Wednesday, October 03, 2012

An Unlikely Saviour For Malaysiakini

From The Mole
By Shamsul Akmar
It is quite telling that Malaysiakini, whose credibility is being questioned following accusations of being foreign-funded and a foreign tool to cause mischief to the nation, is turning to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to “absolve” itself.

Having vilified Dr Mahathir throughout almost its entire existence, Malaysiakini is using a letter written by Dr Mahathir to billionaire financier George Soros, to indirectly justify its acceptance of the latter’s funding.

Malaysiakini used the letter written by Dr Mahathir to Soros in early 2006 as the basis of the article, which can be basically summed up into five main thrusts:

1) It was Dr Mahathir who offered Soros the olive branch after the former had, during the 1997/98 financial crises, accused the latter of wreaking havoc on Asian nations as a rogue currency speculator;

2) Dr Mahathir asked Soros to join him in a Global Peace Forum 'criminalising war' campaign;

3) Dr Mahathir assured Soros that his participation in the Forum would not affect his other concerns;

4) Dr Mahathir met Soros in Kuala Lumpur 11 months later and they buried the hatchet when the former said he accepted that Soros was not involved in the devaluation of Malaysia’s currency, and

5) Dr Mahathir dug up the hatchet when he recently said Soros was seeking regime change in Malaysia.

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