Thursday, August 25, 2011

PAS MP Speaks Out ..

...against Fuziah's scare tactics about the Lynas Corporation rare earth plant.

Fuziah Salleh is of course the Kuantan MP who has been vocal against the construction of the plant, especially as it is located in Pahang.

The PAS MP is Dr Che Rosli Che Mat (Hulu Langat) who is an expert in nuclear science.
He has come out in defence of the Lynas Corp rare earth plant in Gebeng, Kuantan.

He said that Fuziah has been “frightening the public” by misleading and misinforming them about the plant.

Che Rosli has had enough and feels that he has to speak up and speak out.

"As the issue was brought up by the PKR, I've kept quiet and even been given a warning by the PAS information department not to comment.
"I've been silent so far, but this is unfair. They've been making comments in every issue of
Harakah in a tone we are uncomfortable with."

Here's the Star report:

She is frightening the public by saying that Lynas is a nuclear plant when its function is only to process natural materials like rare earth from Mount Weld in Western Australia, which has less radiation compared to an ore mine.

Che Rosli said as a PAS member, he felt embarassed by the stance taken by PKR's Fuziah.

“So, I've made the decision as a nuclear scientist to come forward to comment today,” he said in an interview over TV3 news here yesterday.

He said residents in Kuantan need not worry about the safety of the Lynas plant.

“The accusations made are unscientific and not at all academic.

“The people need not be worried. Once Lynas is built, they can go into the plant and see for themselves the safety measures put into place for both the workers and the public,” he said.

Fuziah had earlier spoken out against the project, citing health concerns and radiation fears from the rare earth plant.


Anonymous said...

What a haprak this 'nuclear scientist.' Refuse to learn, izzit?

Hallo, anything nuclear on an industrial scale is a threat whether the radiation is low or undetectable! It's a time-bomb ticking away until disaster strikes!

I, for one, do not believe this 'nuclear scientist' has been taught the real nuclear science and facts. General Electric will make sure of that so that they can sell their technology to the stupid folks. When the idiots buy their technology, they achieve 3 things for the cabal: 1)They make money at your expense. 2)They can exercise control over the country because they control the technology 3)They help in the grand scheme to depopulate 'useless eaters' around the world, as they would refer them.

Whatever it is, NO NUCLEAR FACILITY on our beloved soil!!! The economic hitman can be very 'convincing' but the wrath of the rakyat is worse. Rope and lamp post make a deadly combination.

- A Malaysian -

Oik said...

It's pretty clear that this "A Malaysian" fella didn't even bother to read or listen to what Dr Che Rosli had to say before shooting his mouth off. The Lynas plant is NOT a nuclear facility. It extracts rare earth elements from ores that happen to contain thorium which is mildly radioactive. The fact is that radiation is all around us from various sources and the radiation emitted by the plant is tiny in comparison. If he is so worried about radiation then he should also stop eating fruits and vegetables, sleeping next to his wife or living in brick houses, all of which will expose him to more radiation than living next to the Lynas plant.

Public exposure to radiation from the plant has been estimated at 0.002 mSv per year. This is equivalent to the amount of radiation you get from eating 20 bananas. Put a different way, you'll need to live near the Lynas plant for 5,000 years in order be exposed to the equivalent amount of radiation as taking 1 full body CT scan. Doctors routinely prescribe these scans without batting an eyelid, yet the MMA has the cheek to join in these ridiculous anti-Lynas protests. Now that's what I call hipocrisy.

BIGCAT said...

Anak-anak dan isteri saya tinggal di Kuantan. Saya pun dulu lama disana. Kuantan tu mana lah ada isu besar sangat yang nak di gembar gembur kan orang Pakatan. IAEA dah kata Lynas plant tu OK pun dia orang hentam juga. Nak gormal cerita lain tak ada modal. Lantak lah. Saya sikit pun tak risau anak isteri saya diKuantan. Tempatnya memang best, aman tenteram, bersih dan teratur. Kerajaan BN yang dipimpin Adnan Yaakob tu pun bagus. Walaupun MB tu berimage gangster tapi saya kenal dia lama juga masa diKuantan dan saya tahu dia berhati baik. Dia tak akan rosakkan alam sekitar yang macam orang Pakatan tuduh tu. InsyaAllah.

Anonymous said...


hahahaha...such a haprak statement!
dun u know that we are being bombarded by radiation everyday the biggest nuclear reactor in the solar system aka the Sun? Go home lil boy

Anonymous said...

Hoi anon...

You don't speak as you are the expert...

Don't think that Malaysians are stupid...

You can lie once, but there is no second time...

I am a Malaysian Muslim who hate liars....

Anonymous said...

Funny la this 1st commenter. Fact vs fact, scientist vs politician, which one to trust? Smoke detector atas kepala hang tu pun ada radiation.


Anonymous said...

just curious, who are we to believe, a nuclear scientist PAS MP or a PKR MP who is not a nuclear scientist? Just wonder also why this habit of calling someone else a 'haprak' just because you disagree with his views.

Anonymous said...

Those with short memory should go and read as to what happened at Asian rare earth plant in Perak.
If it is so safe then lets build it in Putrajaya. If it is so safe why then would the Lynas ship it for thousands of kilometers away for processing. Not in the Aussie backyard.Most likely the quality controll in Aussie is strict unlike here where it is so loose and at times non existent.They may write beautiful things on paper but when time comes for implementation, it is conveniently forgotten. I am lucky that I live nowhere near Gebeng. The further away the better.

Anonymous said...

"A Malaysian"

I think you are the one who do not want to submit to reason. Radioactivity and radiation is actually all araound us. There is no way we can escape from radiation or "nuclear" effect especially low level radiation from outerspace or from the soil. This is what we call background radiation.

So you think you can live without radiation exposure? My question is, where are going to hide then?

YB Dr. Che Rosli is a nuclear scientist with a PhD in the field. If he is a haprak, then what about you?

Please respect other people point of view especially if he has better knowledge about the topic than you.


Anonymous said...

Scientists have better understanding of scientific matters than most laymen.

Let the scientists speak, so to speak.


Anonymous said...

A Malaysian?
Sound like a Singaporean to me. Envy or obtuse?

izzit izzit? hahaha

-True Malaysian-

Anonymous said...

To 'A Malaysian'

Haih, u seorang sajalah yang bijaksana dan bijaksini dan bijakmana-mana lah nampaknya. Berapi api hujah u. For sure u r a champion in multi-scale analysis!

ps: Datuk Nuraina, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. We met at Oxf accidentally.

Malay Mathematician, UK.

NO TO LYNAS said...

do we want to wait till our kids get Brain cancer and our grandchildren are born with deformities ? As always Malaysians Mudah lupa.Fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me.
We were fooled once by Asian rare earth and the environmental disaster that followed.
Do we really want to repeat the same mistakes again. Are we not supposed to LEARN from our previous mistakes?
Why should we sacrifice the health of Malaysians on the Altar of profits.
Politics aside, I have little faith in our regulatory authorities.For those who harp on the IAEA endorsement, it was based on what LYnas wrote that's all. IAEA will not be around to see if what Lynas wrote is what they will eventually follow.This falls on our local authorities and their track record has been abysmal.

Remember Bright Sparklers tragedy, Highland Towers collapse,Stadium roof collapsing, rape of Cameron Highlands and so on . It is due to non existent regulatory controll. Pray and tell me why should we believe that in this case it should be any different.


Malay Mathematician,

Selamat hari raya to you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

I'm trying to recollect Oxford...