Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday, Malaysia Airlines!

From Malaysia Airlines Facebook page:
"40 years ago today, a Boeing 737 took off from Subang Airport to mark the start of operations for Malaysia Airlines System.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us through this incredible journey.

Here's to a high flying future ahead

You've come a long way, MAS....

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 and  Happy 40th Birthday, Malaysia Airlines...


bruno said...

Nuraina,yes MAS has come a long way.It was once the pride of Malaysians,myself included.It has taken the highway,the long and winding ways and came downhill the wrong way.With the cronism practised by Umno/BN,MAS once a bluechip it is now the stepchild and a discard of the investing public and had become a penny stock.

But a birthday is still a birthday,so happy 40th birthday MAS,and hope a more competent management will bring you more happy and prosperous birthdays in the years ahead.

eva's haven said...


It's true that for some inexplicable reason, "they" just don't know how to manage MAS despite knowing what's been wrong.

They could have easily fixed things to make them right.

MAS has it all, y'know...

Despite all that, and I hope MAS is now on track to make a boom..I will always be proud of the airline.


Happy birthday! Another 40 years, maybe?