Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Siege

Just a week ago, a close friend invited us to visit Mumbai.

"The place is really coming up...", he enthused.

We were not keen on Mumbai. Delhi is "nicer", we said.
Now, we really really are not keen on Mumbai. Such terrible news about Mumbai. More than 100 people are dead and injured after the city was attacked. It is carnage there. Dozens are still held hostage.
An extremist group has claimed responsibility.

It's horrid enough knowing what happened. I hope there are no one I know among the dead and injured.

Here's the latest:

Indian commandos freed hostages from Mumbai's Taj Mahal hotel today but faced continued resistance in other parts of the city from Islamist militants still holding dozens of hostages and demanding the release of extremists held in Indian jails.

The commandos stormed two buildings in the late afternoon, seizing the lobby of the Oberoi hotel and taking positions around a tower block where a number of militants were believed to be holed up. Indian television reported that a number of people had been freed from the Oberoi.

The gunmen arrived in India's financial capital by boat last night before fanning out to launch an audacious series of attacks on luxury hotels, restaurants, a rail terminus and an ultra-orthodox Jewish centre, killing more than 100 people. (source: The Guardian).


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The muslims should now move in to sort this extremist problems all over the world. This give really BAD image on Islam. It is high time the rest of the muslims object to this kind of inhuman act in the name of God. Please do not justify the act. The more they do the more retaliation and isolation is faced by other muslims.

Anonymous said...

Why do these people do the things they do in the name of their God?

Anonymous said...

Dalam Islam ada rukun perang, antara lain tidak boleh membunuh dan mencedera kanak2, wanita, orang tua dan orang awam. Yakni tidak boleh membunuh dan mencedera dengan sewenangnya.

Juga tidak boleh membunuh haiwan peliharaan, merosakkan tanam-tanaman atau meracun air.

Sesiapa yang melanggar perkara di atas dengan nama perjuangan Islam adalah dajjal jelmaan.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

One Lady perished in the attacked.

She is/was an Anak Buah Malaysia.

Yet none of u have taken the trouble to state her contributions:
daughter,wife,mother,executive, anak bangsa Malaysia!

Perhaps u could walk the talk & visit her home.

Funneral: Wednesday 03/12/08.

Godspeed, Hemalata Kasipillay,Godspeed!