Friday, June 01, 2007

Friend: Hey. How come you are not blogging about Lina Joy's case?

Me: Should I?

Friend: You're a Muslim...

Me: Precisely

Friend: You have nothing to say about her case?

Me: I have too much to say.

Friend: Then say it.

Me: I am no expert on the law. And I am no expert on Islam.

Friend: You have your views. Then say it.

Me: Will it help her? Will it help everyone and everything else?

Friend: Depends on what you have to say.

Me: Then, I will not say anything.

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Anonymous said...

Kak Ena Dear,

Hah, from the tone of the conversation, I think we share the same point of view.

"what did you say Kak Ena?"

"Hmm hmmm...precisely, I agree"

p/s: Call you shortly. Comment like this bests be said in private.

Anonymous said...

I like your stand.

makin hari makin suka aku kat budak sorang nih.

Typhoon Sue said...

tis a delicate issue

i'm not quite sure i wanna go down that road myself.
best to just sit back and observe everything.

zewt said...

which is why i said in my blog... i dunwanna blog about it.

Hi&Lo said...

Justice is always tempered with mercy.

J.T. said...

Will it matter what we say? We can express our opinions but that is as far as we get in some situations.
Good choice Nuraina. :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed totally! The less said now the better. What we need is for the Muslim authorities to make sure that Lina Joy and the likes of her get to embrace the religions of their choice.Make the parting a good one. Islam is the most beautiful but if Lina Joy does not love Islam, make sure we don't make her hate Islam because of the holier among us!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pn. Nuraina..

after reading your conversation wit your friend, it kinda hit on me that i should just refrain myself too from giving useless views since i know nuts about the laws and i realised its not good when my emotions did the typing all the time.

So altho i've said my pointless piece here and there, your take on "Lina" is somewhat refreshing.

And simply awesome. thanks.

Daily Nibbler said...

Like you, the song by Rod Stewart, "I don't want to talk about it" comes to my mind. Period.

Anonymous said...

I like your decision, too. It is better to take this stand rather than to make things more complicated or create more havoc which leads to arguments, confusion, etc. Teringin sangat nak berkenalan dengan Kak Ena but I am too far from you. Lagi pun siapala saya ni... Harap-harap satu hari dapat jugak berkenalan, InsyaAllah.

From a distance...

Ordinary Superhero said...

I surely agree with you.

Anonymous said...

kak ina
lesser said better. better keep the mouth shut if one knows little of religion and even littler of the law. cheers.. do a good job and do hope bapak is in good health.. (still that fierce or not? long time din see him)

Satria Asia said...

I say, aren't you all talking about it just by saying your not?


mob1900 said...

Same 'ere.
I'll be taking a back seat observing this mud-slinging. All of us are indoctrinated differently, there will be times our common doctrine to take a rain-check on issue such as this since the decision has laready been made by the court of law.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing and damning ,how Man can make such a simple and beautiful religion so confusing and binding by his own law.

Anonymous said...


Agreed wholeheartedly.

The less said the better.

kimmy said...

It is sad that so many just want to stick their heads in the sand and wish this episode away. Worse are those that actually welcome the outcome on the basis that this would result in less "trouble" for them. Perhaps more will wish they had spoken up when "they" come for them.

namahage said...

some things better left unsaid....

talk,talk n much more talks...
yesssss... becoz all of us just use our mouth,but forget to use another part of our body; THE BRAIN....

dan secara tiba2 semua orang jadi begitu bijak untuk memperkatakan tentang agama... tiba mereka rajin untuk menyelak helaian2 dalam al-quran,mencari dalil tentang itu dan ini.... sedangkan dalam sehari2,(saya bandingkan dengan diri sendiri) hanya baca bila di dalam solat,dan surah yasin di malam jumaat....

tiba2 di malaysia ada satu semangat "hey,i know better bout islam then u," masing2 sama hipokrit (lagi tujukan pada diri sendiri)

(ada mata pandang,ada telinga dengar,ada mulut diam....)

sekadar 2 sen dari saya

Anonymous said...

This blog JUST proves it all !!! You all about CHOICE!! whether one wants to comment or not comment about the issue at stake ..similarly, if one wants to follow a particular faith or not to follow a particular faith..that the beauty of CHOICE..its a God given privilege from the beginning of TIME!!!


Anonymous said...

ala, just because everybody is talking about it, it doesn't mean we too have to talk, write and read about it.

frankly, I nak baca pasal tu pun malas. to me, she is no more my saudara in Islam. period.

but that does not make her bad person too, IF she does not bad mouth about others, killing others.

basically, this is your blog kak Aina, so you are please to write whatever you want. same goes with my blog and many other blogs that don't have Lina Joy's saga in it.

it's not that I don't care, but she is big enough to think what's best for her. all we muslims should do is for Allah to give her hidayah one day. who knows one day, maybe she would see the light and she reembrace Islam and become much better Muslim than any of us.

Anonymous said...

wait a minute... if you are NOT blogging about her, then why are you posting this?

hmm... something to ponder upon, what?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (6:32 PM) said...

wait a minute... if you are NOT blogging about her, then why are you posting this?



What are you trying to imply?

Can't you see Nuraina is not blogging about Lina Joy?

The postings, as you can see, are by her visitors/readers.

She doesnt blog abt the case but that doesn't mean comments from her readers aren't allowed here.

Haven't you noticed that she doesn't comment on their postings?

Anonymous said...

I too am no expert on religion and the law, but I would like to tell you a true story -
When I was in school, I had a friend whose father was Muslim and mother was a Christian.She became a Muslim after they married. They had two children - my friend and her brother. When they divorced, the wife took care of the two children. They remained Muslims, but the mother reverted to Christianity. My friend used to ask us, her Muslim friends, about Islam, and being the teenagers that we were, we explained as best as we could.I got the impression that there was not much contact with her father, mainly because he had gone on with his own life. Later, my friend met and married a non-Muslim man in a foreign country and placed a small advertisement in the newspapers that she was no longer a Muslim. (This was in the 1980s) I do not know why there was no reaction to this. Anyway, when one of us asked her why she did it, she said Islam did not mean anything to her. All her life, it was the Christian side of her family who showed her love and shared her ups and downs. So, naturally, she was more inclined to that religion.Her brother, on the other hand, married a Muslim girl.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Ena,

I would like to recommend visitors to your blog to read kata tak nak’s commentary on Lina Joy.

I think it is the best commentary on the subject so far.

Here’s the link:

under the thread: It Must Not Be Legal

Anonymous said...

yes adik. I'm with u on this. i went earlier to KTN's and read his pieces. I'm just glad i happened to click on one of the blogs' links and found some 'peace' there.

Anonymous said...

Hebat anak Pak Samad

Anonymous said...

Dear kak ena,

I got the links below from someone who posted at shar101.

Good read.

IBU said...

Kak Ena,
silence is by itself a way of communicating :) wink! wink!
you've got style!

Jorji said...

good one.the post n the stand.

Anonymous said...

nuraina samad,

thought you should know: an anonymous coward wrote in marina mahathir's latest posting about you.
someone called pesanan came in and told anonymous coward to fly kite. another poster, mih, said anonymous coward had been had by you!

interesting la.

BaitiBadarudin said...

if there's nothing good to say, then say nothing at all