Monday, May 18, 2009

New Key Players In Media Prima And NSTP

I'd say they are the new head honchos in the two organizations handling media - TV and newspapers - operations.

I won't say further on the Media Prima appointment.
As for NSTP -- a senior executive will be appointed to take charge of the the overall news/editorial operations.

That's all I can say.

And oh -- it is not true that PM Najib Razak said no to Ahmad A Talib. He never said no.

Just wait for the announcement.


Anonymous said...

kak nuraina,

i read one news portal recently who reported on staff movements in the nstp group. my friends and i agreed that they must hve access to the pm's office. Wow, they can know what the PM plans are! they are really good..

anne and gang

Anonymous said...

KUALA LUMPUR, Tues. - Renowned writer and the best writer NST ever had, Rehman Rashid, is downcast.

Insiders says he has confided in favourite lady writer that he would throw in the towel immediately after the announcement is made.

Rehman is clearly upset and he had made known his intention to quit as he felt that others would never take NST to greater heights.

Recently, Rehman lynched former group editor Ahmad Talib, blogger Nuraina Samad, Ashraf Abdullah and Shamsul Akmar before his writers saying that they would never bring any good to the paper.

Distateful words were used by Rehman to describe the quartet. - INSIDER M

Anonymous said...

Apa jadi kat Hishamuddin Aun

Anonymous said...

I love Rehman



insider m,

oooh....when someone told me rehman said all that, I could hardly believe it. i know rehman is non-conformist in a lot of ways and i believe his bosses in the past, knew that. also his friends and former colleagues -- including me.

i regard rehman as a friend having known his since way back in 1980 ( i think) when he first started with he NST.

if he really said all that, hmmmm... what can i say, ya?

i'd ask him that when i see him.

frankly, and honestly, whatever he says or said does not matter at all.

it's rehman, kan?

Anonymous said...

I tak pecaya u nuraina. I lebih pecaya Malaysian Insider. I tengah tunggu apa Malaysian Insider nak tulis pasai new appointments



heheh. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hisham, Manja, Mustapa, Mahfar satu geng beb.

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with rehman actually. As brendan (prereira) used to say, rehman thinks he's a gift to journalism. which was why brendan hardly gave rehman any task at all when brendan was ruling nst. rehman shoud have the dignity to leave then! but money is money maa...


Anonymous said...

I believe Rehman Rashid will throw in the towel. For someone with that kind of quality, Rehman is on demand.

My best best is Rehman will dump NST.

I believe in you bro. Just dump NST my bro Rehman.

Anonymous said...

Sibuk betul Hisham Aun hari ini. Muka merah-merah. Tak tahu samada dia tengah gelabah atau tension.

Lepas masuk bilik Manja, keluar makan dengan orang kanan dia Mustapa Omar.

Katanya Hisham dah nak kena buang. Tapi itu hanya kabar angin. Tak kan nak kena buang. dah tulis baik punya pasal Rosmah tak kan Najib nak buang dia walaupun dia kuat ikut punggung Kalimullah dulu.

Anonymous said...

Chandra and Lionel were celebrating after Malaysian Insider reported PM said no to Ahmad Talib's return.

I hope they are still celebrating.

Anonymous said...

rehman is so full of himself lah what to do. but his deputy santha is also teruk. for someone who was promoted by brendan and kali what do u expect right

so when the changes take place, it would have some impact on ah chai, chandra and lionel

but what about zubaidah. the die hard kj supporter how lah. she was also promoted by brendan. and as a sign of gratitude, zubaidah supplies all stories to brendan

it will no be fair to take action against ah chai, lionel and chandra and let go zubaidah because she is malay lah.

zubaidah is not well so i suggest maybe she should be promoted as supplements editor so that hse can have a good rest. or maybe zubaidah can be nst bureau chief in kelantan or selangor


friends and former colleagues,

i appreciate you coming over to express your views. but please refrain from malicious name-calling or overly personal remarks.

i have had to reject several comments that were, er...unsavoury and which were best left unsaid...

thank you


friends and former colleagues,

many of the comments i had rejected contained names of people who are said to be so so worried about Ahmad Talib coming in. These were more or less the same people who were said (alleged...haha) to be also edgy of rumours of Rocky's re-entry into NST.

I shan't name names because I'm not sure if it's true.

anyway, if it is true that (some) people are so worried, I can't understand why.

Will Ahmad T or Rocky be punishing people? For what? For bad-mouthing them? don;t punish people for badmouthing people-lah.

It's like Ahmad and Rocky will be going on a rampage of a witch-hunt.

like i said....i'm sure with any changes, there will be changes.

when Kalimullah came in as GEIC...i don't remember feeling restless or worried.
i had no opinion because i could not pre-empt or speculate anything because i had no inkling of kalimullah's ability as a GEIC.

i thought -- heck, at least he had been journalist...that ought to be helpful.

of course, the first thing he did was to dismantle the political desk of which i was head. no matter. small matter. the desk couldn;t have been bigger than me.

anyway, back to all this talk of certain individuals being scared shit....

all i can say is you'd only worry if you have something to be worried about...

bukan machai said...

Anon (10.57AM)
you said: "I tak pecaya u nuraina. I lebih pecaya Malaysian Insider. I tengah tunggu apa Malaysian Insider nak tulis pasai new appointments".

Nampak nye Malaysian Insider confirm nama. Nuraina kan dah kata "senior executive of NSTP". Zainul lah orang nya.

hah...yang pasal Ahmad Talib?
Nuraina tipu?
Apa Malaysian Insider cakap pasal Ahmad Talib dalam earlier report? Heheh...

Malaysian Insider punya source dalam NST adalah baruah-baruah dan machai-machai Kalimullah dan Brenden --
mereka ada lah : Lionel, Kamrul, Lesley, Zubaidah dan machai-machai yang tertentu. Mereka tahu lah siapa mereka.

Hai..apo nak di kato???