Monday, August 01, 2011

Who Is This Beer-Guzzling Opposition MP?

This particular one who's now in trouble with his bosses. He is most likely to be dropped as candidate in the next general election.

Can you guess who he is?


Anonymous said...

Beb, I cant guess. Kasi le clue sikit? Indian, Chinese or Malay?

If Indian, botak or got hair on head?
If no hair, is he on the sodomee trial team? If yes, is he also lover of 'YB bogel'?

Give lah some clues. Otherwise dont know who lah.

Sinners Anon. said...

Is beer guzzling a worse offence than frequenting prostitutes' den?

Anonymous said...

i know, i know.... is Lim Guan Eng !!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like almost all the BN reps

Anonymous said...

what lah guess guess

SSrahman said...

Is it worse than khalwat between bloggers and journos, Guess who?
Knock2 anybody home ?
Its on video ,to be released very soon. Pro of course !

Roy said...

I think this post will generate a lot of comments. It is a big sin to imply bad thing about opposition MP. They are all demi-gods. LOL.


anon@6:04PM: Sorry, lah i can't. you ask around-lah...:-)

sinners Anon: one is not worse than the other or better..
the point is if you're supposed to work and serve your constituents, and if you are drinking alcohol all the time, that is not acceptable. how can you perform yr duties if you're always inebriated? unless u think it's ok for yang berhormats to be doing that.

anon@8:23PM: you know you are so wrong.

anon@8:47PM: haiyaa.

ssrahman: whatever.

roy: haha.

Wan Sharif said...

Not advisable to guess who the beer-guzzling MP at this point of time.. Ramadhan ;)

Anonymous said...

Good one Madam.Sets us thinking.
The next posting you reveal that man, okay.
And I bet the reply will be : "It looks like me, but it's not me. My wife bars me from drinking." LOL.

Bedul said...

Takkanlah kan, ya Aina. Orang-orang PKR baik-baik belaka. Alim lagi.

Anonymous said...

PM ke? Oops soreee depa x minom beer minom liquor he he he

Anonymous said...

Wah minom beer pun bole kena gugooor. He at ya bukan macam bn. Bagoos bagoos anu sokong kalu kena gugoor

Anonymous said...

My guess is Ibrahim Ali !! They label him as Pakatan MP to shame PR. No harm guessing , right?

Anonymous said...

Definitely not Nik Aziz but he can issue an edict to make it acceptable. Here's some reasons :

1. Drinking helps the economy, creating jobs for Kelantanese eg GROs.

2. It helps one think better, do brave things and forget everything the next day.

3. Buy a round and make many friends.

4. Beer keeps the kidney functioning.

5. Getting drunk gets you to heaven. Because drunkards go to bed, fall asleep, creates no sin while asleep and when he has no sins, he goes to heaven.