Saturday, June 09, 2007

Jeanne & Abdullah

UPDATE: Man and wife already.
According to Bernama, the akad nikah ceremony was solemnised by the Imam of the Putrajaya Mosque, Haji Abd Manaf Mat, at 2.50pm. It was witnessed by the prime minister's son, Kamaluddin, and son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin.
Bernama received the statement from the PM's family at 3.40pm.
"The prime minister and his wife would like to thank the people for their good wishes for a happy marriage," the statement added.

Read the rest of the story and see picture of the newly-wed "exchanging rings" after the ceremony here.

This was my earlier posting:

My Prime Minister is getting married today to 54* year-old Jeanne Abdullah. She is the former Jeanne Danker but has been Jeanne Abdullah for about 30 years now.

The Akad Nikah (marriage solemnisation ceremony) will be held at noon at Seri Perdana, the PM's official residence in Putra Jaya.
It will be a very modest affair as it should be.

My PM is getting married not because he has been an old bachelor and finally getting hitched but because he has been solo after he lost his wife, Endon Mahmood to breast cancer on Oct 20, 2005.
She had finally lost her long battle with the disease.
They have two (adult and married) children, Kamal and Nori.

Jeanne was married to Endon's brother but they separated some 15 year ago.

Everyone, including Jeanne's two children, Nadiah and Nadene, are pleased with the good news. So is 74 year-old Lim Swee Kim, a close friend of the PM's late wife, Endon Mahmood.
(Endon died on Oct 20, 2005 after a long battle with breast cancer.)

Bernama caught up with Swee Kim in London where she was participating in Malaysia Week 2007 at Covent Garden in London.

Read her story here.

And Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak has asked Jeanne to take good care of the PM.
We have no doubt that she will. No doubt at all.

Read what Najib said in Bernama here.

*Bernama stated her age as 53. I say she is 54 because her birthday is July (next month). She is as good as 54 already.


Anonymous said...

Sis Ena
We are very happy that Jeanne and Abdullah are genuinely happy for one another and insyaAllah the remarriage brings more steadier decisions and is for the greater good of our beloved Nation. Selamat Pengantin ,er, Baru.

Rockybru said...

I hear some of wives of Pak Lah's Cabinet ministers are absolutely horrified. In recent past, they have been known to have treated Jeanne like their maid (since she was running the Sri Perdana). There were incidents, I was told, when the wife of a very senior minister even called her "Hoi!". Well, they would wish Jeanne has forgotten but I don't think so.

Ever wondered how Nori, KJ and Kamal might have treated her when she was an "employee"? Now Sri Perdana is her house, too, mind you.

I have known one of Jeanne's brothers for years. Orang yang lemah lembut dan tidak berlagak sombong. I hear Jeanne is like him.

Congrats, Jeanne. Tell em who's boss now.


aMiR: After noon today, he is a newly-married man. Once again. A new man, as it were.

I hope that spells good things for our beloved country.


ahirudin attan (Rocky),

in the first place, I am aghast to know that we have wives of Cabinet ministers treating people that way. It does not matter whether a person is a "help" (maid/servant) or an employee at another level.
Obviously, I can't say much about some of the wives of our Cabinet ministers if it's true that they behaved that way. And Jeanne is not anyone's servant.Like I said,even if she were a domestic, you don't mistreat her.
Jeanne was family, the mother to Endon's nieces.
Well, u know, in Malaysia anyone can end up being a Datin or a tycoon's or Cabinet minister's wife. you can sashay yourself into "class". So, I am not surprised that some so-called "high-class ladies" had behaved that way to Jeanne. You can take them out of the gutter but you cannot take the gutter out of them.
Calling people "hoi" is as low (class) as you can go, bro.
Yang panggil orang "hoi" tu yang tak de class.

As they say, life is like a wheel. And nothing is permanent.
I hope Jeanne has a memory of an elephant.

Well, you know, bro, I grew up in PJ nearly all my life. I grew in the same neighbourhood as Endon. Went to the same school as her sisters. In fact the same school as Jeanne (Assunta).
From my house, in those days before the Tiara condominiums were built, we could see Endon's parents' house. It is up the hill.
And we moved in the same circle, knew the same friends, the same people. We knew who went out with whom.
But, all this in the past. Of course, things are different now.

I don't know Jeanne, But I know her brothers -- two of them. The older of the 2 used to hang out with me and my friends back in the 70s cos we liked the same music. The other used to take ballet with me.

Ok, bro. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Nuraina,

Don't mean to pour oil on fire, but I like reading your comments in response to Rocky's post. Your stance shows class and good upbringing--the very qualities some of the wives of AAB's ministers seem to lack.

All of a sudden--from one who didn't care tuppence about the PM's new wife--I am now rooting for Jeanne. And like Rocky, I too hope she would show those pretentious, two-faced ladies who's the boss now.


thank you. oh dear, I hope i wasn't too harsh.
but u know what,my guess is Jeanne has more class than the lot of those who mistreated her becos I don;t think she will "bayar hutang" or be spiteful.
I think she will be very elegant and dignified through all that.

Hi&Lo said...

Em, I heard Assunta girls got air. *giggles*

Am not surprised with Rockybru's comment. I don't think Tell is really unglossed. 1st issue it featured somebody tak garang.

If truly unglossed, Tell shld seek opinions of others with direct dealings other than her circle of friends.

My friend was a colonel's wife. She compared this woman with the wife of the previous minster frm Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Nuraina,

No, IMHO, you were not too harsh. And I was not advocating that the PM's new wife ought to "bayar hutang" or--as you once put it in TWB(7)--"balas membalas", either. Why stoop to their level, right?

PS Please relay a belated "Horas!" to Kak Ton.

PPS Kak Ton = Mee rebus. Is there any way a non-blogger like myself could ever sample her out of this world mee rebus?


no, i didnt think you were advocating anything about the PM's new wife.

and i will kirim yr "horas" tokak ton.

zhmi, of course you can sample her mee rebus altho you're non blogger.
Shar101 otherwise known as Old Blue Eyes started in blogosphere not as a blogger but a commentator. He did meet us for mee rebus before he began his life as a blogger.
so,of course u are most welcomed to join us.
But this Tuesday,we are giving Kak Ton a break,and doing a potluck at her place for change.
Do come if you can. please email me at for kak ton's address and directions to her house.

J.T. said...

Picking up on what Rocky and you said, it just goes to show that we will never know what becomes of someone's future. Never treat someone differently because he/she is 'not the same'. To gain respect, we have to give respect.
So true about some wives who are up there ...., "You can take them out of the gutter but you cannot take the gutter out of them."
I do believe our First Lady has more class than to 'bayar hutang'. It is sweet revenge enough with her new status. :)

Hi&Lo said...

Now I recall the defence minister from Sarawak was Abang Abu Bakar. His wife was very unassuming unlike you-know-who who was very sticky with protocol.

mob1900 said...

A dude taking ballet lessons... in the 70's... man, those times must be very liberating. heheheh

Anonymous said...

Islam requires that either man or woman cannot remain single for too long. The "ibadah" of a married man or woman is rewarded 25 more times as compared to a person who is single. So getting married or remarried is not only emotionally and physically rewarding, but there's also that heavenly reward that should not be taken lightly.