Friday, December 07, 2007

Standard Chartered's Prompt Action.....

I know I was b****y upset by that call from a Standard Chartered Bank representative on Tuesday (Dec 4).
I thought I'd better blog about two calls I received from StanChart following that contentious call demanding payment with regards to my Visa credit card account.

After I received the first call while I was having my shower, I decided to do a posting on the conversation I had with the StancChart guy.
Then I left for Kak Ton's for our weekly MRT (Mee Rebus on Tuesday).
It was around lunch time at her house that I received a call from another StanChart representative who was responding to my complaint.
I was quite surprised.
I told him I had not lodged a complaint to anyone at StanChart. I can only assume that the other guy must have reported to the relevant authority in his section.
So, he explained that the (first) guy called me because my payment last month was short of RM14 something.
That made me even more aghast.
"RM14 something and StanChart had to harass me ....I was going to make my monthly payment anyway and that would have well covered whatever...."
I told him that it was ok, I would be making a full payment anyway, and was cancelling my card. It was clear to me that having been a cardholder since 1988 did not matter to the bank.
I thanked him.

I thought that was that.
I still had not decided to cancel my StanChart Visa card. I still had reservation. If I cancelled my card with StanChart, what guarantee do I have that other banks do NOT do the same.
I was still undecided.
So, I made my monthly payment (of my Visa) at the ATM of the StanChart Damansara Utama branch early the following day (Wednesday, Dec 5).
I wanted to think further about cancelling my card. I was weighing the pros and cons. The fact was that StanChart had never bothered or harassed me before that incident. In fact, StanChart had always been helpful.

Later (the same day), at about 2.15pm while I was at Ikano Power Centre (on assignment to interview someone), I received a call from Rina Tan of StanChart's head office.
She called to offer StanChart's apology for the call which she admitted was really a mistake. In a nutshell, StanChart wanted to make amends because it did not want me to cancel my card as it was aware that I had been a loyal cardholder since 1988.

I could have dismissed her and just cut short our conversation.
I did not. I was really no longer all that angry. And I am not a rude person. Besides, she was really nice and sounded so sincere.

We spoke. We talked.
I told her that I was sure that that contentious call from StanChart would not be the last from the bank.
She assured me that it would be.
I am taking her word for it.
Rina was clearly doing her job. But she must be doing a damn good job because she persuaded me not to cancel my card.
It was not just what she said but how she said it.
I don't know Rina personally. That does not matter but she gave me a good reason to keep my card....besides getting this and that and some other "privileges" for me.
Hey, I am not bribeable. But I am a customer. A loyal one too!


Pak Zawi said...

I will stick to my Citibank Card. Never needed a second call to get to them. Are they professional? U bet.

zaitgha said...


I hope you give SCB another know i have a soft spot for SCB kan, and you know why he he.....

Glad someone from the bank gave you a call.

Mat Salo said...

This Rina is like a customer service rep from heaven. If I run a big bank, I know WHO I'm going to hire... :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

Kak Ena, if you had not told the 2nd guy who called that you are thinking abt cancelling the card, i bet nobody would bother to call you and apologise.

i still hold on to msian citibank card and 1 thing tht I like abt them (def not the yearly fee!) is tht they wud call my parents house shud there be any o/seas charges. I used it twice here and twice they called my mom to ask if indeed it was me who use it. For tht, im keeping my citibank card. ;)


zawi: that's really good. in this day and age of faceless corporations, just a little personal touch goes a long way!

Zai: thank a zillion, zai!

Mat Salo: Yep...she made me feel special.

Farina: actually, Farina....I was a little p*ssed off with the bank for calling me the first time. But i was also aware that the bank (before the days of call centres and out-sourcing of services) had been very professional with a little personal touch. I usd to go on assignments overseas a lot, and they used to call me when i made purchases abroad to make sure it was me who was making the purchases. so i thought that was good and professional. that was why i was a little put off by their very impersonal call.
you're not the first to give the thumbs-up to Citibank! Cool!

Anonymous said...


Trust me; your experience is so typical of bankers/accountants, anywhere on God's green earth!

What matters most to them, is every sen is accounted for, every single end of the day.

Yes, every single bloody sen matters to them. Let alone RM 14.00!

How I do I know all these????

Why do think I am a blogger and not pratice what I am trained for?


Anonymous said...

Just for an update.

Another typical accountants who implement a very rigid system, with regards to account receivables.

I had a B12 injection whilst my father did his coronary arterial by-pass graft surgery on 21 Nov. In the complications, I forgotten to settle a RM 26.00 bill for the jab.

Today, when I did my blood test and consult my physician, they refused payments of RM 315.00 UNTIL I settled the RM 26.00 FIRST and won't even accept both payments be charged together is the same credit card charge.

"The system won't allow" said the cashier. Why is the system made so rigidly????

Payment, in what ever order is still payment (as long as the invoice can be identifiable).

Anonymous said...

I have similiar experience with you. Stanchart sent my statement to an address at Serdang whereas I am staying in KL, and they called me again and again asking the same question :"When are you going to pay your outstanding?" (which's less than hundred)

No choice, I forced to cancel my card even I am a loyal customer too.