Thursday, November 13, 2008

Heated And Hot In Wanita Umno..

It looks like Wanita Umno deputy chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil is left with no choice but to mount a challenge against incumbent Rafidah Aziz for the wing's top post.

Besides, Wanita exco member Kamilia Ibrahim is firm in her decision to contest the deputy post.

So, yes --- it's a case of damn if I do and damn if I don't for Shahrizat.

You won't be wrong to assume that all is really not well between Rafidah and Shahrizat.

You know, politics does this to people.

Rafidah is sticking to the plan to not step down anytime sooner than June next year.
But Shahrizat, pressured by her supporters and inspired by the leadership change at Umno's helm, wants an earlier transition.

Her proposal at Monday's Wanita exco meeting was shot down, mercilessly. Accusations of this and that flew around...and some.

No way, Ijat, they told her.
Rafidah is adamant that it's no go.

Shahrizat has got nominations to contest Wanita's number one post. So has Rafidah.
Wanita exco member Kamilia Ibrahim cannot be talked out of her decision. She's got more than enough nominations already.

So, yes...damn if Shahrizat does and damn if she doesn't.

Good luck, y'all.


Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

You just have to admire that Iron Lady and her gutsy “I’m no worse than you” attitude. She rode the AP brouhaha storm. And now this soft blow?

A.John said...

Well the advisor to the PM, has no choice but to contest the Deputy's post, and show that Kamila gal, she walks the talk ! But that trait is in short supply amongst BN politicians!

Anonymous said...

shahrizat sedang dalam keadaan tersepit sekarang.jika Kamilia tetap bertegas mahu bertanding,maka terpaksa la shahrizt bertanding.untuk jawatan presiden pula jika jawatan tersebut dipertandingkan maka dia terpaksa berlawan dengan Rafidah.

shahrizat boleh samada menang atau kalah dalam mempertahankan kerusi naib ketua atau bertanding sebagai ketua.

jalan selamat buat Shahrizat ialah jika pelan diteruskan seperti biasa dan Kamilia akur pada pelan tersebut.

tetapi sekarang ni wanita UMNO Sabah pula sudah bersuara menentang pelan peralihan kuasa!

Unknown said...

if shahrifah didn't contest, she would never have her chance. she would be kicked out by rafidah once rafidah elected as minister again when najis took the cabinet.

Unknown said...

Tak kisahlah Rafidah ke, Shahrizat ke, atau Kamilia, and even si Azalina.


They are politician thru and thru. Tak ada komprehensif agenda.

The same goes to the rest of UMNO wings.

The nation is actually experiencing a serious vacuum in Leadership.

PR is practically leadership-less too. Anwar ada problem dia, while the rest proven failures.

.:: Ant ::. said...

Rafidah's excuse does not hold water. 6 months to train 7& handover to an outsider sounds fine, but Izat needs 6 months?

More like the Lady needs more time to cover all the dirty tracks!

This Lady has overstayed. Retire gracefully lar!

Ah Beng Crosby said...

It's going to be a fugly fight. The guys in UMNO just lay back and enjoy the show. Kind of a floor show for them.

Anonymous said...

funny with tan sri rafidah & wanita exco. Are they damn stupid or simply follow the leader? what is the different between march or july? if tan sri says that she wants to guide shahrizat? again damn stupid because shahrizat has being deputy for how long? or tan sri wants to show her power? that why i dont understand leader wants to be leader for her whole life

zamri ppbss

zulmanja said...

Sikap pemimpin lama enggan berundur
serta enggan memberi peluang
kepada pemimpin baru dan muda untuk
mengambil alih menyebabkan ramai dikalangan intelek sama ada melayu, cina atau india enggan untuk menyertai parti politik sedia ada saperti umno, mca dan mic.

Ramai antara mereka memilih untuk
menyertai parti-parti dalam PR walau pun ada antara parti berke-
naan yang lebih mementingkan aspek
keugamaan, aspek perjuagan indibidu atau perkauman.

Bagi pemimpin lama (dah tua-dah kaya-rehatlah) perkataan "voluntary retirement" tidak ada dalam kamus peribadi mereka.

Mereka akan berusaha (melobi) untuk
mendapat jawatan menteri, rela di
" kitar semula" (recycle)dan sedia berpindah randah dari pusat ke negeri, dari negeri ke pusat atau dari satu kementerian kekementerian yang lain asal kekal berkuasa.

Selagi mereka tidak dipindahkan ke perkuboran oleh yang maha esa.

Mac 2009 tarikh keramat iaitu tarikh PM baru untuk mengambil alih kepimpinan negara.

Ada lah jelas dan tidak ada motif lain jika ada pemimpin gila kuasa yang enggan berundur sebelum tarikh itu.

Tentunya mereka mempunyai harapan yang amat tinggi untuk dilantik semula oleh PM baru sebagai menteri.

Walau apa juga yang akan berlaku
pihak Polis dan BPR sewajarnya
menyemak semula rekod jabatan peguam negara bagi semua kes-kes 10 - 20 tahun lalu dimana kertas siasatan telah disiapkan tetapi tidak ada pendakwaan. Atau kertas pendakwaan telah disiapkan tetapi pendakwaan dihalang oleh pihak tertentu. Akhirnya kertas pendakwaan berkenaan dimasukan kedalam peti sejuk.

Ini perlu untuk membuktikan ketelusan kedua-dua jabatan berkenaan, demi memberi keyakinan
yang kukuh kepada rakyat.

Selain untuk menyedarkan mereka
yang mempunyai trek rekod yang amat
buruk dimasa lalu sama ada bersara disamping berdiam diri atau pun menghadapi pendakwaan dan bersara dalam penjara.

(burung hantu)

Anonymous said...

So what will one do if one is Sharizat? Menfolks will say ‘No Balls Izat’. The Ladies will label her ‘Miss Goody Goody’. The Pendekar with kris drawn is Kamilia Ibrahim, and tenkoloks off to her. She stood firm, gained the high ground and who knows, she could be Wanita’s messiah.

And please Azalina, nobody is holding their breath by your 2 sen worth on succession comments.

Raison D'etre said...

Kak Aina,

Shahrizat is pretty much stuck as her nominations for Wanita chief is such that a win is not a sure thing, and yet the same could also be said for the Deputy chief position.

We shouldn't envy her for the choice she has to make as either one is fraught with danger.

I'm all for Rafidah to continue as Wanita chief even post June 2009.

Got a lot of respect for the Iron Lady as herself, flaws and controversies notwithstanding, and not as an Umno member.

God bless.

ChengHo said...

Shahrizat was bail out by PakLah after she lost PRU 12 rejected by Rakyat . Rafidah too hot to handle too smart even for AAB and Tok Najib . BY populist vote Shahrizat may be .. may be ..can win but that not sure too. Kamilia in a better position one in a life time chance she can become the new Ketua Wanita by june 2009 if she can defeat Shahrizat for deputy.

Anonymous said...

dear sis,
sharizat got no BALLS... how to challenge rafidah?

Anonymous said...

Go for it sharizat.

Anonymous said...

This people are fighting for what? They are not fighting for the common people or the majority who needed help. They won't tell the farmers's kids or the fishermen's kids be it Malay, Indian, Kandazans or Dayaks to master English. They won't tell the population that the next generation must pick up to compete with the Europeans, the Japanese, the Americans and the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,
What happened to the grant given to Sharizat's husband for the project of 'penggemukan lembu'?I think close to RM 30 mil.So far it is already 2 years nothing happens.

Anonymous said...

She sits in front of the Holy Koran and thought that God will tolerate her nonsense!...can somebody tell her that the game is over.

Ini satu mak cik yang sayang sangat nak lepaskan jawatan. Bring that jawatan to the grave then!

Anonymous said...

Aaaah the moment I've been waiting for. Catfights are always nice to watch and the bitching part is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Shahrizat will take on Rafidah. Rafidah will win by a simple majority (maybe by just two votes). Kamilia will become Deputy Wanita Chief uncontested. Three months down the road she'll become Acting Wanita Chief. End of the road for Sharizat.

Ahli Nujum

Anonymous said...

The trap is in position nicely place for Shahrizat.
It is all planned except someone mis the cut for the no 2 post.
So, Shahrizat, you make the wrong move then you will be shown with the exit and out you go and good bye UMNO.
Remember the last paragraph in ANIMAL FARM.

Anonymous said...

maam, crazy politics situation. current head says june!! Why no one even give reason behind it! even her supporters.

For the future head, her statement are totally correct, if june, the wanita will never has deputy wanita for 2 1/2 years and she is just acting!!

I think who ever support current head are damn stupid and if the leader asks them to jump from twin tower, they will jump

zamri ppbss

Lee said...

I hope Rafidah will have the wisdom to forgo the extra 3 months to remain as the Wanita UMNO chief.More or less , like Pak Lah, she is overstaying to do any good to the Party.No doubt she was a good minister who knew her job, but when it is time to go, just retire gracefully.You have contributed enough, not only to the Party but also, more importantly, to the country!

mamasita said...

Rafidah is so selfish.Whats the difference? Berlagak macam shes like the PM.Mesti ada transition period pulak.Sudah2lah.Just pass the baton to Sharizat.Payah sangat nak bagi chan kat orang lain kenapa?

If Sharizat tak lawan Rafidah shes doomed.Dia dah acah nak lawan the Ketua Post.Rafidah and her supporters cant wait to take revenge on such 'insolence'.Sebab nominations for Kak Ijat dah ada banyak,tu dah kira acah lah!

So do or die!Dare yourself!Your maruah is at stake now.Lawan! Also,Wanita perlu new leadership and you're the one!