Saturday, December 08, 2007

"No" To Zaki..

The People's Parliament has launched a "No Zaki" petition to the Yang di Pertuan Agong.
In his posting Ampun Tuanku, Patik-patik Petisyen Lagi, lawyer and human rights activist Haris Ibrahim said the rakyat are very concerned that Tan Sri Zaki Azmi has been selected for appointment as President of the Court of Appeal.
The petition asked that His Majesty defer the appointment until the Royal Commission of Inquiry delivers its findings and recommendation (on the VK Lingam video scandal).
Six reasons have been listed as grounds for the rakyat's concern over the intended appointment of Zaki.
Malik Imtiaz who is also a lawyer and human rights activist has his take in his blog Disquiet.
He says: The radical step of nominating Tan Sri Zaki Azmi the President of the Court of Appeal conclusively shows that the Government is blind to the crisis that the Judiciary, and consequently the legal system, is in the throes of. It also shows that the Abdullah Badawi administration views the Judiciary in much the same way the Mahathir administration did; the Judiciary is there to serve the Government’s interests, and not those of the nation.

Another petition to His Majesty.
Will you be signing it?

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Pak Zawi said...

They already have The Chairman of EC election in place, the future Chief Justice is already lined up to take over when the current CJ is retired. Don't worry they wont request for his extension as he is not their man, what more amend the constitution to extend his tenure. What other positions will they be thinking of filling up with people willing to do their bidding next?