Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Heated And Hot In Wanita Umno (Part 2).

Wanita Umno chief Rafidah Aziz will face her number two, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, in what will certainly be a keen fight for the wing's top post in the upcoming party elections.

Barring unforeseen circumstances --like "slow talk" from the top -- the contest will take place.

Shahrizat has not announced her decision to contest and is expected to do so tomorrow.

Given recent developments -- some say undercurrents -- in the wing, Rafidah had most probably expected Shahrizat's decision to challenge her.

Original leadership transition plans went awry after Aidilfitri.

Key to the turn of events was the announcement by Wanita Umno exco member Kamilia Ibrahim to challenge Shahrizat for the vice post. The lady cannot be talked out of contesting.

Whether this was all part of Shahrizat's strategy to pressure Rafidah to step down ahead of the planned June transition is still being talked about among supporters of both leaders.

Obviously, Rafidah is not daunted. Nor intimidated. She will defend her post.

Her detractors have pooh-poohed the June transition plan saying that the party constitution does not provide for it. Besides, it is not an Umno practice.
They also say that she should not be biding her time and, well, why wait for June.
It is time for her to hand over the leadership to Shahrizat.

Stepping down in June after the party elections in March would leave Shahrizat as just an acting chief until the next party elections.That's not fair, they holler.

Rafidah is aware of this concern.

So why was the June transition plan agreed to, in the first place? Why did Shahrizat not say much earlier that she wanted to go for the number one?

Shahrizat's supporters said that it was never her intention to challenge Rafidah but she "tersepit" because of Kamilia's steadfastness to go for her post.

Really, Rafidah has nothing to lose here. She is going to step down anyway. If she wins -- well, that's endorsement and validation from members. She'll be stronger, that's for sure.

For Shahrizat -- she has to win. It's a do or die.

And Kamilia? Congratulations should be in order for her. She's the "winner", any which way you look at it.

This turn of events in Wanita has saddened the Umno president who will be meeting Rafidah and Shahrizat to "resolve" the situation.

Pak Lah believes that a contest for Wanita's top post will split the wing. Will it?

Some people disagree. Contests are good because it produces strong leaders who are endorsed by members.

I don't know what Pak Lah has in mind, or how he is going to persuade Rafidah and Shahrizat to come to an agreement/compromise to avert a contest. I wish him well.

Chances are that the show will go on.

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Anonymous said...

saya setuju dengan pandangan kak Aina...knowing Rafidah, berpegang kuat pada prinsip dan pasti tidak akan berganjak daripada pendirian awalnya, so pertandingan adalah jalan terbaik untuk menentukan siapkah pilihan sebenar akar umbi. now semua orang boleh bersuara, tetapi pada akhirnya akar umbi juga jadi penentu segala-galanya...sama ada Rafidah or Shahrizat menjadi pilihan, sama-sama kita tunggu.

Anonymous said...

Shahrizat is trying to put a brave show. Wrong game plan for believing that all will be on her side initially.
Lain kali jangan angguk anguk saja macam unta kenyang dan sekarang tersepit.
Good bye blonde kak Izat.dh9753

Anonymous said...

An announcement that is going to reverberate the length of the Malay Peninsula, OR a last gasp whimper of ‘small heart’ (kecil hati) from the Dragon Lady.

I put my money on a little bit of both with Izat finally throwing down her challenge, albeit after much pushing and kicks up her behind, and Fida yelling bloody mary but making her exit to standing ovation from the power brokers.

All for one and one for all in the Mak Chiks’ sweepstake.

I like.

Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

I'm all for a contest. That's fair and square. May the most able WANITA win, unless it is a funny old world.

Anonymous said...

it's better Shahrizat to take risk and go for the top post rather than just to wait for the power transition plan.furthermore if Shahrizat follows the transition plan then Shahrizat will only "acting" as the chief.

but the risk is that Rafidah might call upon all his supporters to by any means necessary to make sure Rafidah wont lose the seat to prepared for ditry have to expect suprises when you're dealing in politics.

as for Kamilia,she can go on and contest for the deputy chief seat.nothing wrong with that.but there's hearsay flowing in the air that Rafidah and Kamilia are together to throw Shahrizat away for good.

Radius said...

The plot gets thicken. Actually i've written bout this couple of days ago as per my point of view. You can read it here

Lee said...

Unlike Pak Lah who chose not to fight but " to give up" in the name of Party unity, the iron lady,most probably "will fight", not for the extra 3 months, but as a matter of principles and, most important to her I think, for her personal integrity.She is not known as the iron lady for nothing!She may lose, but she will rather fight rather than bow out "meekly" like Pak Lah!

AnakMelaka said...

I hope Izat will lose simply for the fact she does NOT hold on to her word on the transition agreement. Where's the integrity?

opps forgot we are talking abt umno!

contest aje deputy post and wait your turn lah!

Anonymous said...

Sharizat is not an MP. She lost in the last general election. Therefore she does not deserve to lead Wanita UMNO after Rafidah.


Raison D'etre said...

Kak Aina,

TV3 has step up its pro-Sharizat quotient a notch last night.

Query: Can c the branched change nominations by simply placing calls to Division?

That seems to be the gist of the Kota Kinabalu story last night 8pm's news on the matter.

Hidden hand, perhaps?

But whatever lah.

Umno will always be Umno.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina, another interesthing topic which you can write about :

Rockybru said...

Dear Ena,

Spot on!
However way you choose to look at this contest, one thing remains a fact, and that is Shahrizat has broken the pact between the two for a peaceful, smooth power transition in June 2009.

datuk said...

Rafidah should have announced that since Sharizat has got overwhelming support from the grassroots, she(Rafidah) would then gladly not contest the post. She would be able to leave gracefully and with respect from the majority. But now she is behaving like this is my father's (mother's?) post and I will only give to you when I feel like it. Another typical Rafidah attitude and not very Melayu or Islamic.

Anonymous said...

" DrAFauzi said... not very Melayu or Islamic."

Dear Dr, is it Melayu or Islamic to break your promise?

Anonymous said...

wow so easy for you all to talk..
1. rafidah is waiting the 3 months to get ministership in najib's cabinet
2. sharizat was not consulted when rafidah announced her decision to do the june plan during "wanita bersama pemimpin"
3. the amount of effort put to make sure wanita umno does not split was what caused sharizat to shut her mouth and "angguk". do what she can to save wanita umno, also orang mencarut. dont do also, orang mencarut. try before say lah. so easy for you to sit behind the comp and shake leg right.
4. after exco meeting, all the grassroot women said to shahrizat that they will "memberontak" because they want the change, they dont want rafidah. half of the 117 that voted for rafidah were threatened by rafidah's 5 female thugs in exco to vote for dragon lady, or else.
5. the "transition plan" that shahrizat "angguk" to was taking into consideration was given the fact that
- pak lah transfer to najib in 2010
- umno gen elections NOT in march
6. now that those two points have changed, the june "transition plan" is null and void.
7. get your facts before you write. given all of the above, its only natural shahrizat stands for #1.

datuk said...

"Dear Dr, is it Melayu or Islamic to break your promise?"

If we are going to based if someone is Melayu or Islamic enough just on whether they keep their "promise" or not, then almost all of of our current "leaders" would also be unIslamic and unMelayu.How many times have the PM himself have gone back on his own words publicly?

Anonymous said...

Wanita UMNO dalam dilema..
siapa nak dipilih sebagai pemimpin Wanita UMNO?
Tan Sri Rapidah.... dah tak relevan (dah lama sangat pun)
Datuk Sri Sharizat... nak bersuara pun tak berani, tiada pendirian... macam mana nak memimpin.

Datuk Kamilia... hmmm berani dan berpendirian tegas.. tapi mungkin kurang pengalaman. Kalau lawan jawatan nombor 1 ada peluang menang.

Pandai pandai la memilih pemimpin.