Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Never Seen London Like This...

Zaharah Othman wrote in her Facebook status today:

"Never in 31 years here have we seen anything like this in London. We hear sirens, apparently on police and army on the way to the nearby town of Ealing. Its getting too close for comfort.

Indeed, if you read about what's going on, you cannot imagine that something like THIS is taking place in London.

Here's an excerpt from a news report:

"The riots started over the weekend in London's Tottenham area. The riots originally started as a protest against the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by armed police.

Monday's violence started in Hackney after a man was stopped and searched by police but nothing was found.

Groups of people began attacking the police in Hackney at about 16:20 BST, throwing rocks and a bin at officers.

Police cars were smashed by youths armed with wooden poles and metal bars. Looters also smashed their way into shops before being dispersed by police.

Nine police forces from other parts of the country have assisted in providing support to the capital city, as well as the City of London Police and British Transport Police.

However, eyewitnesses have reported that as trouble spread across the city, there were often few police officers around when violence flared."

(Photo is of a woman jumping for her life from a building. source: Daily Mirror)


Anonymous said...

Send ambiga to London. Revoke her citizenship. Glorify the brits so much? Go to Downing Street and ask for citizenship. Dont come back. Ungrateful P.R.AH!

BIGCAT said...

The newspapers should put the riot in london story on the front page. Let people know what a peaceful protest can degenerate into. Why NST so slow one on this one?

Anonymous said...

you are asking why the news are too slow to report on this?
the answer is plain simple.the Malaysian news are being controlled by those who are in sympathy with this kind of riot and demonstration.remember the BERSHIT riot?notice how much highlight and coverage that have been given to the illegal demonstration especially by MALAYSIAKINI

zaharibb said...

so now it is clear the POLICE was the cause of the riot.

Anonymous said...

Zaharrib. When your mother, wife and daughter gets raped dont call the police since you hate them so much.

atanjamilselamat said...

@zaharibb - what makes you think so? just in malaysia, i believes that the police were just doing their job. i doubt they intentionally shot without the need to do so. This is a lesson. and we have been blessed that our police have been so professional in handling the BERSIH unlawful march.