Friday, September 26, 2008

Umno Polls Postponed To March Next Year.. facilitate "an early power transition" from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to his deputy, Najib Abdul Razak.

Abdullah will also decide whether or not he will defend his postion before the party's divisional level elections begin on Oct 9.

The was the outcome of the special Umno supreme council meeting at PWTC in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

Abdullah who is the Prime Minister said Umno divisional elections would go on as scheduled from Oct 9 to Nov 9.

The Umno general assembly was to be held from Dec 16 to 20.

The original transition plan, which was announced in July, was for Abdullah to hand over the reins of power to Najib by June 2010.

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So, there you are. A compromise. Pak Lah gets his way to have the party general assembly and elections postponed and Najib....well, almost, his.

Undoubtedly, tension is building up and it will continue to rise.

While it looks like the Prime Minister is handing over power ahead of 2010, presumably in March, he has not exactly made any commitment to do so.

In fact, it looks like he does not want to let go.

Meanwhile, we have players on the sidelines manouvering and, making moves, surely.

Perhaps, the tension, the heat, the uncertainty will subside in October when the PM makes known whether he is defending his presidency.

Only perhaps.

So, is Pak Lah out to see how many nominations he'll get? Read Rocky's Abdullah's Last Stand.


Anonymous said...

What a difference a 3-month makes ... to a spent force?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they used the same amount of effort and brains in their daytime jobs, that is running the government, Malaysia will be on par with Japan. How the rats scheme and really put their grey matter to use for power so they canskim offf the meat whilst leaving us the country with just the kuah and if lucky 2 hard boiled eggs, maybe some timun if we behave. wonder whether they would put this same amount effort if they were not governing. WHAT IS happenning in that party is affecting the lives of 26 million. It really really looks like a 'no holds barred free for all, scramble and trample to get their hand on the loot, what does that remind you of, a bunch of scavangers HYENAS AT IT AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

he will not go. in march he will postpone another 3 months, then in june he will postpone again. before u know it, it is june 2010! darn it!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Is it all a question of 'push' or 'pull'?
When you need to 'push' out a stubborn bull
Who doesn't believe that the cup is already full
When there's too much on the plate to carefully mull

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 260908
Fri. 26th Sept. 2008.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Malaysia will be better manage under Najib?.
As DPM is he sincere in his pledge of loyalty to Pak Lah?. If he is with the PM, why didn't he initiate and mobilize the UMNO grass roots to back Pak Lah.
What actually happen behind the scene of the meeting of the four eyes between PM and DPM?. Nobody knows and it will remain with them unless one of them taking a different position and decide to make public. Is it for national interest or just for their political expediency. Time will tell and may be when both of them are history.
Will this Ramadhan Agreement be acceptable to all? And finally, if you go down to the list of DPM resume', nothing much, business as usual the only significant he is the son of former PM. So what kind of endorsement, is it his birth right to be Malaysian next leader. Who decide, the present PM, UMNO Supreme Council, UMNO divisions and branches? I don't know.
Are we short of any other credible character who can lead this nation? Again ..I don't know, as in politics nothing is impossible. Kesian Pak Lah... I DON"T KNOW!!! Salam Aidulfitri.dh9753

Anonymous said...

I am very happy that it's finally Game Over for Abdullah Badawi ... Wali Kota

Anonymous said...

its pity for p lah to stepped down in such ways, its history for Umno Baru...economy wise...the malays are still poor under him...those big Corridors he dreamed of are totally not for malays (akar umbi). So where the Hidup Melayu spirit that Umno keeps talking and me Melayu will Hidup with No Spirit while Umno in POWER.

Semut Api said...


Saya khuatir yang Najib pon akan di'snookered' oleh Ku Li. Sebaik sahaja Pak Lah umum tidak bertanding, Ku Li umum akan melawan Najib bagi jawatan Presiden. Yang untungnya Muhidin la.. tanpa i never doubt his caliber...

Lee said...

Looks like AAB is staring at oblivion within six months.He will not be remembered as the Father of anything, unlike all his predecessors!The least he can do now is to release the Hindraf 5 and Raja Petra Kamaruddin from detention under the ISA!He cannot finish his unfinished business, but he can still sort out, a few if not all, of his unsorted things!Releasing innocent peoples from detention is one of these unsorted things!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith said...

I don’t think Abdullah has lost nor Muhyiddin has won. Najib has won nothing either.

This is the usual UMNO sandiwara - a party is utter disarray with each group trying to pull the rug from the other’s feet.

If indeed Abdullah has decided to step down and hand over power to Najib, why the need to wait till Oct 9 for his final decision. All the details should have been hammered out yesterday itself.

Abdullah and his supporters still believe that he can secure the 58 nominations to defend his seat. Hasn’t he said, “I am in command” several times recently?

He wouldn’t relinquish his lofty Emperor’s position just to please a few dissidents in the supreme council.

I think he will wait till the 199 nominations are in before he throws in the towel, if at all. The likelihood is, he will defend his post and concede defeat only if loses in the party polls in March 2009.
And with the advantage of incumbency he might just make it.

His, his son’s, son-in-law’s and his hangers-on’s interests are too huge for him to let go of his premiership so easily. They will not let him step down without a fight.
This is not only about the premiership but the “economic empire.”

Anonymous said...

Well in a way , the real benefactor is Mahyuddin, his position at no 2 looks firm, Najib not sure because Ku Li will contest the presidency, Najib might lose.

how come it is said the decision is from the 'akar umbi' when only less than 25 people at the majlis tertinggi making the decision.good to out this decision to emergency general assembly for endorsement.

so the best thing PM Pak Lah should do is to maintain on not contesting in 12/08 but the assembly should proceed on 12/08 as scheduled and the field is wide open for all aspirant, very democratic.

PM PaL Lah will be seen in better light by doing this than agreeing to what has been agreed on Friday.

Anonymous said...

well its not democratic isn't, mca, gerakan goes fpr open election why umno cannot follow the good example, stick to the 12/08 general assenbly and allows the best to best and capable amongst umno members the party choose and then close ranks and move forwaed....pak lah be look upon in better light if he takes this rout...

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah is one cunning and wily old fox! always good in twisting,turning,flipping
flopping. And now he's turned himself into a shameless old man. Pls, Malaysia doesn't deserve to be seen as a country with such a leader.

Anonymous said...

Dear Eda.

I miss bapak bamia.he cook very well.All prayer for his soul,

What about you Eda,Next year Kali gone,are you joining NST back.
You are Ok with Najib.Salamm

Anonymous said...

lee what do you mena about badawi, he will not be father of nothing, please lah he will always be remembered in malaysian history as the sleeping father in law, or better yet he will forever be remembered as the F-I-L OF KHAIRY, 10 YEARS FROM NOW THEY WILL ASK KHAIRY WHO????

ChengHo said...

i think we gonna have very strong government when Najib is the PM and Annuar is the leader of opposition

every body have role to play being effective government and effective opposition then we can decide PRU 13 base on merit and performance not sentiment and anger

in economic term let catch singapore ,Taiwan and S Korea .

shahbandarmalakat said...

Bagi UMNO sebenarnya tiada jalan lain untuk selamatkan partinya..kembali balik kepada cara pemilihan pucuk pempinan yang telah di gariskan dan di praktis sekian lama dalam UMNO Lama sebelum ianya di haramkan...buang quota quota, dua pencalunan sudah cukup untuk semua orang yang hendak bertanding untuk semua jawatan termasuk Timbalan dan President..lagi ramai calun lagi bagus...Ahli ahli UMNO kena fikirlah..

Anonymous said...

dear ena,

"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin!"

to you, your beautiful children and the whole Pak Samad's family.

this is probably a more subdued raya for the Samad clan because of the recent loss, but i'm sure it won't be sombre.


Raison D'etre said...

Kak Aina,

Three months to check if he could still make some sort of stand perhaps?


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from me and the whole family.

God bless. :)

mn said...

Kak Aina,

Selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin dari saya sekeluarga.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Dear Eina

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, maaf zahir dan batin daripd kami. Kuatkan iman, tenangkan perasaan, perbanyakkan amalan di hari dan bulan mulia ini. Semoga Allah swt memberkati. Salam untuk seisi keluarga. Kalau berkesempatan, Insyaallah saya akan berkunjung ke rumah Eina.

Puteri, Tarmizi dan anak2.

TPJ said...

I think Pak Lah is weighing and ascertaining whether he can get the minimum 58. If he can, he will make a go for it and use whatever resources he has available to deel with Najib and Muhyiddin.

I'm sure he'd rather die with his boots on rather than exit in humiliation.

The Game is still not over.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Cik Nuraina.

Pi Bani said...

Wishing you Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri... maaf zahir batin.

Anonymous said...

The most important asset of a country is not its natural resources, but rather its human resources. This is especially true in a knowledge-based economy, which of course, will be the trend in the future if not already the trend in most of the western countries.

My daughter, who is in her final year medicine in Auckland, told me that a team of Singapore recruitment officers have just visited Auckland and talked to the Malaysian students there, offering jobs and training prospects for the final year students once they graduate.

My daughter also told me that over the last few years, quite a lot of her Malaysian seniors, after graduating from medical courses in New Zealand, have gone to Singapore to work as house officers and subsequently stayed back in Singapore for their postgraduate training. Similar teams are sent to Australia and UK for recruiting Malaysians there to work in Singapore.

About a year ago, Reuters reported: 'Malaysia is counting on bright, ambitious people like Tan Chye Ling for its future, to lead it away from manufacturing and into the knowledge age.'

But the 32-year-old scientist, a postgraduate in molecular biology, is not counting on Malaysia to look after her future.

'I felt very suppressed in Malaysia,' said Tan, who moved to neighbouring Singapore, the region's pacesetter for biotech investment, after a decade of research and study in Malaysia.

'I have benefited from the better research environment and salary scheme here. Things are much smoother,' she said by phone from the National University of Singapore where she is studying allergies and dust mites. Tan estimates that 60 percent of the research teams she works with in Singapore are from Malaysia, despite her country's efforts over several years to develop a biotech industry.

There is a serious problem facing Malaysia and that is the problem of 'brain drain'. Why are Malaysians overseas not coming back to work? Well, pay may be part of the reasons but it is not the main reason.

Singapore recruitment teams offer Malaysian medical students a salary which is a few times what they would expect to get in Malaysia S$40000 a year for houseman after tax (equivalent to RM86000) which is about five times the pay of a houseman in Malaysia.

But as I say, pay is not the main problem. The living expense overseas is high. And for a person working overseas, the loneliness and the stress level is also high. So not everyone opts to work overseas because of the pay. Many would not mind to work for a lesser pay if they can stay near to their loved ones. So why do people choose to work overseas, away from their loved ones?

Malaysia has many research centres and state-of-the-arts hospitals, which may even be the envy of many overseas countries. But hardware alone would not attract these experts to come home.

In the medical field, I have so many classmates/friends working overseas, many in world-renowned centres. Why do they do that? Some of my classmates and friends did come back as specialists. After working a few years (many only lasted a few months), most got disillusioned and went off again.

There is really not much prospect of career advancement here. How many can hope to become a professor even when they are an acknowledged expert in their field? How many of them can blend into the local team where the work attitude is vastly different from that overseas? How many of them can have a say about how things are to be run? On the other hands, lesser beings are being promoted to professorship for doing much less.

There is an unwritten rule that even if the person is very good, the head of the team has to be someone from a certain ethnic group who may not be even half as good as him. In everyday life, some become disillusioned with the corruption, the red tape and the 'tidak apa' attitude of officialdom.

For an overseas doctor applying to work back home, the application can take up to six months to get approved, whereas Singapore sends teams overseas to recruit them on the spot and offering them jobs immediately as long as they pass their final examinations. See the difference?

It is the sense of being appreciated and being wanted that make these people stay overseas. Back here, they are often made to feel that they are of a lower class. They do not feel appreciated and they do not feel wanted. That is the main reason.

For those with children, the education system further puts them off. Even school children can feel being discriminated against and one glaring example is the two system pre-university education.

All these make them pack their bags and off they go again, leaving behind their parents, perhaps their siblings, the friends they grew up together with and their favourite food that is often not available overseas. No one likes to be away from home but circumstances and a sense of being recognised for their worth make them go away. It is really sad.

Parents spend big sums of money on educating their children but the ones who benefit most are the Singaporeans, the Americans, the Australians, the British and so on. As long as race politics is not done away with, this problem of 'brain drain' will continue and Malaysia will always trail behind the advanced countries no matter how many Putrajaya and Twin Towers we build.

Unknown said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Finally you go where you want to go
OR go where you think you are much needed
Since you have to live with your own soul
OR be where you think you'll be fully appreciated

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 300908
Tue. 30th Sept. 2008.


saya setuju ;-)

Amalan Rasuah Dan Pemuda UMNO Perlu Dibersihkan ;-)

Anonymous said...

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