNO today.


Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

I really want to see UMNO embraces quality, quality, quality. Is it too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

If a hypocrite is what the Wanita UMNO wants, than, be it! Hypocracy is a grave sin in Islam, just what makes anyone who has a sane of mind to accept an utter hypocrite as a leader? May Allah show us all to the right and true path as carried by Muhammad, Rasullulah SAW.
Just remember, a hypocrite will not bring blessing to anyone, let alone the ummah or the women folks. It only spells DESTRUCTION.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Thank you America, for voting for change we can believe in!

more than 8 months
but there is no change in Selangor in fact we the voters has been short-changed. rubbish is everywhere esp in the little small town.
the toilet in restaurant and food court are really disgusting. Majlis perbandaran president who cant performed are not sacked. frankly speaking PR state govt no difference from BN state govt.

sungguh memalukan.

over to you exco for dirty environment

Anonymous said...

afraid that all those nominations on shahrizat is just to make her contesting for the post... and lose. so she'll be banished once and for all... hohoho...

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


In politics they say you have no permanent enemy but only temporary friend
And if you're lucky enough you won't get a friend to be a fiend
Afterall self-interest comes first before any discipline or loyalty
Nowadays it's not easy to trust fully even the existing royalty

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 211108
Fri. 21st Nov. 2008.

Anonymous said...


remember when anwar wanted to take on ghafar baba in 1991 (or was it 1992)?

dr m has issued an advise for a 'no-contest' for umno's no.2 post.

however, due to 'grassroot demand', anwar was left to no choice but go for it... and he won.

sharizat may not want to contest but she has to respect the decisions made by the members. it was so overwhelming that she couldnt resist.

should she say no to such a big nominations, she may not be getting another chance next time...

TPJ said...


What if after the first week of nominations, Rafidah had her secretary prepare a list to be distributed to all divisions denying Sharizat's friends in it for Executive Councillors?

People may see that Shahrizat went back on her word but Rafidah could be clever to keep her breach under wraps.

Also, what in the blazes would it do for Shahrizat to take over in an acting capacity after three months without a deputy? What's Rafidah's rationale? If after more than twenty years she still hasn't done it for the Wanita, does she think she can do it in three months?

Perhaps you have the inside story on her. Enlighten us. The word of honour is considered null and void when some of the clauses in the agreement is amended. In this case the date of the convention has changed, if anything they should redraft the agreement to suit the new date, not complain about the old deal which is no longer original.

ChengHo said...

Shahrizat is also a flip flop type of leader that why she lost Lembah Pantai to NurAzzah. Instead of fighting Rafidah she should do a strategic planning how to win back Lembah Pantai PRU 13 .

Oldstock said...

Salam Puan Nuraina,

As most people know, the word of a politician cannot be relied upon for long. Rafidah, as a seasoned politician, should well know that Shahrizat has to act and decide according to the circumstances. Situasi semasa Shahrzat kata yang dia tak akan challenge sudah tidak sama dengan situasi hari ini.

Anwar Ibrahim dulu pun kata tak nak lawan Ghafar Baba, tapi atas desakan penyokong, akhirnya cabar Ghafar juga. Even Pak Lah has been forced to step down earlier, despite the UMNO Supreme Council earlier agreeing to a 2010 transition plan.

Jadi, tak perlulah Rafidah nak ungkit cerita pasal `my word is my honour'. Politician's word takleh pakai.

So let us all now wait and see what happens `in the ring'. Rafidah should not be over-confident of her 117 nominations. As history has proven, the large number of nominations do not necessarily translate into votes.

JeyPathySarritzu said...

Since when UMNO-ites ever honour their word? LOL Rafidah must be living in her own dream world.

As for Shahrizat, well, both are two peas in a kuali.

Lets see which pea gets mashed and which gets sieved out.

Anonymous said...

Mana ada maruah dalam politik UMNO!

Anonymous said...

Broken promises? Nothing new to UMNO & govt & shudn't become an issue. Shahrizat knows this & Rafidah PRETENDS not to know. The parent itself started it when the plan was expedited although it had earlier been fully endorsed by the Supreme Council, but Pak Lah didn't make such a big hooha. Shahrizat asked for it to be similarly expedited - a fair request - but was flatly rejected, a distinct trademark of Rafidah.

To break gentleman agreement like abv is already a serious misconduct, if you care abt yr integrity but to break signed agreement unilaterally (like Terengganu petrolum royalty) is much worse. Anyway it's UMNO boleh or Kerajaan (Malaysia) boleh.

frm: gentelman

Anonymous said...

hahaha..honourable women in UMNO? But cannot blame them....monkey see monkey do...they learn what the men...cheat, lie, corruption..

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Ina

Ijat may have made many promises before... that she is not going to contest against her boss, Kak Dah, but then she is a politician...we must not forget that a politician always has something up in his/her sleeve, which ordinary people may find it difficult to comprehend. But Ijat is a green horn compared to Kak Dah, a political animal in her own right.

I pity Ijat...she is just like ayam serama up against ayam sabung. Kalau Kak Ina perhatikan betul2 ayam serama ini ada satu perangai pelik iaitu apabila diletakkan dengan ayam jenis lain ia tunjuk garang dengan mengembangkan bulunya untuk berlaga tanpa menyedari kudrat sebenar yang ada padanya. The same scenario goes to Ijat now. She thought that the show of support from Wanita lately as a sign that the majority of grass root members are behind her...and her adrenalin goes up macam hindu nampak biawak kira nak terkam saja. Just to remind Ijat this... a cat will always remain as a cat no matter how people make it to look like a lion...the 'public support' from wanita of late to Ijat was nothing more than a ploy to make her break the promise, 'my word is my honour'. And now she has broken the promise...decided to contest for numero uno post in Wanita Umno. Comes March 2009, it's the Waterloo for Ijat.

And by now we can record in buku 555 that one of dollah bodohwi's lickers is definitely out in Najib,s cabinet line up. Now what do we do to make sure that MAR and MMT would lose to MY for the number 2 post so that all the morons picked up by dollah bodohwi would not play any single bit to determine our masa depan negara.

Anonymous said...

My word, is there such a thing as my word is my honour? The word went out of fashion a long time ago in Umno. These two witches must be still living in la la land. Remember the late Tun Hussein Onn said before he kicked the bucket that 'there was no more honour among men'.

Anonymous said...

Honour? What Honour? Oh please.......there is no such things among politicians. Datuk Ijat is the last person I expect to have any honour......jeng jeng jeng.....

I for one cannot forgive her for not defending woman rights when she was a minister. She did not honour the sisterhood of being a woman and a minister to boot and what made anybody think she has got any honour left now that she is hanging by the thread politically? Ha!

Keturunan Jebat

Anonymous said...

To Bangsa Cina Malaysia,

I hope you are not representing the Chinese community, otherwise you're tarnishing its image. Firstly you're out of topic which reflects confused state of mind. Secondly where's yr sense of fairness? You're comparing 50 years against 8 months? Wake up and grow, babi (ops, I mean baby)!!

from: fair

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

" aiyah ! why u so takut one ?
let her compete lah, she sure lose one bcos dia mamak what...!!"

Anonymous said...

AIYAH ! pak da oh pak da, i should have read your posting semalam lah
'555' you mentioned came out 1st prize lah !! i'm broke man !

Anonymous said...

Didnt Sharizat say that the reason she wouldnt be able to honour the earlier plan was bcos of the change of handover date bet PM and DPM.
Well, that seems logical enough and should be understood by Rafidah.
To now ask for Sharizat to honour her word based on the new developments is plain unmeritful so to speak.
Anyway, now that there is indeed contest then let it happen.
Way to go Sharizat!!!

hailtheking said...

just get on with it. Kak pidah you must learn from pak lah, your time has come. bersaralah.

Hamdan said...

Rafidah should respect the members and the numbers. People lie but numbers don't. So I think Sharizat is right in following the numbers. So Rafidah should respect the number of pencalonan Sharizat got. After all, that is what democracy is all about. Based on the numbers, Sharizat has every right and strong democratic basis to challenge Rafidah.

Unknown said...

Mungkin saudara Ezam Mohd Nor boleh bantu untuk memenangkan Datuk Sharizat Jalil dalam pertandingan ini dengan menyerahkan kotak-kotak yang mengandungi surat salahlaku Datuk Rafidah Aziz yang ada dalam simpanannya. Itu pun kalau dia belum lupuskan kotak-kotak itu.

Pak Tuo said...

Salam Kak,

Off topic sikit,

I dah terbiasa and enjoy your 'Tuesday with Bapak series'
how about

'Tuesday Without Bapak'series.

What is his hope for those living behind.

Is our Mass Comm Sch.either UITM or UKM honor a Lib. after him.
Thought provoking Kak!

Anonymous said...


some of the commentators got it right.

in politics, mana ada the word "honour" when it comes to power jostling.

sama la dua2 ni. to hold shahrizat to her promise by referring to the word "honour" is laughable. in any case, sama jugak dengan rafidah. dulu, she said she would hold on to the post for three years before handing it over to shahrizat. that was more than three years ago.

personality wise, ada conflict. shahrizat is not much of an administrator. she doesn't really walk the talk. in fact, her constituents dulu ada kata dia malas, especially the not-so-well-heeled belah kg kerinchi, abdullah hukum. gucci mummy mana boleh masuk kampung.

rafidah pulak, despite being competent, is no longer the flavour of the month if you go by the trend. the wind of change dictates that it is time for the old blood to go.
mca sama, umno sama, mic je samy vellu tak faham faham.

i have a lot of respect for rafidah's capabilities, but she is also seen as a snake. zaman tun, nangis but then, masa isu AP keluar, dia yang hentam tun macam gila. masa pak lah, dia jugak yg bermuka2, and then suruh pak lah turun pulak.

sendiri tau lah...yang menang, kamilia. yang kalah, kita....


Godisuno said...

damn politicians! where is honesty?

Anonymous said...

it is right for sharizat to break her word. Cause rafidah is crazy for power, money and glory!!! Now rafidah also break her word!!! she likes to stay until 2011.

zamri, ppbss