Friday, August 12, 2011

Asyraf Haziq Bears No Ill Feeling Towards His Attackers

Asyraf Haziq, the 20 year-old Malaysian student who was attacked and then mugged by rioters in East London is determined to continue his studies there.

Asyraf who is recuperating after undergoing surgery to his jaw, told a Press conference that he still thinks Britain is great.

He said he bears no ill-feeling towards his attackers and in fact feels sorry for them, especially the kids among them.

Meanwhile, police have arrested a 20 year-old man over the attack.

The footage of Asyraf after the attack and being"helped" by a group of youths (who actually robbed him) is on Youtube.

A website was set up to help him.

A message on the "Let's Do Something Nice For Asyraf Haziq" site said just less than £4,000 had been donated by Wednesday night.

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where2 said...

What every mother fears when their kids leave home to further their studies far away.

I wish him well, and Alhamdulillah, being a mother, bersyukur that he is being looked after by many concerned citizens over there and am very proud of him for being very rational about this whole incidence.


Retrogina said...

The donation for Asyraf & others has reached 22,000 pounds. God bless humanity.

BIGCAT said...

Budak Asyraf ni Mara scholar. Masa dia orang interview dia nampak dia ni budak baik dan patut dicontohi. Bangga aku tengok how well mannered dia ni. Cool aje dan tak marah-marah walaupun teruk dia kena pukul perusuh. Orang UK pun ramai yang simpati dan admire dia. Tak sia-sia Mara hantar dia pegi UK. Bagus buat pengajaran, sebab all these while kat Malaysia ramai orang selalu kutuk students tajaan Mara kononnya tak ada kualiti dan dapat pergi overseas semata-mata sebab dia orang Melayu. Syabas Asyraf n all the best.

Lee said...

Asyraf Haziq is to be commended for bearing no ill-will against his attackers.He certainly reflects the better side of his religion and upbringing.Syabas Asyraf! My respect for you for forgiving your adversaries!

affendi hussain said...


Diaorg tu dengki jer sebenarnya..tak perlu kisah pun..

MARA sponsor tak sponsor pun kalau result A-Level tak bagus ingat mat salleh tu nak bagi "bumiputera privillege" ke masuk U diaorg?

MARA pun cuma hantar UK 700org (best of the best) yg result A-Level rata2 15 point.. i.e perfect AAA or busuk2 AAB (14point)

Sour grape layan puak2 pendengki tu..cemerlang atas paper je, tetapi tiada jiwa macam robot..hidup hanya bertuhan duit.. itulah kualiti manusia yg hanya mengenal kuantiti jauh sekali Ilahi.

tak macam produk premium NEP dari SBP & MRSM.. bagai langit dengan bumi kalau kualiti manusianya..

Dlm web tu pun kita boleh kesan puak2 pendengki ni dgn komen2 yg dok sibuk cakap Asyraf tajaan penuh MARA, dapat FREE itu ini, belanja hospital pun FREE jadi takyah hulur duit etc..

siapa lagi nk mengungkit org punya FREE ni melainkan puak pendengki yg "sour grape" ni...tak tahu ker polisi MARA "pinjaman boleh ubah".. apa yg free nya melainkan dpt 1st class degree.


Anonymous said...

Of coz la not angry. He's much, much richer now thanks to them



i think that is such a vicious thing to say.
you know that he never knew that there was a "fund' for him and when he knew about it, he is asking those people to give the money to other "victims"...

I say: Syabas Asyraf!