Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Guns and All...

So I'm not alone when I noticed that in most of the reported crimes, guns were used. This is frightening because really, we are helpless when someone points a gun at us. it is frightening because it seems that guns are so easily available to those who want to use them to commit a crime.

I've been asking - because those cases made me wonder - why the high incidences of gun-related crimes.

I mean, the crimes committed are not straight-forward snatch thefts or break-ins. Believe me, there is such a thing as a straight-forward crime.

You see, snatch thefts and house break-ins are not new...for as long as I can remember these things have been happening.
I've been witness in snatch-theft cases (in the 70s and 80s), even car-jacking (late 90s). My dad's house was broken into twice (in the  1973 and some time in the 80s). My own house was broken into in 1995.

You know those days, we blame the drug addicts.....

Anyway, the only difference now is that these crimes have become more violent, vicious.

In snatch-theft cases, the CRIMINALS are usually armed with a parang or knife or a grass cutter. They intend to hurt you. And the do. They slash you to frighten you.

In home invasion, they leave their victims injured and wounded.

There have been fatal cases in all these.

And then, of course, the use of guns by criminals. 

This is unacceptable.

So I ask myself -- is this because the criminals are more desperate or that these are not your regular hard-up opportunistic perpetrator who just snatch your hand bag and flee or break into your house while everyone's asleep or out, take your stuff and flee.

So these days, you think they're drug addicts who've been on these violent sprees?

The world has changed.  So too have our lives, our lifestyle and how we live our lives.
I hate to surmise and say "we live in dangerous times". Sometimes I grudgingly have to agree.

Those people committing those violent crimes these days  are CRIMINALS who have no qualms about hurting, maiming or even killing their victims.

Seems to me they are hardened and seasoned. They know where to get the guns.
So yes...I've been asking that question.

I fear that these criminals feel that they can go about on their rampage because they know no one can stop them...

Still, I'm glad the police have taken note of  these incidences and doing something about it.

KUALA LUMPUR: Some 45 murders and 65 robberies reported this year were gun-related, Federal Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin said.

Bakri told the New Straits Times that police have always viewed firearms-related crime cases with utmost concern.
"Profiling crimes involving firearms and greater sharing of intelligence with our counterparts in neighbouring countries are among measures taken by police to tackle the issue of gun violence."
Task forces have been set up at the federal and state levels to prevent and suppress firearms smuggling.

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Anonymous said...

There are many time of crime.The robber with gun they only going after the business establishment.I am more worried the Indonesian Robbers.They are vary active and they are only unsing parang .They attack only Malay house because chinese house they have dog.

They are many gang and the active one operated in area like Damansara Height,Taman Tun,Kota Damansara,KelananJaya,Gombak,Taman Tun Razak,Taman Melawati.Bukit Antara bangsa.
They came in from Batam,Bintan and Dumai.We must put the blame on Immegration check point .They let them in vary without proper checking .

I suggest police should be more aggresive,more petrol car in those area and Police also must consider giving gun licence to top executive or civil servants.

tebing tinggi said...

May be the no of CC TY is still not enough ,so more budget should be granted for more CCTV .
Without CCTV how to know maa .

Anonymous said...

The public are very concerned with the raise in gun related crime againts individual, body or property. The Police Force should be proactive in order to curb these cases by actively monitoring these criminal groups by employing agents or souurces and proactive counter operations to apprehend them. The repealing of proactive laws and Acts has curbed the efficency of the Force to proact and it beniffit the crime doers more then the public at large.Hence the raise in crime. In relation to guns, the customs and the immigration dept. should enhance strict monitoring at all entry points at the border to detect gun smuggling activities either through legal or illegal entry points.

Anonymous said...

The raise in gun related crime is a concern to the public. The Police Force should take proactive measures to counter this crime by employing proactive action such as actively monitoring criminal group using sources and informers or technical survillence so that proactive operations can be taken to apprehend then.The repealing of proactive laws has curtail the efficiency of the Police Force in their duties which benefit the crime doers rather then the public at large. The custom and immigration dept. should ensure a through search should be impose at all entry points, legal or illegal at the border to detect activities of gun smuggling, to assist the police force.

Anonymous said...

But when the police are gunned down the bar council cannot be bothered. Look what the ambigababis do if a criminal is shot by the police.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with u on this, the negative propaganda perpetuated by the opposition parties and pro-opposition NGOs against the Police Force has been very effective in influencing the minds of the general public against the Force. This short term agenda by the opposition, to garner support for the GE13, has not only influence the people's mindset against the Force, its has also made the people turn against them making it difficult for the force to get their coopertion which is vital in the combat against crime. The Bar council does not contribute at all by giving out negative comments against the Police Force b4 a proper investigation on any allegation made against the Force, a very unfair approach by a bar council that is suppose to protect the interest of all section on the community be it the government or the people at large.The bar council stand is will known for its one sided stand. Just my 2 cents comment