Friday, October 19, 2012

Alvin and Vivian

...are two young lovers who have an active sex life and want to share it with the rest of the world .

So, they uploaded their explicit sex  acts on Facebook for all to see, and enjoy, as they did.

Well..they caught the attention of people. Not that people are voyeurs but Alvin and Vivian think it's cool for everyone to watch them in the privacy of their bedroom and in the full glory of their nakedness.

Today, the very young couple is famous...or infamous - depending on where you're standing.

You might say Alvin and Vivian "tak malu" or "tak ada malu" for exhibiting their private moments (in the bedroom) and for basking in, unabashed, their new-found and almost instant, er..fame or infamy.

One thing - they are unrepentant.

Although, they must have some sense of  something...because they "blurred out the critical parts" and have already deactivated their erotic blog after the furore it had caused.

Here is their story...

and here.

and here.

what about here from Vivian

here too...

so why are you oldies and dinosaurs fretting about? Don't be unsporting.  Alvin's and Vivian's peers are okay with their exploits. Read THIS.

It seems, psychologists have studied people like Alvin and Vivian. There's a reason for their open display of their sex play. Could they be crying for attention?.Read it here.

You know if you ask me -- I'd let them be. Although I must confess, I wondered "what were they thinking?"

 Yes. they are budak2 yang tak malu, aren't they?  But they're not too young, nor too naive, to not know the consequence of their action. They should.  If they didn't or don't, then they must be so thick-skinned. Surely the overall reaction to what they had done would be an indication.

They're certainly different from a lot of kids I know.
We should know - and I did when I was at their age -- what is right and wrong, what is acceptable and what is not.

Yes, we live by our own definition but we do not live alone in our own little island. Yes, we should push the parameters, the barriers...but we do need to conform to certain norms.

Alvin and Vivian can't be that dense, that stupid. Vivian from Johor, after all, is a graduate. And Alvin is an Asean scholar, reading, for heaven's sake, law at Singapore's NUS.

They know what they are doing, surely. What they had done.
So, it is their choice to have made public what is supposed to be sacredly private.
(Unless they were high on something which I seriously doubt. Just high on a lot of love and lust.)

Certainly,  I wouldn't want my kids, my nieces or nephews to do what Alvin and Vivian had done. No right-thinking person would want that.  It is not acceptable - in any society in this modern, yes, modern world..

And it has nothing to do with being prudish, liberal, modern or whatever. Make no mistake about that.

Neither has it got to do with upbringing as we have read the response from their families.

 Alvin and Vivian clearly and I say this without prejudice - are shameless. Unashamed. 

 We can admonish them -- we already have -- and tell them off. But really...that's all that we can do. Besides, their parents sudah marah.

As for Alvin, we'll see if NUS will deal with him when he goes back to college. I hear they've called to meet him.

And the Malaysian government is keenly following his case.

I read somewhere that a deputy minister had called for action to be taken against these two kids because they have shamed the country. 
Oh really..The only ones they have shamed are themselves. So, please, let's not waste anybody's time in taking action against them in the name of the country.

So, is all this fuss and the fame surrounding their sex video delightfully intoxicating them?
For now, perhaps.

They certainly seem to be enjoying it.


Anonymous said...

To make it plain and simple.Since these two stupid adults want to let their sexual outings be seen by the whole world,with their identities known,better let Hustler or Playboy do it for them.But Hustler or Playboy will not even entertain these sluts.Or maybe any fly by night publications.At least they get paid,maybe pennies,but at least it will be enough to buy contraception or condoms plus a couple bottle of jellies.

Anonymous said...

Ask them again in ten years time on their present actions and you'll hear a different take. Even the shock-queen Madonna has repeatedly said her regrets in her publishing the "Sex" book.

To think that he's reading law and sees nothing wrong in publishing pornography makes one wonders what kind of education NUS or any law school for that matter (just look at the goons at Bar Council) is preparing to release to the society.

HM, syd

Anonymous said...

Two stupid kids.They think that it is funny or smart.They will regret it when they finally grows up and look back at the cheap shots they have posted online for everyone to see.The only alternatives for them now is to set up shop as sex workers in brothels.Which businesses other than sex related companies want to employed such sluts.

Anonymous said...

betol tu tak payah buang masa membincangkan perkara ini. menteri kita tak ada benda lain ke nak buat? kita jaga anak masing-masing dan kalau boleh anak sedara kita atau anak kiran kita. itu pun dah cukup.


Anonymous said...

What about those who release others sex videos?

And feeling mightily proud they are doing something for the nation?

How come , no howl or protest from all the so called civil, responsible, angelic, prudish people?

Why some even rejoice over such things?

Compare both and tell me, who's the one pretending to be a moral preacher?


anon@3:35PM: sorry...don't know who you mean.

also...this is not about being a moral preacher.

Anonymous said...

Yg si betina baru discover sex, over confident, perasan cantik selalunya- belum kena lagi!!. Kalo besuk anak ppoan dia bwat lepas tu bunting bapak ntah siapa -mai kita tengok camna dia cakap pulak :P

Anonymous said...

tempat paling sesuai untuk love birds - penjara. Kalau tak, diaorang ni akan jadi celebriti, porno celebriti

Anonymous said...

These two must have been watching too many porn movies. Hence, they wanted to see if they "measure up" to those porn stars.

Anonymous said...

Kes2 sebegini wajib bikin diam2,bru rakyat tak melalak.Bagaimana nk kontrol hormon manusia?????


Candice Remington said...


how can you say to leave them alone?

if you have seen the images that they uploaded, you would more than admonish them.

it's like hard porn.

are we ok with our kids watching hard porn?

i read in the malay mail readers commenting on their shenanigans. some say it's ok in the west.

iT IS not OK in the West. See if a Harvard student gets away with this. even nudity is not allowed. A student may lose her place the university. A person may even lose his or her job.

People think the west is ok with this becos you have x-rated stuff in the media, cinema, among their artistes etc..

that's a different world. not the same in their schools, colleges, wrokplace.

they call it SCANDAL.

ShowMoreHair said...

Well at least Vivian Lee knows where babies come from.

You can bet there wont be a baby being abandoned here as she probably knows about preventing pregnancy through penetration.

Nothing can be done if people are not embarassed by their nudity.

You cannot teach embarassment. Attention seekers are happy if they can get attention.

Would they be happy if no one reacts?

What is the fun if you cannot shock other people? So you are right just ignore them.

And to think Malay girls are taught in national school that their hair is a private parts to be hidden from men eyes, hahaha.

Angel said...

Lol I wrote a blogpost about this too