Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Lee said...

Malaysia is not Malaya! Malaysia was formed in Sept. 16th 1963 if I remember correctly.Malaya was given independent on 31st August 1957.Sabah and Sarawak, together with Singapore, with the connivence of Britain, joined Malaya to form Malaysia.Sabah and Sarawak did not join Malaysia as States in Malaya!
There were special provisions for them to join .Malaysia, then, was made up of Malaya, Singapore,Sabah and Sarawak.This is history as I know it.Malaysia day is on the 16th September!

Anonymous said...

looks like the new found balancing power of voters in sabah and sarawak will make this an issue when non existed before.

an independent malaya facilitated independence for sabah and sarawak......

and there was every intention for sabah and sarawak to join malaya on 31st august 1963 but the dots and the ts were not in place by that date.

had they joined malaya on 31st aug this would not have been an issue.

Perhaps they should have backdated the agreement to Aug 31st.

as usual politics are behind these issues and as a result we have two national days and two weeks of celebrations in between.

what would you have done in these circumstances Lee 12:46?


Lee said...

The merger of Malaya and Singapore
was the original plan.Sabah and Sarawak were persuaded to join with the connivence of the British.Thus the special provisions for Sabah and Sarawak to join....not as states of Malaya but as "independent" entities.
Sorry you do not know your history well Jo !