Monday, November 24, 2008

Now I Can Do Yoga.....

I'm almost a fitness fanatic. Aerobics, Qi Gong, Pilates, jogging, Zumba, gym work-out. belly-dancing, hip-hop, salsa -- done them all and am still doing some.

Now Yoga....I have always been interested in this form of exercise but never ever got around to registering in any Yoga class. So many people have encouraged me to do Yoga for its physical benefits.
There are many Yoga centres and I never tire of finding out one that is suitable for me....

Years ago in the 70s, I followed a TV programme on Yoga. I'd follow the exercises and enjoyed doing them because they were so soothing and gentle yet helped firmed up the body.

When I closed my eyes, it was just to rest my body. To calm down my senses.

I have several books on Yoga. Some were given to me as gifts. Some I bought. I am aware of the origins of Yoga and the meditative and spiritual elements, though I am no expert.

I have always believed that there is nothing "haram" with the physical element of Yoga. Frankly, I am sure it is the same with other Muslims. I was (and still am) aware of the un-Islamic elements of Yoga. I am sure other Muslims must be too. I believe that Muslims who do Yoga, exclude these elements.

So, now that the National Fatwa Council has confirmed my own belief about the physical element of Yoga, I am pleased that I can do Yoga without any doubt or skepticism. I had none, in the first place. But I feel vindicated.

My concern is that if and when the respective State Islamic councils decide to adopt the "fatwa' (edict), some overzealous and unthinking officers will start a "crackdown" of Yoga centres and round up Muslims.

That will be really crappy and I fervently hope that it will not happen. Still, I am pre-empting any such decision -- I firmly protest any such crackdown.

When the fatwa council announced that it was going to issue a fatwa on Yoga, I must admit that I was one of those who thought the whole issue was laughable. Also insulting to me as a Muslim. Am I that weak or stupid to go astray, or what?

And after Yoga, what next, I thought.

I thought it was unnecessary because I was firm in my own belief about Yoga. So I dismissed the council's action as trivial. You know, making a mountain of a molehill.

In a way, I am glad now that the council has confirmed that it is okay to do Yoga -- minus the spiritual elements, of course.


Unknown said...

Kak Na,

HRH Sultan of Selangor is right to state that the Conference of Rulers should have been referred to/consulted on any fatwa issued by any body in Malaysia. Their Royal Highnesses being the ultimate heads of Islam in their respective states have the utmost rights, prerogatives and privileges.

HRH is just, wise and intelligent as Raja Dr. Nazrin. Daulat Tuanku!

Anonymous said...

aina dear, would like to watch u beryoga in ketat outfit !!

Rockybru said...

Dear Ena,

Congrats! your posting here is an exercise in positive thinking!

I just came from moderating comments on my blog -- 240-plus of them -- and very few saw the goodness in the fatwa the way you are presenting it here.

YES, now Muslims who want to do the yoga exercise can do it with peace of mind! Tanpa was-was, thanks to the fatwa.

Anonymous said...

Kak na,

kudos indeed!

with this post you have shown ethical and professional journalism.
You have given it a 'commonsense' perspective, instead of spinning and causing unnecessary confusion, agitation among all around.

Rocky, take a crash course from this real professional journalist!

KITAS said...


Roy said...

I am a Muslim and have been practising yoga in the past 2 years. Not once in the past 2 years that my yoga practise comprised any elements of chanting or worshipping. As a Muslim, I pray, fast, pay alms, do good to people and as much as I can, live my life as a good Muslim. And, I wish to continue practising yoga.

When the fatwa came about after almost a month of rumours, I was quite relieved when I read in Utusan Malaysia which made it quite clear that only yoga that involves all the three elements of physical movements, chanting and worshipping are considered haram. However, reading The Star and NST, their reports are more on the emphasize of 'yoga is haram'. Many people who did not read carefully on the fatwa now have the impression that yoga is haram, regardless if the person is only doing the physical movements without the chanting and worshipping. It seems that The Star and NST are trying to sensationalize the issue, resulting on the fatwa being misunderstood. It is surprising that Utusan Malaysia, a Malay newpapers, has more accurate and balance reports. I wonder if the reporters from Utusan understood better of what was said during the annoucement by Jakim which was conducted in Malays. Lost in translation maybe?

To me as a yoga practisioner, the fatwa is a non issue. We don't chant and we don't worship while doing yoga. We do yoga for the exercise. Jakim would clear the issue if it can come out with a firm and clear statement that yoga without the chanting and worshipping is okay. People are confuse now. Please clear the issue.

Anonymous said...

Rocky you big hypocrite - re-read your own blog and see how you chose to focus and divert readers attention to the Hindu Sangam comments rather than the fatwa itself.

Hats off to Nuraina for her much better professional and balanced approach to this whole laughable issue.

Anonymous said...

Typical of ehmm.. you put it right as this people is making mountain of a molehill.
Surely there are more important issues to look at rather than assuming that Malaysian Muslims are so easily swayed and weak. Disgusting.dh9753

amoker said...

Btw, i tot the fatwa says that all 3 elements should not be practiced? Anyway, the rulers are also taking a look.



i believe it says the physical element is okay -- which is what is being practised by Muslims who do Yoga.

but if the physical element is done together other two -- then it is not permissible.

actually, many Muslims know this. It's like duuh...we're supposed to.

but since the national fatwa council felt incumbent upon iitslef to clarify and issue an edict, i suppose Muslims who have had doubts, can now feel relieved that they've not been doing anything wrong.

actually, i'm not sure if the council said that Yoga is haram. I have not seen the statement issued by the councl. what i saw was the first paragraph of newreports that extracted just that bit. But as i read further, the council explained that Yoga, only whenpractised with all three elements combined, becomes not permissible. to me, that's a no-brainer because as a Muslim, that is so clear.

Anonymous said...

I heard from a friend that her Muslim friend claims that yoga has helped her BOTH PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY.

She attends yoga classes conducted by another Muslim lady (it is a class for women only), who advises her Muslim students to adopt a Quranic phrase as their "mantra".

She was shattered when she heard of the fatwa and grew angrier by the day. Her question is: "What wrong have I done? I have never been more firm in my beliefs. Are they saying I am a weak and ineffective Muslim now?"


anon@7:55AM & anon@8:58AM;

you know it's not fair to accuse him of that.

i won't defend him because i know he doesn't need defending.

but what i do know is that he wasn't spinning.
he simply said what he felt he should say..

and he is free to do that.

we all have our perspective on things.

he has his and you, yours..

thank you for visiting.



actually, really, frankly ---- i don't see why the council should refer to their Royal Highnesses on this.
I mean, we have to decide -- is this such a big issue?
I thought it was not...but obviously, it has taken a bigger dimension to warrant royal attention.
i'm sure I'm not alone here. So far, I see nothing controversial about the council's fatwa. i had expected the council to ban Yoga, period. That would've been terrible. But it did not.
Of course, if the state religious bodies start being overzealous and begin "enforcement", then, we should all protest.
if that is what their Royal Highnesses are worried about, then, that's good.

thank you.

Raison D'etre said...

Kak Aina,

Is the Council really saying what you are saying?

That was not my reading from the NST story yesterday, but then again I could well be wrong.

Note that the chants and mantras in the higher level Yoga practise are also of concern to some non muslims as well.

Pilates is a good alternative, but God do I feel really hungry after a 30 minute workout.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Your perspective is REALLY REFRESHING !!!
Somehow i always go to your blog after the usuals...
You just live up to the expectations out there..the good expectations, that is.
There is really a bangsa Malaysian in you.
There is hope if all Malayyy..ssiaans start thinking like you.



well, the first paragraph of the news reports did state that the council declared Yoga to be haram. But i read further, it elaborated to quote the council spokesman saying that the physical element is permissible, as obviously we all believe it to be.

to do Yoga with all three elements is not permissible, as again, we all know it to be.

that's why I don't see the controversy.

you can look at it in 2 ways -- that the council is reassuring Muslims who are doubtful about their Yoga practices that Yoga is ok if you do the physical part only which I'm sure is what they've been doin all along anyway, OR that the council is confirming our already-known beliefs that what we've been doing all along is ok.

thank you.



er...actually, i am very sure so many Malay Muslims think like me.

It's just that they don't talk much and they don't blog.

thank you,



haha... you're not alone.. I fell hungry after a 30-minute work-out.

if you stay anywhere around taman tun dr ismail, check out Alicafe. Great coffee. and food..

(PS: no, I don't have any share in Alicafe, in case you're wondering..)

Anonymous said...

Dari bacaan laporan akhbar-akhbar, fatwa kebangsaan tentang yoga itu boleh dirumuskan:
- Yoga mengandungi elemen kerohanian Hindu dengan mantra dan pujanya;
- Aspek senaman fizikalnya boleh dipisahkan dari elemen kerohanian yoga;
- Namun senaman fizikal yoga itu tidak juga dibolehkan
- Kerana dari senaman fizikal ini seorang Islam akan terjerumus kepada amalan kerohanian Hindu yang akan merosakkan akidah.

Jadi kerisauan puan tentang tindak-tanduk gangguan terhadap penganut Islam yang beryoga dari aktivis dan 'polis agama' Islam itu mempunyai asas yang nyata.

Don't be so complacent Madam!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Though this has nothing directly affects me as a non-muslim, I do have problems understanding the "fatwa". Is there something lost in the translation?

First it says the physical aspect is NOT wrong. Then note the following:
He said there were three stages to yoga practice, which originated from the Hindus, -- first, the physical aspect which is the exercise part; second the mantras and worshipping and third the unification of oneself with God.

"Therefore, members of the council reached a consensus that any practice, regardless of type and in whatever form that have such elements, contradict Islamic teachings," he told a press conference here.

"any practice, regardless of type and in whatever form that have such elements, contradict Islamic teachings"... Wouldn't "HAVE SUCH ELEMENTS" means any of the elements, including just the physical aspect?


Its chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said: "Yoga has been practised by the Hindu community for thousands of years and incorporates physical and religious elements and chants and worshipping, with the aim at “being one with God.

"Because of this, we believe that it is inappropriate for Muslims to do yoga and the council has declared that practising yoga when it comes all together with the three elements as haram.

“We discourage Muslims to do yoga as a form of exercise because it will ultimately lead to religious worshipping and chanting which is against Islam."---


To me... the exercising is ok. What the council is worried about is that as you do the physical element, you would invariably and ultimately combinet he other two. that is their fear.
to me, as a muslim, I know my boundaries.

Saya amat memahami kenyataan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan.

Therefore, sir, there is nothing complacent about me or my stand.

The council "fears" and the council "discourages" because the council knows that ultimately Muslims must themselves be strong not to be influenced by elements that are not Islamic.

I know my boundaries. I know where I should not go.

Ultimately, I answer to Him. And Him only.

Thank you.


Its chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin said: "Yoga has been practised by the Hindu community for thousands of years and incorporates physical and religious elements and chants and worshipping, with the aim at “being one with God.

"Because of this, we believe that it is inappropriate for Muslims to do yoga and the council has declared that practising yoga when it comes all together with the three elements as haram.

“We discourage Muslims to do yoga as a form of exercise because it will ultimately lead to religious worshipping and chanting which is against Islam."---


To me... the exercising is ok. What the council is worried about is that as you do the physical element, you would invariably and ultimately combinet he other two. that is their fear.
to me, as a muslim, I know my boundaries.

Saya amat memahami kenyataan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan.

Therefore, sir, there is nothing complacent about me or my stand.

The council "fears" and the council "discourages" because the council knows that ultimately Muslims must themselves be strong not to be influenced by elements that are not Islamic.

I know my boundaries. I know where I should not go.

Ultimately, I answer to Him. And Him only.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

be positive.yes,that's the way i see it.

at first the thought of havig fatwa on Yoga might be laughable..but think again.this fatwa helps any Muslims to excercise yoga without any doubt when they know it's the right thing to do the physical part of yoga.

some people argue on "why you go yoga when you can also exercise your body through solat?".solat is the business between Allah and his,dont make the assumption that those who takeup yoga as their fitness regime aren't adhere to the teaching of Islam.

Anonymous said...

sebenarnya takde masalah untuk beryoga.sebab kalau kita faham betul-betul akan fatwa ni kita akan tahu yang haram untuk mengamalkan yoga yang ada unsur syirik/bukan Islam tetapi yoga yang cuma mengambil hanya aspek fizikal tanpa unsur ritual masih dibolehkan.

jadi fatwa sebegini membantu golongan Muslim untuk mengamalkan yoga bagi menyihatkan tubuh badan tanpa perasaan was-was.

yang tak faham fatwa tu yang akan mempersoalkan kenapa fatwa sebegitu diwujudkan.bila tak faham yang mula wujud kontroversi.contoh mcm Sisters in Islam.mereka tak faham sepenuhnya fatwa tu dan kemudian buat kenyataan yang hanya menambahkan kekeliruan masyarakat.

Anonymous said...

Muslims oh muslims,
jangan lah beryoga;
marilah bersilat,
dengan keris-lah !!
( sing to tune : cindy oh cindy)

Lee said...

Thank you for your positive perspective on the Fatwa on Yoga.A Fatwa, as I understand it, is not a "law" but it is very infleuntial to muslims.It becomes law only when it is gazetted and passed as laws by the state governments!If it does become law, then, it is unfortunate as it can be viewed as another obstacle to the gradual integration of malaysian society!I hope this fatwa will not eventually lead to fatwa on Tai Chi, Qi Gong and martial arts like Karate, Kung-fu etc as they too are good exercises for health but have religious origins!

Anonymous said...

what about pole-dancing as a form of exercise? is it kosher?

somboon cheanswaths said...

Actually some form of yoga, for e.g. kundalini yoga was at some point or other banned in India because it was deemed too dangerous by the "powers that be" and as a result had to be practiced in secret. This form of yoga uses all three elements - mind, senses and body - to create a communication between mind & body. Kundalini is actually believed to be a concentrated form of life force lying dormant in the body. It is conceptualised as a coiled up serpent with its mouth engulfing the base of the spine. The exercise, which involves a number of bodily postures, expressive movements and utterances, cultivation of character, breathing patterns, and degrees of concentration are aimed at releasing the kundalini or serpent power. It also uses certain mantras to instill one pointed concentration. And this, is probably easier said than done. Why do people want to awaken such powers? To become a "Jedi Master", of course.

And it is "believed" in certain circles that this is the "serpent" that tempted Eve to take a bite of the forbidden apple. And the "nakedness" that Adam & Eve suddenly saw was more metaphysical than physical once they were awaken. Being clairvoyant must have shattered Adam & Eve's set of beliefs somewhat. The end of paradise as they see and know it, so to speak. BUT of course, this is just a belief among some people.

Still seen in this light, "higher forms" of yoga should definitely not be made available to the masses as the authorities of old in India decreed. So give the Fatwa Council some credit. The people there probably did more homework on the matter than their critics.

Ban yoga partially or entirely. I don't care. But this thing about Indonesia wanting to come out with a fatwa to ban smoking? Now that is a declaration of war if I ever saw one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

This is my understanding about fatwa and enforcement of fatwa.
Fatwa derives from consensus of personal opinion by the ulamas on the subject matter, in this case, it is about yoga. The ulamas and/or the council should be more transparent to the public of their discussion and deliberation of the issue and their finding whether it is haram or not. The ulamas should not just declare their findings and impose on the public their collective personal opinions. Opinions should be based only on the interpretations of Al Quran and hadiths as well as the ijma or the accepted rulings in Islam. Certainly the finding or edict or fatwa or personal opinion should not be based on individual's moral opinion or values.

And it is my personal opinion that one may disagree with the consensus of the council ONLY if one has reason to justify his or her disagreement...and again must be on the interpretation of Al quran and hadith. Reasons such as "ridiculous" or "irrelevant to current situation" cannot be accepted without solid rebuttal from the interpretation of two main sources of islamic law.

The edict to become enforceable on muslims irrespective whether or not it has been gazetted or approved by the sultans, because all of these are purely administrative matters. But it is prudent for the ulamas to advise the sultan of their intention to proclaim any edict or fatwa.

I have but to agree with SIS that edict is not a divine instruction and the edict to have full authority on muslims should be decided and/or found on the strength of AlQuran and hadiths. So, edict can be amended and/or repealed by other ulamas. And like what just happened.

AlQuran does not only lay down the laws but also the procedures of making laws and/or edicts and/or fatwas. Do not just comes out with "haram this and that". Do it gradually. First issue advise, then educate, finally come out with a ruling and enforcement. "Amal makruf, nahi mungkar"...

Kita terlalu cepat menghukum...berdosa sana dan berdosa sini...end up we all be the nation of sinners.. Tidak ada "amal makruf" tetapi banyak tangkap dan dakwa. Kenapa perkataan "amal makruf" berada di hadapan "nahi mungkar" di dalam ayat itu pun ada sebabnya. Bila kita nampak dua orang lelaki dan perempuan berdua-duaan, kita hampiri dan nasihat, dan insyaallah mereka tidak akan melakukan kerja-kerja yang terlarang (kalau ada niat).. Tetapi pencegah maksiat banyak yang tunggu dan tangkap...

Ulama dan pegawai agama adalah "front line" untuk agama islam, kalau mereka bersikap "holier than thou", orang islam akan menjauhkan diri.. orang muslim yang berdosa akan menjauhkan diri kerana mereka tidak mahu dilabel "berdosa" dan "masuk neraka". Mereka tidak mahu kutukan dari orang agama tetapi nasihat dan bimbingan. Lagi pulak, kita tidak tahu sapa masuk syurga atau neraka... Orang agama yang takbur dan celupar dengan kepandaian mereka di dalam agama MUNGKIN tidak memperolehi balasan syurga, Allah sahaja yang tahu.

Jangan haram kan yang halal dan jangan halal kan yang haram..ini adalah salah satu dasar di dalam islam.

Maaf kalau terlalu panjang, tapi inilah luahan saya..


Guy in the glass said...

“We discourage Muslims to do yoga as a form of exercise because it will ultimately lead to religious worshipping and chanting which is against Islam."---

I wonder how would that be interpreted. Will this statement be taken as an advice or an edict? The Sultan is right in requiring JAKIM to consult the conference of rulers before issuing the edict. This confusion could have been avoided.


Anonymous said...

Behind all this hoohaa, a fundamental fact is confirmed. The authority or individuals making the decision do not have a lot of confidence in the conviction of the muslims to the faith. They seem to hold the view that the muslims here are easily influenced and misled. They think the muslims here have not attained maturity to know what is right and wrong. Isn't this the real insult? It's worrying that the people making decisions and passing regulations that affects our lives have such shallow mentality.

Anonymous said...

Which is btw equivalent to the infamous stupidity to the "sedekah sex" incident in Perak.

Sorry for being so hot and bothered. Had to rant somehow....

Keturunan Jebat

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why Malaysians are making a big deal of it. As far as I'm concerned fatwa only affects muslims and I don't get it why the non-muslims are making a big deal of it. Blowing things out of proportions are what malaysians so good at. If people can't respect other people's religion I might as well have Hitler-like people as my fellow countrymen.

Anonymous said...

"My concern is that if and when the respective State Islamic councils decide to adopt the "fatwa' (edict), some overzealous and unthinking officers will start a "crackdown" of Yoga centres and round up Muslims."

This is the real fear of many of us. Over-zealous enforcers and the authorities keeping quiet about their actions.

How can Muslims continue to practise yoga tanpa waswas if the religious authorities do not have the confidence of the public in terms of proper enforcement?

Anonymous said...

IF u want to be a real muslim :
pls obey the FATWA council lah;
IF u takmau obey,
then : know what to DO lah !!

Bob PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

Hi Nuraina,

I think sometimes words like haram can seem insensitive when taken out of context.

Some blog headlined "Many Hindus hurt by Yoga fatwa? - seem to imply that Hindus cannot be hurt by it (even if its unjustifed); as its only haram to muslims.

By the way Yoga can be done incorporating your own religious methodology.

Anonymous said...

to b fair, dont u think they should ban manchester united too?

Fatwa Bans Red Devils and Christian Clubs

wak segen said...


If you are doing Yoga in your leotards, I won't need a Fatwa to tell me if I can watch or not.
But then I think I still won't watch.
Why? Because my Iman is not so kuat laa..tergugat nanti...

...hehehe jangan mareh..

A.John said...

We most often compromise, when our conscience is crystal clear that something is not suitable for us. So what is this discussion saying part a, without part b & part c is OK. The flesh says it is OK; but your conscience differs.Ultimately you decide and get on with life.

balan said...

A Malay friend of mine sent me this, not sure whether to laugh or be worried,




Subject: Fatwa-fatwa yang akan datang - Please read

Makin hari umat Islam makin ditindas dan dikongkong. Bukan oleh orang
Cina, atau orang India atau orang Yahudi atau
orang Kristian. Tetapi dianiya dan dikongkong oleh orang Islam/Melayu
sendiri. Please read on.

Selepas fatwa pengharaman yoga, fatwa-fatwa yang akan datang adalah
seperti berikut :

Disember 2008

Orang Islam dilarang mandi di kolam renang awam. Di kolam renang awam,
akan terdapat orang-orang yang bukan Islam
yang memakai pakaian renang yang singkat dan mendedahkan aurat
(terutamanya amoi-amoi china yang cun dan seksi). Ini
boleh menjejaskan akidah orang Islam. Cara yang paling baik ialah kita
haramkan orang Islam dari kolam renang awam.

Januari 2009

Orang Islam dilarang pergi ke Pulau Pinang. Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang
adalah seorang yang bukan Islam and majoriti
penduduk Pulau Pinang adalah orang yang bukan Islam. Apabila seorang Islam
berada di Pulau Pinang, beliau mungkin
terhidu bau char keoy tiaw yang dimasak oleh orang bukan Islam dan ini
boleh merosakkan akidah kita. Cara yang paling
baik ialah kita haramkan orang Islam dari pergi ke Pulau Pinang. Orang
Islam yang kini tinggal di Pulau Pinang akan
diberi elaun pindah sebanyak RM 3000 untuk membantu mereka berpindah ke
negeri-negeri yang lain. Perpindahan ke
negeri Kelantan dan Terengganu amat amat digalakkan.

Februari 2009

Orang Islam dilarang meminum root beer. Walaupun root beer tidak
mengandungi alkohol, namun perkataan "beer" ini
boleh menimbulkan keghairan dan kelakuan tidak senonoh di kalangan orang
Islam. Dengan pengharaman root beer, orang
Islam bolehlah meminum minuman ringan yang lain tanpa was-was. Ginger beer
juga diharamkan.

March 2009

Orang Islam dilarang memakan di kedai Mamak. Walaupun mamak kebanyakkannya
Islam, tetapi asal usul mereka adalah
India dan ada kemungkinan terdapat unsur-unsur India di dalam perniagaan
mereka seperti bercakap Tamil dan memakai
seluar dalam buatan India Untuk mengelakkan sebarang syak wasangka, mulai
1 Mac 2009, orang Islam dilarang dari
memakan di kedai mamak (kecuali Tun Mahatir kerana dia sendiri mamak kelas

April 2009

Orang Islam dilarang bermain ping pong atau table tennis. Ping pong
berasal dari negeri China dan oleh yang demikian,
mungkin terdapat unsur-unsur agama Buddha atau Confuciusism di dalam
permainan ping pong. Ornag Islam yang terlalu
banyak bermain ping pong akan terjejas akidah mereka. Sebagai permainan
alternatif, orang Islam digalakkan bermain
sepak raga (tetapi bola raga mesti buatan Malaysia, bukan dari Thailand).

Mei 2009

Orang Islam yang berkerja dengan kerajaan dilarang mengambil gaji
masing-masing. Ini kerana sebahagian besar
pendapatan kerajaan adalah cukai pendapatan yang dibayar oleh
syarikat-syarikat orang bukan Islam. Orang Islam
digalakkan meminta sedekah dari orang Islam yang lain. Untuk memudahkan
permintaan sedekah, bakal peminta sedekah
digalakkan mencangkung di hadapan bangunan UMNO.

Jun 2009

Orang Islam dilarang keluar negara. Terdapat terlalu banyak godaan yang
boleh meruntuhkan akhlak dan akidah orang
Islam. Perkara ini telahpun dikaji dengan teliti hasil lawatan sambil
belajar ke Bangkok oleh Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan
baru-baru ini. Oleh yang demikian, orang orang Islam diminta menyerahkan
balik paspot masing-masing ke jabatan
immigresen secepat mungkin. Perjalanan keluar negara hanya dibenarkan
untuk menteri-menteri dan orang kuat UMNO
sahaja, itupun hanya jika diiringi oleh ahli Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan.

Julai 2009

Orang Islam dilarang berfikir di waktu siang. Kebanyakkan masalah jenayah
dan maksiat wujud kerana orang-orang yang
tak ada kerja berfikir yang bukan-bukan. Untuk membenteras maslah jeneyah
dan maksiat, orang-orang Islam mulai 1
Julai 2009, dilarang dari menggunakan otak mereka diwaktu siang. Pemikiran
mereka akan dipantau oleh Majlis Fatwa
Kebangsaan dengan menggunakan sekumpulan specially trained monkeys. Orang
Islam boleh menggunakan otak mereka di
waktu malam tetapi pemikiran dihadkan kepada perkara-perkara berkaitan
dengan makan dan minum sahaja.

Please do not laugh. Many of the above will become a reality if we do not
do anything. The rational-thinking muslims
in this country are simply not doing anything. We let a very small
minority of narrow-minded idiots to control our
lives. We, especially the Malay muslims, are fast becoming a laughing
stock worldwide. We are obsessed with the
little little things.

When there are so many important things remain to be done, why must the
Fatwa folks spend their time on little
things.. tomboys, yoga, etc, etc. Why don't we ever hear anything from the
Fatwa folks for social justice,
eradicating corruption and poverty, protecting single mothers, helping the
poors, educating the ummah, protecting the
environment or ensuring fairness in society.

If you are a rationale, forward thinking muslim, please speak up. If you
choose to remain silent, it only means that
you agree with whatever is happening. And do not blame the non-muslims for
all our troubles. We are asking for it.

Bukhari Hood

Shah Alam

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina,
I await for the day when the non-muslims are in awe to actually follow the physical movements of prayers without the chanting are as good as Yoga.


Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

DAP MPs and state assemblymen still do not realised they are in power today becoz the Malays voted them and now they are trying to be heroes to the chinese community only.

to the DAP are you not aware that alcohol are bad for health just like cigarette.

I am a chinese and i hate all the above habits.

Not all policies by PAS are bad.

in fact PAS has been urging bread earners to go back to their families after work instead of heading to all these karaokes joint where alcohol and chinadoll are in abundance.

i remember not very long ago a group of chinese housewife went to see a certain OCPD asking for help
becoz their husband have been spending all their time in all these karaokes outlet.

how many chinese families have succumbed to these evil ?

bread winner spending their hard earned money on alcohol, gambling and later on womanising will come along.

DAP remember you guys represent all malaysians and please do not try to be a hero to a certain community even though knowing very well all the above are bad for everyone.

carry on with your typical chinaman attitude and i can guarantee you guys will all be a one term MP/state assemblyman.

BTW NONE DAP MPs has responded.

Anonymous said...

i always got redirected to this blog by rockybru. now you say you won't defend him, which actually you are defending him, and that's good.

yoga is an alternative as any other alternatives. some say performing solah is a good form of exercise as well.

if yoga discipline is religious, with or without chants, it's haram. if shaking joss sticks is religous, even if it's the best exercise for your palms and wrists then it's haram. you can shake the soysauce bottle instead if it can give the same results.

ena, you should try senaman kucing as suggested by a certain ustazah instead, i think that's sexier.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.58am,

Let me join u to admire her in the ketat outfit LOL

Anon watcher

monsterball said...

A 5000 years proven health benefit exercise has to have few Islamic r teachers to is not good for Muslims.
Muslims all over the world....should pay attention to some of our unique and wise Islamic scholars.
Two Sultans and our PM...shot down the ban...before the whole world laugh at us....again and again.
Such holy holy men should leave sinful Malaysia and sacrifice themselves..go to Timbuktu or Yemen...and few other countries ..where time is still standing still...and they live with their dreams there...making 100% sure...they die..they go to Paradise to be with Allah.
Malaysia is a gone case country for these holy holy men.

Anonymous said...

zzz said, " go ahead with yoga lah ...dun disturb me, ok !...jin,jin...headache lah ...zzzzzz...zzz!!"

Anonymous said...

dear ena,

very interesting (and nice) to know that at one time yoga, as an exercise, was actually televised in malaysia.

must be in less hysterical time. :D

Cokodok said...


Tahniah... This is the best article explaining bout the whole episode...

Masalah bermula bila semua org melatah tanpa membaca fatwa tersebut ngan jelas... Dan utk menambahkan lagi kekalutan.. Majlis Fatwa tidak mempunyai skil PR yg bagus ketika menyampaikan fatwa tersebut hingga berlaku pelbagai andaian yg maha kelam kabut...



i wonder -- what is your definition of a "real" muslim?



oh yes... i'm sure many malaysians (older ones-lah) can remember the programme. it was in the 70s.
there was a male instructor and usually two female students. nothing to it. showed only the exercises.

Anonymous said...

yes indeed some segment of Muslim population are easily swayed, remember Ayah Pin? the stupid giant teapot? these idiots also exist in other religion, remember Waco Massacre.

Anonymous said...

Nuraini, salaams to you. I think you have spoken for many, many people when you said "I know my boundaries. I know where I should not go.

Ultimately, I answer to Him. And Him only."

Yes, these are the sentiments of many, many Muslims, yet we are constantly being reminded that we are incapable of knowing our boundaries; that we are weak and faithless, and this is just adds insult upon insult.

Personally I am sick, sick, sick of being made to feel as if I cannot be trusted, as if I need to be spied on lest I go "astray".

Worse, it is like telling us that these people are the ones we have to answer to when we all know that come Judgement Day we stand alone and that these people, these "saviours" as they may think they are, will not be there. We will answer for ourselves, each and everyone of us.

I have no problem with these people giving us advice and guidance but I have a huge problem with being issued with threats and man-made punishments about what in the end is going to be judged by Him. I am not a criminal so don't try to make me feel as if I am one.

I also wish to add here that my dislike of the methods employed also stems from the way they go about selecting their fatwas. When we have so many other pressing issues that should have been addressed they chose to go after issues that make us wonder where priorities lie.

Secondly, what good is a fatwa if it is not followed up on? For example, I have been told there is a fatwa against smoking in several states. But do we see this being enforced?? No, not at all.So what does this all mean?

Lan said...

Below are the full snippet of the recent controversial fatwa
"'Amalan senaman yoga secara sistematik iaitu membabitkan gerakan fizikal, bacaan mentera dan matlamat penyatuan diri dengan tuhan adalah bertentangan dengan syariat Islam'. Justeru yang diharamkan oleh Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan ialah amalan yoga secara sistematik kerana dibimbangi akan menghakis akidah umat Islam jika pengamalnya meneruskan amalan itu ke peringkat lebih tinggi.
Prof. Datuk Dr. Abdul Shukor Husin yang juga Pengerusi Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan menegaskan, amalan fizikal iaitu senaman dalam yoga tanpa unsur-unsur mentera dan pemujaan pada zahirnya tidak menjadi kesalahan.
Klausa seterusnya berbunyi, bagaimanapun ia tidak digalakkan kerana dikhuatiri boleh menghakis akidah seseorang Muslim memandangkan ia merupakan salah satu komponen daripada keseluruhan amalan yang diharamkan itu."

The final paragraph which point out that the fatwa as well discourage the practice of the physical element of Yoga since it actually part of the ritual which is haram.

I'm not expert but when it come to preserving aqidah, the faith itself won't be enough to secure the seat. It must be tag along with the action and spoken.

“Wahai orang yang beriman, taatilah Allah dan taatilah Rasul, janganlah kamu membatalkan amalan-amalan kamu”. (Surah Muhammad: 33)

According to Imam Al-Razi, the related practises is actually Syirik practises.

“Sekiranya kamu melakukan syirik, maka gugurlah amalan kamu” (Surah al-Zumat: 65) 25

Let say, u have a strong faith in Islam, but ur action permitted other religion ritual then what could that be?
Practicing Yoga without details understanding about aqidah it dangerous.
My question to u, are really sure that the physical Yoga that u practiced is free from syirik elements?

For Muslim,
For reference about Yoga Fatwa

duagelasteh said...

Sis Aina:

Besides the Yoga,when you are doubtful, you may also try this Chinaman's "312 exercises". No chanting, no meditation, no need to "susun 10 jari to pray" etc....

I would recommend especially: (a)Abdominal Respiration; and (b)Squating - Physical exercise of the two legs :




begini-lah Lan. Fatwa lazim nya dikeluarkan untuk memberi umat islam suatu bimbingan, seterusnya, penjelasan dalam hal-hal yang tidak berapa terang atau "grey areas" dimana tidak di sentuh di dalam AlQuran atau hadith.

Ini, tidak perlu pakar agama atau ulamak untuk menyatakan. Memang itu-lah peranan majlis fatwa kebangsaan.

dalam last para yang saudara tunjukkan -- jelas sekali ini bukan ruling haram "per se". hanya memberi bimbingan kepada kita. "tidak digalakkan kerana di khuatir..." dan bertentangan secara sistematik, jikalau, membabitkan ketiga2 komponon.

sebagai se-orang Muslim, kita tahu batasan kita. Komponen fizikal Yoga tidak membabitkan apa2 ucapan (mantra) kehinduan. hanya pergerakan bahagian badan-- walaupun gerak geri yang kita amalkan itu sebahagian dari suatu amalan yang berasal usul dari Hindu philosophy.
Itu sahaja.

SAya percaya mengamalkan gerak geri Yoga tidak salah dari kacamata Islam. Tidak syirik. Saya landaskan ini atas fatwa yang di keluarkan.

Lan...ada banyak lagi surah-surah dalam Al-Quran yang menunjukkan betapa indah nya agama kita...

Lan said...


Semamemangnya ayat-ayat quran byk memberi pengajaran dan memerlukan kebijaksaan utk kita mentafsirkan dan diamalkan.

Saudari sendiri mengakui pergerakan2 itu byk dipengaruhi element-element hindu. Apakah saudari pasti bahawa pergerakan badan yang diamalkan tersebut terhindar daripada element unsur-unsur syirik, unsur-unsur yang menafikan ketauhidan Allah. Dalam permahaman saya setiap pergerakan dalam Yoga mempunyai makna tersendiri/tersembunyi dalam kepercayaan Hindu, seperti yang ditulis oleh saudara Aizam dari cawangan Aqidah Jakim tidak sepatutnya dipandang ringan

Yang pasti, itu terpulang diatas kebijaksanaa kita dalam menilai perkara itu, ya saya mengaku kita sebagai umat Islam sememangnya tahu batas2 tetapi unsur2 tersembunyi amat merbahaya dan pada pandangan peribadi saya patut dijauhi.


saudara lan,

saya pasti, bagi diri saya sendiri, gerak geri Yoga tidak boleh mempengaruhi saya kepada kesyirikan..

terima kasih, saudara, kerana sudi ke blog ini dan memberi pendapat saudara yang saya amat menghargai.


Anonymous said...

10.32pm : let's pray aina weighs
< 55kg in her ' blue/pink outfit'
wen she beryoga at ...!! hehehe !

Anonymous said...

i prefer her to be in very2 light purple tight outfit beryoga !

Anonymous said...

Just a thought,
If you do all the movements but without the mantra, then, you cannot call it Yoga right?
Pergerakan Jasmani maybe?


Anonymous said...

aina dear, pls post a foto in tight yoga outfit ...PLEASE !!

Anonymous said...

blue/pink...light purple?? Aww c'mon man, she'd look good in lime green. hehehe

Anonymous said...

ok lah ! any color lah, aina, foto pls...PLEASE !!

Anonymous said...

aina, makan angin ka !?

Anonymous said...

aina, too much angin is no good 4 the stomach one !

Anonymous said...

aina dear, tak habis makan ke !?

Anonymous said...

Umat Islam harus menjaga akidah mereka dalam amalan seharian. Amalan Yoga walaupun hanya secara fizikal secara tidak sedar akidah kita turut tergelincir. Ini kerana prinsip asas amalan Yoga adalah penyatuan penganut Hindu dengan tuhan Hindu. Contoh yang paling asas ialah amalan Yoga dengan cara mengosongkan fikiran/minda mereka. Umat Islam diajar supaya selalu mengingati Allah SWT untuk setiap detik, manakala Yoga menyuruh pengamalnya mengosongkan fikiran mereka daripada unsur-unsur luar tentunya termasuklah mengingati Allah SWT untuk setiap detik. Kita sebagai umat Islam yang layak dipanggil sebagai golongan kebanyakkan yang bukan pakar dalam bidang-bidang yang melibatkan akidah ini seharusnya akur dengan fatwa yang diputuskan oleh pakar-pakar agama Islam ini. Sesiapa saja (umat Islam sahaja) harus akur saranan fatwa ini kerana ulamak yang merupakan waris Nabi Muhamad SAW.

Anonymous said...

aina dear, foto please ...PLEASE !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,
You said "sebagai seorang Islam kita tahu batasan kita". May be that is applicable to you, how about to the others? I remember a friend of mine proudly said "Anak lelaki I, kalau pegi makan kat restaurant, ada pork dlm plate dia, dia kuis je pork tu ketepi, dan makan je yg lain2 tu, jangan strict sgt". Species2 mcm ni agaknya tahu tak batasan2 sebagai seorang Islam? Hmmmmm...


Asm, How I can contact you? Pls email to me, or call 0132226759, We want to invite you to our seminar in Shang Ri La.

Jariullah Ahmad

Anonymous said...

AINA, BERyoga dgn singa ke !? hehe!