Sunday, June 24, 2007

Siti Mariana - Home, Safe & Unharmed

I am relieved. And it goes without saying that her parents and family must be too.
Siti Mariana, the 22 year-old final year Bio-Medical student of Kolej Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Shah Alam is home -- safe, sound and unharmed.
The Star has the story here.

Siti Mariana went missing late Friday evening after she went out to meet her boyfriend in Klang. She was driving her metallic grey Kancil (BHF 7472).
She had sent an sms to her boyfriend at about 6pm. Since that sms, there had not been a word from her ...until, of course, when she called her mother today to say that she was coming home.
During the time she went missing, her worried parents were frantic and sent sms to their friends. Ahirudin Attan (Rocky) received an sms from one of their friends and posted about her disappearance (here).
Her father, Capt Suhaimi Aziz lodged a police report on Saturday (yesterday, June 23).

According to the Star, Siti Mariana came back this (Sunday) afternoon unharmed.

Her father, a 47 year-old Malaysia Airlines pilot, said that his daughter was resting. He will talk to her later to ask her what happened.

I am sure she had a good reason for not informing her parents of her whereabouts.


J.T. said...

Thank God she is safe and unharmed. Now, many will be wondering what happened and why she was not able to call her parents. Like you, I too am sure she has a valid reason.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina, we thank god the girl is okay. We thank the bloggers, particularly you and Rocky. believe me, all of us were so worried. In times like this, we stay together, irrespective of race, creed. Cheers.

The Ancient Mariner said...

I was at Megamall with my wife this morning when Rocky called me by mistake ... wrong number, wrong captain!

But I was as concerned as he was. I have a couple of daughters and I'll go crazy if they were missing too.

Thank God Siti Mariana is safe.

Monsterball said...

It sounded bad when I first read it on Rocky's blog.
The story was similar to what happened to a relative of mine, but that case had a very unpleasant outcome.

Very glad Siti Mariana's is safe and well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Nuraina,

While I'm happy to learn that Siti Mariana is home and unharmed, I'm a bit skeptical of the whole situation. I hope in time she'll give us, the public, an account of her mysterious disappearance.

I also hope she'll have the courtesy to thank you, Rocky, and Shar101 (to name a few) who took the trouble to publicize her disappearance...unless she engineered it herself a la the Runaway Bride.

Maverick SM said...

Do you really think she had a good reason for not telling her mum?

You sounded diplomatic and courteous. Forgive me, but I suffered paranoia.

I wouldn't accept such attitude from my daughter; that's about discipline.

Rockybru said...

Hi Ena,
I received an sms from Capt Suhaimi to thank those who helped and prayed.

"My daughter is safely home at 1730 today .. Aplogies 4 any shortcomings on my part .."

I will leave him, his daughter and the family to their privacy. I suspect they have all gone through a lot. Some stuff don't get published in newspapers. Am glad for him that he got his daughter back. It served as another reminder to the rest of us ..

cheers, nstman.


JT, NSTMAN, Captain, KK46, Zhmi:

thank you for coming in and your prayers and expression of hope for Siti Mariana to return home safe and sound.
Thank God she has returned home, safe and unharmed.


ahirudin (Rocky):
Glad to be of help and I am thankful that she is now at home, with her family.

I'm sure there is a story there, but, well, that;s for her family to deal with.
some things best left private



i am tempted to speculate, but i won't.
that's because i have no background info on Siti Mariana etc.

there could be many reasons for her not contacting her family.

thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...


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Bergen said...

She had better not go missing for the second time. One can cry wolf once too many.



you know what -- i'd rather she was careless in not contacting her parents than she, having been waylaid and harmed, and then released or whatever terrifying circumstances.

She sounds like a very responsible girl, sms-ing her boyfriend to tell him she was going there, and the fact that her parents are aware that she had a boyfriend. i understand that it was him who informed her father when she did not turn up.
so, what gives?
also, i figure that she couldnt have been an irresponsible girl because her parents panicked when she was incontactable. if she was the sort to just disappear etc, they would not have been so frantic. see she went missing friday evening and her father lodged a police report at 4.15am Saturday. Less than 24 hours. They wasted no time. looks to me she wasnt the type to go missing, without telling her parents.

i won't speculate any further.
I am just so relieved that she is safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina,
This story and the other one that made the headline today (about the boy who went missing for about a week ....found to be with his grandpa bla bla bla) have actually caused more damage than good in my opinion. The public probably will now pay less attention to calls for son, daughter, nenek, atok missing because these 2 incidents. Especially the boy who went missing and the parents went beserk but not once call the boy's grandparents (who live just 1km away from them) to at least inform them that their grandson had gone missing. The public will become immune to these kinds of calls i.e. alah bisa tegal biasa. So what do we do now?
BTW, who'd call herself a dara a.k.a. virgin....please!!! unless that's her name :p