Sunday, December 02, 2007

Saffron Sunday...


We had a birthday gathering at Bapak's today -- a joint one for my nephews Haris and Heikal and my grandnephew (Kak Ton's grandson) at 4pm.

At 8.30pm, we gathered in the garden to light our candles.

We talked about lighting candles. We told the little ones that it was a way of remembering many things, of the good and bad.
People have been doing it for centuries.
But this evening, it was for love, hope and solidarity.
Lighting a candle for the human spirit.

See story and pictures at Kak Ton's Tok Mommy here.

My earlier posting:
Light a candle for humanity and human rights.
I'm starting my Saffron Sunday early (like 3am).
l'll light the candles as soon as my kids and their friends are back from the "Live and Loud" concert at Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Club which ended much later than scheduled.
Oh...let them party first, and then we'll light the candles, enjoy each other's company and talk about humanity and human rights.
We'll probably also talk about life, living, justice, civil liberty and about how we can better this great country of ours.

They need a little learning, these kids.

I need a little learning too.

Let that candle burn bright.
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Rockybru said...

light the candle, say a payer for the needy. And tawakkal for all of us Malaysians, in the face of all the trials and the failures of those who are supposed to lead,


A Voice said...

Righst rocky ... Pasang candle ni teringat some puasa ago where I had to light candles to read teh Quran ...

Pray for this country ... There is a desperate man holding to power and knowing well he is a buffonic idiot.

Under AAB, I sense urban poverty is on the rise and many are unemployed ... wink wink ... more bloggers.

Pardeshi Babu said...

Saffron Sunday, I love that name as the way I love demon. In India, saffron means hindutva, the fascist ideology promoted by hindu right wing militant organization called RSS.

By the way, here is an interesting Indian blog with an open letter to Malaysian Indians.