Friday, December 07, 2007


"no one can take my freedom away.."
-- a line from "Una Paloma Blanca".

Well, my fellow Malaysians. This is the 21st century and we have a long way to go in the freedom department.
Read this, this. And this, this and this.


Anonymous said...

Freedom is a misleading word
Rights is more appropriate when fairness or Equalities must

Rights and obligations both to be alert!

Rights partner with Obligations
Constitution with Policemen
Clients with lawyers
People with Government
Buyers with sellers
Consumers with Manufacturers, or Service Providers
House Buyers and Developers
Residents and Councilors
No former, no latter!!

I will come Sunday
to find my lawyer!
A lawyer brave to sue the judge
but not taking the interest of client at large
Taking payment but sitting and ignoring reminders several month

Not attending court many times right at the start!
Without the intervention of Bar and court like a star!
Putting Client in the Dark!
Surely he cannot fight for Human Rights
so only Freedom to Assembly if he dare to be a part!

If he is not in,
I will find two she!
who misled counterclaim to be done after amendment made!
who refused to get Suggest Statement of facts & issues even

pleadings made!
distorting pleading and get discharged with false allegations
challenging "see you in court if you not happy"!

If she is not in,
I will find another he
who refused giving opinion even after case management
leaving defense holes for Plaintiff's arguments!

If he is not,
I will find again a he
who denied the obligation of the Developer to apply Consent
to make MOT valid and registrable
charging a job of Developer's
but no application to see after year!
When complain to Bar
declared Defamation for Million RM to talk!

If he is not in,
another he from the BAR
who instigate Respondent to object explanation to Complainant!
He may not be in as was told he is a Judge somewhere!

If he is not in,
another he from DB
who followed Respondent objection not to provide Explanation to

Discharging complaint without explanation, hearing or

Board minutes said to come
No sign after years passed!

How many Rights I have to fight
to see even Rights and Obligations from Lawyers, Bar and court!
They are All one Basic Rights - Client or Consumer Rights!
No need to assembly, if Rights is Right without numbers!!

Anonymous said...

Walk with a Song?

Song for the Scenes!
When PM takes Surveys instead the Screams!
(Rhythms: from Where have all the flowers gone?)
Where have all the appeals gone?
Long time passing!
Where have all the memos gone?
Some time ago!
Where have all the Rallies gone?
Police teargas everywhere!
Did PM ever see?
Did PM ever see?

Where have all the police gone?
Gone to Rallies everyone!
Where have all the fairness gone?
Gone to greedy!
Where have all the money gone?
Gone to toll, tax, corruptions!
No one need to be told!
No one need to be told!

Where have all the MPs gone?
Gone to sleeping everyone!
Where have all the projects gone?
Gone to Samy!
Where have all the joking gone?
Gone to leaking everywhere!
Did PM ever know?
Did PM ever know?

Where have lost the ballots box?
EC chief knew nothing?
Where have all the tricks to be?
BN knows well!
Where have all the postal votes?
Gone to BN's pocket!
Did PM ever know?
Did PM ever know?

Where have all the People gone?
Gone to Rallies everyone!
Where have all the People gone?
Gone to Valley!
Where have all the People gone?
Talking grievance everyone!
So PM stays away
So PM stays away!

Why surveys one by one?
BN's way of swinging!
Why only survey done?
Their only way!
Why survey off the facts?
BN's tricks to overcome!
Hiding facts from everyone
Hiding facts from everyone!!

The original sang during Anti-war in U.S.
so for Peace this song wrote
and for Peace this song is repeated!!
The question is where the Grievances can go?
How many more to be abused
when at least 31 Hindu in court
for a peaceful walk in Batu Cave!

PM swing with surveys over facts
Just repeating "King in his new dress"!
People not in War but to the walls!!

Hi&Lo said...

Freedom is obeying my conscience. But it comes with a heavy price.