Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Penang and Polygamy

This is going to unsettle and upset a lot of Muslim women because it is open to abuse. Or have we forgotten?

If they have studied the matter carefully and after so much thought...what can I say?
Sisters In Islam, Angkatan Isteri2 Pertama....what say you?

Penang men no longer need to seek permission from their first wife in order to take on another bride. Instead, they now only need to get permission from the Syariah court to do so.
This was announced by Penang Islamic Religious Department director Datuk Sazali Hussein, who said the move can help curb the problem of unmarried women.
"For those who wish to practice polygamy, they only need to get approval from the syariah court to waive the need to present the first wife's approval to take on another wife."
"However, they need to provide solid reasons before it can be considered."
"Maybe if the reason given is solid and can bring benefits, the judge will grant the request," he was quoted as saying in Utusan Malaysia today.
Sazali was asked to comment on a suggestion by a reader in the newspaper's Forum column. The reader, identified as Syed Abdullah Syed Osman Jamalulail from Ampangan, Seremban, had suggested that polygamy conditions be eased to help women of an advanced age who are still unmarried.
Syed Abdullah had suggested that the authorities loosen the condition which stipulates that men who wish to marry women over 30-years-old need to obtain the consent of their first wife.
He had also suggested that another condition which should be relaxed was the requirement for the man to produce his salary slip or confirmation of wages from employers, as per normal procedure.
He believed that it was sufficient that the prospective newlyweds come to a mutual agreement on their union. (source: Malaysian Digest)


Anonymous said...

"men who wish to marry women over 30-years-old need to obtain the consent of their first wife."

Huh? So no need permission if wish to marry women below 30 years of age?

No wonder ramai orang tua gatal aim for the sweet-young-things!

Anonymous said...

Go to Naratiwat. No need permission for any age. Whether new city or second hand tiara.

BIGCAT said...

Told you all already, men are bastards. That's include all these religious types. They will try to con us any which way they can. Unmarried women a problem? Real bastards' thinking la that one. Sisters, let me tell you this - The only true defence we have from these bastards is economic empowerment. If you are a working woman, works hard. If you are a student, study hard, so that you will not have to be dependant on one of those bastards once you secured a good job. With economic power, they would think twice about bullying us...unless of course we are stupid enough to end up paying the bills for them. If any of you all girls are that stupid, then I don't know what to say lah.

jebat said...


"Nikahilah perempuan-perempuan itu dua, tiga atau empat. Tapi jika kamu takut tidak dapat berlaku 'adil kepada mereka, satu adalah sebaik-baik nya untuk kamu".


Anonymous said...

Well,if the men and ladies want to mass produce,let them do so. Anyway they are adults and can have as many wives and babies, provided he has the stamina to do it chomping down handful of the purple pills at a time, and not drop dead in between mass producing.It is better than having incidents of incest anyway.

Anonymous said...

sigh harap-harap hakim-hakim tersebut bersiap sedialah untuk menjawap di akhirat esok jika sesuatu kes yang di luluskan berlaku ketidakadilan.

Keduanya Jika nak buat juga Notis hendaklah diberikan kepada isteri sekurang-kurangnya boleh dia hantar wakil untuk memerhati. persoalan akan timbul jika isteri pertama (atau isteri-isteri) tidak tahu menanhu tentang perkara ini. Isteri perlu tahu kerana ianya akan melibatkan isu nafkah beliau dan anak-anak.

Ketiganya jika nak buat juga jangan di putuskan oleh Hakim secara berseorangan. Kenapa perkara ini hendak di salurkan kepada mahkamah syariah? Kenapa tidak di lakukan di peringkat Jabatan Agama Islam itu sendiri? Tiada kuasa undang-undang maka buatlah undang-undang itu.

Saya cadangkan permohonan hendaklah di buat di peringkat Jabatan Agama Islam negeri. Di putuskan oleh jawatankuasa lelaki dan wanita yang munasabah. Ahli-ahli terdiri dari Pakar Kaunseling, kewangan dan etc.

Kalau di putuskan tidak boleh berkahwin lagi barulah si lelaki ini membawa keputusan ini ke Mahmakah Syariah untuk membatalkan keputusan jawatankuasa. Ini bermakna Mahkamah akan tahu sebab musabab kenapa kelulusan tidak diberikan.

The 4 centers said...

Really this is a perennial social issues not only among the malays but among the chinese. In Penang itself it was rumoured that a flying ash tray was the result of the straying eyes and hands of a husband...hehehe.

What advice can u give to daughters or girl friends? Ensure that you are economically sufficient so that you are not dependent on men. Some men and women can couple and stay together a life time. some are not so lucky.

It runs in the family. If the parents are long lifers most likely the children will have long and stable marriage.

Divorced parents will have divorced children and polygamous fathers will have polygamous sons.

Most polygamous men are ashamed of their polygamy. They rather not turn up at reunion due to spouses difficulties.

Men who bragged about their polygamy are immature and sociopath who lack empathy for others.

Usually it is the other women who will want to be married for they have a lot to gain then just by giving sex for free.

If the men can have the sex for free, I am sure they rather not marry hehe.

Just my 4 cents..

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Penang show the way. Used to be Golok. The 'alims here want to fine tune what's in the Quran - syarat kursus la, kebenaran la. Delaying or worst barring marriage may result in illegal sex.

There are men who will abuse the prerogatives but that doesn't mean that all men are bad. How about on the female side? Andartus, widows etc need men to fulfill their family needs. Not all men want or can afford polygamy.

The positive perception is that the parties are Muslim enough to decide what's best for them and not so much for the society to unwisely (bordering unreligously) delimit the power of biological urge to procreate.

adham said...

I believe this is perversion of 4:3

The verse state clearly, if you fear injustice of orphan.

Clearly if this verse allow for polygamy, than it is for the sake of orphan, not because of you are horny