Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blogger Sheih Kickdefella Arrested


Sheih and his wife Bariah Ishak had been expecting the arrest when they were told that plainclothes police officers came by the Kelantan Menteri Besar's office in Kota Bharu in a dark-tinted Pajero yesterday.

The couple had been waiting for the police to pick up Sheih since.

"He just wanted to get it over and done with.. he was just so tired," Bariah told me (over the phone) this evening.

Sheih, 38, is the Kelantan Menteri Besar public relations officer.

When Bariah spied a dark-tinted Pajero passing by their house several times today, she knew the police had come for Sheih.

Three plainclothes policemen picked up Sheih about 5pm. He is being detained under the Sedition Act.

Bariah said Sheih was calm when he was taken away from their home in Demit, Kota Bharu.

"The policemen were nice enough to play along with us when we had to tell our four children that their father was going to KL for work," she said.

The couple had no heart to tell their children the truth although Bariah said their eldest (11 year-old) son sensed something amiss.

Asked how the police officers treated Sheih when arresting him, Bariah said they were polite and treated him well.

Sheih is said to have been taken to Bukit Aman but Bariah said until about 8pm, it was uncertain whether or not he had actually left Kelantan.

"I was told that he was still at the police headquarters here," said Bariah who is preparing to leave for Bukit Aman tomorrow.

"I pray for the best, for his well-being," she said.

Meanwhile, when contacted by Bernama today, Kelantan deputy police chief SAC II Amir Hamzah Ibrahim could not confirm the matter as the Kelantan police was not informed about it.

Sheih, 38, is the Kelantan Menteri Besar public relations officer.


My earlier report:

Police arrested blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz a.ka. Sheih Kickdefella in Kota Bharu, Kelantan today.

Got this from Rocky's Bru.

No further details. But will try to get an update soonest.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a crackdown!

Unknown said...

Oh my god! Not again!

Anonymous said...

Tak tahu apa lagi nak buat dah; dok bertahan aje lah sambil potong kuku di kaki, cari kutu di kepala dan picit jerawat di muka, kejap-kejap angkat tangan tangkap lalat, kejap-kejap hayun tangan pukul nyamuk...

Semua tak kena...shall I linger longer,love? No? Time to kiss and say goodbye? Hard to do, breaking up.

Unknown said...

What's going on in this country?????

Anonymous said...

sad day indeed for m'sia. these for rakyat? there are no 2 ways about the present state...we are DOOMED.
why chose to silence the critics instead? should'nt they take heed of the critics and implement what's good for rakyat?
Oil price dipped below USD 90, any news on further reduction?
Festivities just around the corner, the essential items went up like nobody's business, who's taking care of that?

No one! and we are DOOMED for sure.

Pak Zawi said...

When he flew the flag upside down it was a sign of distress. Unfortunately some people can't read such signs due to their stupidity and interpreted it their way.

xonar said...

from bad to worst..they are going after DSAI next.

Unknown said...

Let the law take it course.don't jump to conclusion.the law is like a razor blade it cut both,both party has the advantage to use the same law to prosecute and defense.

Malaysia Tanahairku said...

Ala Puan Aina hari tu Pak Lah kata wartawan semua tulisla kebenaran dah blogger cakap yang benar pun kena cekup juga.Mintak-mintaklah blog saya dan Puan tak kena walaupun kita nak sampaikan kebenaran.Amin!

Anonymous said...

No matter how they do it- ISA, Sedition, civil suit- it's nothing but harassment and intimidation of the people. The people will prevail.

Anonymous said...

ISA = Insensible Stoopit Assault !
But...But the botak : I Suka Act !

Unknown said...

What's going to happen to Malaysia?????????

Unknown said...

Dear Nuraina and blogger,

I am writing to you as a person (fellow malaysian) to another malaysian.I posted this in a few blog already.

I don’t expect you to agreed, disagreed or even reply at all. But I do hope to have 5 minutes of your time to read this email, the rest is up to you.

We (as simple citizen) are appalled by the current economic and political situation of our country. Even more important what the future holds for our children and country. We will not be a bystander and let the event takes it own course. I believe that each individual person can make a different. Kudos to what the different Malaysian Bloggers have achieved so far.

I would like to believe that time is ripe for collaborative politic (back to basic) where power is at the hand of each individual and not government or political party. The traditional power pyramid will/have being inverse - where the bottom of the
pyramid yield sufficient power to lead the ‘top’ of the pyramid. This should be/is the essence of democracy.( however, the flaw of democracy is that it is never fair, because it assume we are all playing at a level playing field. which is not always the case….)

Anyway, today this era is made possible by technology (internet), a growing number of emancipated’(maturing mind and knowledge)’ of citizen and current desperate’ situation. This is marked by the growing group of blogger/activist.

However, as you know the challenge of such collaborative interaction is that each individual are free to do what they want/believe in. Hence, the challenge is to ‘focus’ or orient the different effort to ensure that the ‘majority’ is working together/toward ONE similar goal.

To cut it short, I believe the time is ripe to structure such effort to channel this ‘energy’ (reduce the waste of energy from each individual) to build the future of Malaysia. I believe we can do this by ‘creating’ a formal/informal group that do not have any political, race or religion biases with only ONE objective that is move the country forward. Where the support/legit is so important that it can influence the direction of the country (or any government or political party for that matter). This can be some sort of think tank or NGO(what ever make sense) where ideas, new policy, project are debated/voted/clarify - by the individual citizen (free from any hidden agenda, etc..).

The idea is to start this at a grass root level with the blogger community. I will send the same each to different active blogger.

Let me know your thoughts on this and whether you are interested to collaborate to take this further? write to



Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Anything wrongly done, to a person who is right, is still wrong
Any person who is right has every strong reason to be strong
Any person with the right prongs will flow within the correct prongs
Any person who's right has the right to be part of the right throng

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180908
Thur. 18th Sept. 2008.

k said...

We are now quite officially part ‘Police state’, part ‘Authoritarianism’, with a tiny part of ‘Democracy’.

Esky said...

So, what seditious comment did Sheih make? Does it concern any truth someone claimed he wanted to hear (but did not promise to act on)?

Anonymous said...

God...Sick to the stomach..
We definately need to have a stronger alliance of bloggers against this rubbish! They are not going to stop this awful arrest ..Time for Bloggers to Unite!

Anonymous said...

more to go. I need deep sleep.
no more hu ha
say good bye to DSAI...

mamasita said...

I believe bloggers should not write too wildly and put their heads into the lion's head or crocodile's mouth or whatever.Be careful lah sikit.Dah kena masuk ISA of courselah kitaorang semua kesian.Tapi bloggers yang lain kenalah be careful fom now on.We dont want the ISA penuh bloggers je..all of them will become very kurus sebab dah tak dapat blogging.I know blogging is like an addiction.Tak blogging boleh go haywire..just my opinion ok?

Anonymous said...

Dear pelangi,

I will agree with you totally if we have an absolutely untainted judiciary... Do we? Many have dounbts for reasons known. There must be changes...


Anonymous said...

Our prime minister is just jealous because he doesn't know how to blog. Hahaha see these idiots can't even learn to catch up with the technology even though they have loads of money. It's proven now that money can't buy you brains....

if they take all the bloggers into custody wouldn't it be a jolly thing? the more the merrier isn't it? khir toyo and najib both have blogs so they are included.

Anonymous said...

....and the real reason for all this to happen is still waiting for 2010.

alo..berhijrah la please.


Shafrina Benne

Anonymous said...

Kak Nuraina,

It was a pleasure meeting you last night! Sorry couldn't stay longer. Hopefully we can meet again someday.

Thank you.