Sunday, May 24, 2009

MCA Youth Against Bloggers' One School For All Petition


The MCA Youth criticised some bloggers and an online petition supporting the "One School for All" campaign.

MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said MCA planned to take action against bloggers who claimed that vernacular schools were causing racial tension in the country.

Wee said MCA strongly disagreed with the statements made by bloggers and might lodge a police report against them or refer them to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

"Statements such as gejala sekolah vernakular (vernacular school symptoms) suggest Chinese and Tamil schools are a disease in society."

Wee said Chinese and Tamil schools had been in existence since independence and it was the rights of Chinese and Indians in the country to send their children to these schools. -- NST

I'm surprised the MCA is reacting this way. I'm disappointed, actually.

This is not how MCA, nothwithstanding the fact that is is a long-time partner of Umno - should be dealing with the issue.


Anonymous said...

Just as you are disappointed with them, they feel likewise. To each his or her own, I suppose. An amalgamation of thoughts and idealisms are a sheer impossibility in this diverse great nation of ours. More importantly, what we can work on perhaps, is more tolerance for another's viewpoint without malice nor viscerality.




but MCA Youth is not a puny party.
should it even think of resorting to police action to stop the petition?

azreen said...

tak patriot dan pentingkan diri sendiri.. lupa asal usul dan x berterima kasih..itu lah masalah besar kita hari ini..masing-masing berpura-pura hidup harmoni..

Wah Al-Subangi said...


1school for all does not call for amalgamation of thoughts and idealism.

it just calls for a single school system with Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction, which is fair, what is BANGSA MALAYSIA without BAHASA MALAYSIA. teaching of vernacular language and whatever can be within the 1school system, ditto the diverse thoughts and idealism can be nurtured within the 1school system.

Anonymous said...

Now listen here and listen good.

The Chinese wants to take whatever advantage the Malays are having but never in their wildest dream will ever give away whatever advantage they are having.Are we clear?

To do this,they must weaken or possibly kill UMNO first!Even if they have to carry PAS flags and banners.Of course they know that PAS is weaker than UMNO on the international level.

Whether it is MCA or Gerakan or DAP or PKM,they are fighting for the same cause.

The Malays shall always remain divided and put their individual egos above everything else.

The British knew this,the Singaporeans know this and now the DAP/MCA/Gerakan are taking full advantage of this 'my head is bigger than yours' attitude of the Malays.

taipingmali said...

please do take ur action asap. we malay malaysian bloggers ready for that..i'll stand firm with allls the bloggers. i Malaysia and 1 school for all..

Anonymous said...

aina, i'm sorry to disagree with u dear !

Anonymous said...

Not understanding the many comprehensive definition of the word 'gejala' is precisely the reason why those chinese in mca need to be sent to 1school system!


mantra-indeeptots said...

Kak Ena

Thanks for your support and Small Talk if offering Wong Ka Siong to sue him... only if he dares >>

Lets get united for 1Malaysia and I truly believe!

duagelasteh said...

Puan Nur,

I think they are guided by the provisions in the Sedition Act 1948 which were once used on BN MP Datuk Mark Koding (1978).

The provisions safeguard all rights under Articles 152 ( National Language & languages of non-Malay), 153 (Special positions of the Malays & Bumiputras), 181 (sovereignty,prerogatives etc of the Rulers).

So the "abolition/replacement" of the vernacular schools is against these constitutional rights....

But, theoritically, we must all admit that the Govt of the day MAY always withdraw its financial support from those schools, by making necessary amendments to the law in Parliament....

As the "1Malaysia" objective may be achieved by evolution, I believe that the "one school for all" objective may also be achieved in the process.

So I don't think bloggers who were "led/influenced" by ONE BLOGGER (the original petitioner) did any act which is "SEDITIOUS".

They merely campaign for some measures which are beneficial to the nation as a whole in the long run.

But, please note that some grounds stated in the said Petition are not strong and scientific, and therefore are open to debate.

What I am saying is that: More research needs to be done to strengthen the said grounds before it is submitted to TSMY for consideration.

MCA Youth and the learned Dr Wee, as a pressure group, have to take "some actions" to show (to their Chinese crowd) that they have "LP" (telur). hahahaha.

Salam hormat, Cik Puan.

joenathan said...

Dear Nuraina,

I dont think Dr Wee is troubled by the online petition itself.Like a lot of people,he might have been disturbed by the reason for this petition which unfairly claims that the vernacular schools are the cause of racial polarisation.But to go to the extend of making a police report is absurd I believe.You know lah kan,BN people are apt at using the police.

Anonymous said...

aina....i strongly agreed with u that such statement shows that mca are not practising what they preached...last time they complaint many governmet policies are quota based policies..which eventually created wider gap between malay and non malay..and now when we as TRUE malaysian want to unite our citizen from the grassroots,,,they denied pathetic and selfish they are...afraid their children influenced by malay???pehaps dont shout slogan malaysian malaysia after this

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, how to have 1 school for all ? Yes it is successfully done in SG but that is all because they have the legendary leader LKY.

Just compare Penang Free School with Raffles Institute, both were 1st class best school in SEA before independent. Now? PFS had gone to the dogs.

So if you can't run school like what LKY did you are going to do harm to the future generation.

Who runs the best school in M'sia now? Is the Chinese school, even elite Malays send their children to Chinese school. So in theory is better to turn all the National schools to Chinese school, how about that?

So if you don't know how to run good school and a good eduction system than just dream on and do not harm our future generation.

Ali Ibrahim

leekh said...

As far as I am aware there has been no comparative studies made regarding the level of patriotism of students who come from different schools? It is obvious that a huge assumption is made without regard for the truth. Given this state for all we know the graduates from the jenis kebangsaan schools could be more patriotic than the sekolah kebangsaan types? How do you know? if you dont know, how can you go round supporting somthing based on someone else's "beliefs"?
This is the same as saying that people are not respecting the rulers, same as calling other people biadap, not respecting the religion, accusing others of going against the social contract...!!!
Kindly think it clear, in every instance that the nons are the culprits? The Malays are alright. They can say anything! They can raise a kris and talk about blood. But they are not against anything! When other people say why my son cannot get a scholarship with accuse them of being too much asking for more and more!!
When people are demanding for their rights..that is a manifestation of their claim that this is their country too! You look and see if there are non citizens who are claiming for a scholarship from the Malaysian government.
Many people who signed petitions such as 1sekolah are not interested in embracing the Chinese as their fellow citizens. What they want is a compliant group of people who should "know" their position in this country. Is this the meaning of citizenship? Just go round and ask Nuraina..just ask...
And please dont assume anything..

ChengHo said...

all Wee children in vernacular school then why he accepted to be deputy minister of education ? after that probably Australia or Singapore , he himself educated in Singapore....a nation with 'One School '...

Donplaypuks® said...

In principle, I agree with a 1 school system.

However, many things such as BM & Science & Maths, No religion, Pupils' Own Language, HM & Teacher-mix, compulsory extr-curricular activities, scholarships etc have to be ironed out and refined by discussion among all stakeholders.

No doubt MCA & MIC see this as a GE vote-losing issue, but they should abandon the vernacular schools concept if we are able to put in place a mutually acceptable 1 school system.

We should do away with SRJK, SKC, SKI, SMK, SM Sains, MARA College, MCKK, Matriculation Colleges and replace them with a 1 school system (including vocational studies as an option) 1 common O level exams at age 17 (no streaming and students can take any number (no minimum) and combo of subjects they want as in UK) followed by pre-U and/or Uni or professional/apprenticeship careers.

I enjoyed my Lower & Upper 6 years and there may be a case to maintain it to give time for students to decide on career directions. I feel ther is no reason to rush and graduate by age 21 as in increasingly happening.

To me it's a simple matter of re-organization, but UMNO/MCA/MIC have been dithering about it since he '70's.

Perhaps we should have a national referendum on this issue to move forward.

Malaysian Heart said...

Dear Puan Nuraina,

These are kijangmas own words, taken from here:"Anyway, suffice to say that you and your kind are NOTHING. Just the dust, the debu that powders my feet, the habuk, the "duli" yang mencemarkan my tapak kaki.And nowadays these debus have the audacity to talk up to the Melayu Tuan Tanah on level terms, as if we are on par, makan sepinggan, duduk semeja, tidur sekatil. And these debus now even have the nerve to question the very symbols of our nationhood -- the keris, songkok, jawi, ... even fatwas! -- on a land that MY ancestors forged through centuries of battles and conquests and where countless died defending against foreign invaders. And now these products of the unwashed rejects that rolled off the plank of the rickety tongkang now see it fit to question the fundamental tenets of this land that was created from the blood and sweat of MY ancestors?"This is just one of numerous such statements by kijangmas & his supporters. Are you really surprised Puan, that Wee & many Malaysians from all walks of life find kijangmas, his supporters & their project offensive & vile? I am surprised that your goodself, whom (after following your blog for some time) I had come to respect, have chosen to support them. Have you ever gone through the postings & comments in his blog?

If anyone of us believes that a crime has been committed, it is our civic duty to lodge a police report. "Agreeing to disagree" does not absolve us of that duty. However, if Wee makes a false report, then he must be prosecuted & punished.

Personally, I do not believe that criminal action can or should be brought against kijangmas & his group. There is no law in Malaysia against racist hate speech or being kurang ajar; neither should there ever be, as it would infringe on their right to free speech. Indeed it is better that all Malaysians read for themselves & see this group for what they really are.

Speaking for myself, I feel a deep sense of shame when I read the writings of kijangmas & his friends. I do not want him or his supporters to speak for me, my community or my country. I will happily support any effort to further genuine Malaysian integration & 1 school for all, but it must be done on the basis of equality, fairness & mutual respect for the cultures & contributions of all Malaysians, all of which are lacking in this particular project.

Anonymous said...

Just another sandiwara by Uno/MCA tag team to divert/divide the nation. Pay no attention.

Btw, sokong 1Sekolah and further to that one exam for all to enter universiti but is the petition also suggesting that we eliminate sekolah agama and open Mara to all?

Anonymous said...

BACK OFF all politicians and STOP scoring points on this subject...let the academicians lead the show.The country must come together now as a nation, no more divisive policy,divisive races,language,schools etc.

Anonymous said...

Open MARA to all? Only IF the non-Malays willing to drop their nationality...what say you anon 5.02?

Anonymous said...

What is the objective? Is it to bring our education system to the best in international level? Is it to make our future generation the most educated in the world? If yes than we must drop Bahasa Malaysia.

This language is no international standard, no one want to use it oversea. No one want to write their research in this language and no new published books in Science or Maths use this language. Even the elite Melayu don't educate their children in it and all of them speak better English than BM just like our ex-PM Mamak.

So I hope the same blogger are wise enough to come up the another petition to drop BM.

aiyomanaboleh said...

How else do you want a people to react when something so dear to them is taken away from them?

Though I am on the otherside of the political divide, I do understand how they feel.

Are the pro bloggers really sure that it will bring peace harmony and unity and not the other way round?

Are really you sure?

On a lighter note, as of now, I think the most overworked civil servants are probably the police.

I know of police reports being lodged even for the most trivial of things, like posting on one's blog something supposedly seditious from another blog, and you know what, PDRM took up the matter on the "tumpang" blog and not as far as I know, on the blog where the piece was originally written.

Anonymous said...

Those chinese who said need to have studies or research to abolish vernacular school is just giving excuse, simple reason, if you separate people, they can't know each other, and then they build pre-conceive notion of others with all of stereotype attach in. What that, don't talk about unity!!!

Anonymous said...

Just like the 1Malaysia concept has not been explained to the satisfaction of all Malaysins, the 1 School concept is in its infancy. This concept is not fully understood as are you suggesting that all schools have 1 single system and 1 language and hence has no need for religious schools, no matriculation and its school will be based purely on merit. Please explain how this concept is to be developed.Current we are all confused with 1Malaysia concept.

Anonymous said...

"Wee said Chinese and Tamil schools had been in existence since independence and it was the rights of Chinese and Indians in the country to send their children to these schools. -- NST"

Bahasa Melayu pun sudah wujud sebelum Merdeka lagi.Sekolah Melayu Umum pun sudah wujud sebelum Merdeka. Begitu juga tulisan jawi.Tapi semuanya sudah terhapus di ganti dengan Bahasa Kebangsaan yang punya bahasa campur campur( Perkataan Melayu hilang terus).Ini tak apa sebab di ambil dari hak orang Melayu.( kalau hak cina jangan sekali)

Sebenarnya banyak orang tak faham. Tanah Melayu ( Melainkan Melaka)tak pernah di jajah . British datang sebagai Penasihat kepada Raja Raja Melayu atas jemputan Raja Raja tersebut.Sebab itu waktu itu Negeri Negeri tersebut memerintah dengan menggunakan undang undang Islam berpandukan Alquran dan Hadiths.Tapi selepas 1946 British telah buat kurang ajar bila menubuhkan Malayan Union, masa itu lah kesedaran memuncak dan Datuk Onn dan orang Melayu menubuh UMNO "lawan" orang Putih. Masa itu orang pendatang hanya melihat dari tepi jalan.Datuk Onn dan UMNO lepas itu buat tuntutan Menubuh Persekutuan Tanah Melayu ( Bukan Merdeka sebenarnya sebab tidak ada Penjajah dan tiada istilah merdeka sebenarnya.Tugas UMNO waktu itu hendak memberhentikan khidmat orang putih sebagai Penasihat)Rupanya di masa itu lah Tan Cheng Loke yang jadi tali barut orang Putih meloby orang putih supaya orang Putih memasukan "orang Pendatang di beri tempat dan berkongsi kuasa sebagai Pra Syarat penubuhan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu itu.Pasal Pra syarat dari British itu lah Datuk Onn nak masukkan orang bukan Melayu dalam UMNO pasal waktu itu bukan Melayu yang dapat kerakyatan dari British tak sampai 200,000 orang. Datuk Onn fikir tak memudaratkan UMNO pasal orang cina sikit sangat yang layak jadi ahli. Tapi orang Melayu tentang.
Sebenarnya waktu itu banyak juga orang Melayu yang tertarik dengan cara Sukarano berjuang hingga berjaya lepas kan diri dari Belanda sehingga orang Pendatang nak jadi rakyat kena tukar nama dan bertutur hanya dalam bahasa Indo hingga hari ini. Mr wee sedarke?
Sebenarnya orang Cina masa itu ada perancangan serampang dua mata, satu bersama alliance dan pada masa yang sama mengharapkan Tiga bintang menang.either way akan menguntunkan mereka.
Zaman sekarang juga begitu BN menang pun untung dan DAP menang pun untung.Tong tong tong

Anonymous said...

Ali Ibrahim,
I disagree with you on one point.

Before 1965 my parents sent all of us to Missionary schools, and after 1965, four of my siblings were sent to SJKC.

I can safely say, SJKC IS BETTER THAN SK IS A MYTH. The only thing special WAS their ROTAN culture.

After going through those experiences, none of us,(including ALL my siblings who were from SJKC), all our kids attend SK.


Anonymous said...

Yup i also very disappointed with MCA..dia sepatutnya sokong kewujudan 1sekolah tetapi nampaknya terang-terang menolak kerana apa..terbukti MEREKA yang sebenarnya RACIST di sini...

Now kita tunggu pula reaksi DAP,PKR dan sebagainya..

This 1sekolah sepatutnya di gunakan utk membuang persaaan racist antara kaum tetapi nampaknya MEREKA ini lah yg memnyebabkan kegagalan ini..

Anonymous said...

susah nak cakap .. sebab ini melibatkan perkauman .. agak sensitif... bagi mereka Kempen ini hanya melabelkan sekolah2 cina & tamil perosak kharmonian sesebuah negara sedangkan bagi kamu yang memperjuangkan one school for all tidak berfikiran sedemikian.. Caranya, harus diperjelaskan dengan lebih terperinci lagi dan dapatkan idea2 pembaca lain .. gabungkan kesemua idea2 yang diberikan maka sesebuah kempen itu akan menjadi kukuh yang tiada tolok bandingannya.. lebih kurang macam tu la... eh? hahaha! ntah ..itu dari segi pemahaman saya berkaitan dengan entri ni.. :)

NJ said...

Salam sejahtera,

By the definition of Unity :-

1. the state of being one; oneness.

2. a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one.

3. the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole; unification.

4. absence of diversity; unvaried or uniform character.

5. oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons; concord, harmony, or agreement.

Let's see:-

"oneness", "combined", "united", "uniform", "minds in agreement"

equals to "One School For All"?


"not one", "in parts", "varied", "many minds"

equals to "wee ka siong"?

Are we so "diverse" that we even forgot the simple meaning of "unity"?

and if I may add:-

"Unity through diversity" the PM sings at his 1Malaysia blog


definition above states Unity is the absence of diversity?

Let us ponder.




1. Don't worry about what he said. Let's proceed with the idea. The sekolah kebangsaan has already been "the one school for all".

2. Improve the image of the sekolah so that it reflect "image of the one school" we want;

3. Make the sekolah kebangsaan attractive by mean of bringing in anything good from Chinese and Indian school, to the sekolah.

4. Language wise: Mandarin, Tamil, English (and Arabic) can also be thought in the school. Even history of the Chinese and Indian also can be in the syllabus.

5. The vernacular schools, leave them as it is

6. With the number of sekolah kebangsaan are much bigger and readily establish every where, the concept of 1 school can be realized easily.

7. To implement that the government need not require new acts of parliment.

8. The way to go is by the campaign, vote/survey, and demand by parents teachers association and student movement

Anonymous said...

1. Let him do what he wanted. He is not a leader for Malaysian. He is only a Chinese community leader - a small mind and short reached thinker.

2. Proceed with the idea of "One School For All" campaign, and think of ways to make the sekolah kebangsaan as the ONE SCHOOL FOR ALL

3. The sekolah kebangsaan can be the school by making it more attractive to all races. One way is by bringing in "what is good at vernacular shool" to sekolah kebangsaan including languages, cultural activities, etc. The medium of teaching beside Malay can also be in other language.

4. This way with the number of sekolah kebangsaan are greater and spreads at all over the country, the idea of one school for all can be effectively established

5. Gradually it's become official. The government does not require new acts to implement this concept. Just a little guts and wiser planning will do

6. Meanwhile the campaign must go on. Parents teachers, students and NGO's and blogger must work together to make the campaign a success


Noor Hasilah Ismail said...

dear ina,
in case you didn't notice, TPM sendiri pun tak sokong petition ini. it was i who asked the question when i met him masa dia officiate the MSSM meet. it was reported in the papers in my blog.

Saya tak tahu nak kata apa bila TPM cakap dia tak setuju dengan petition ini.

The Heart of Malaysia said...

Waaaa… MalaysianHeart. You have cut and paste Kijang Mas quotes out of context, weed out the revealing or self-explanatory ones, and present out your case here. Do you know that KM writes in retaliation to those who write in MORE racist manners in his blogs? It is fortunate that he weeds out the ultra-racist comments, if not then we really have explosive situations. Some other blogs are not fortunate anyway: The racist comments coming from you guys are greater in magnitude: yours is much more menyakitkan hati! I could only, within a few minutes, cut and paste these, from Rocky, Jebat, KM:-

Malay is not a gentle race, on the contrary, it is an emotional & violent binatang. – yellowpower

Hey bumibodoh, kalau lu minta ditanam hidup2 di tanah Melayu, gua bisa menunai hajat lu! … we must be honest to call a babi – babi. - Abangcina

Those bastard Malays that easily get emotional had very low EQ and IQ as well. They cannot control their emotion. That’s why our country cannot advance. Everyday shouting “Daulat Malay”. - OBAMA

melayu oh melayu...
non malay...see how all the low class malay shaking here....
tengok sendiri lah standard orang cina and bandingkan dengan melayu.. lu orang melayu apa class..
pergi minum air kencing cina sikit lah kawan...

As expected most of the low class Malay commenters here are scared shitless of equal rights. What a bunch of pondans these Malays have turned into. Eg proft and LGT.
It's inevitable you WILL bow and accept equality eventually. Or your children will anyway...

Those reading the above who are above 60 years of age, was around during May 13, 1969 let me emphasize here: these are NOT 13 May 1969 Procession Quotations. These are voices that are heard PRESENTLY, but it sure does sound similarly nostalgic, doesn't it?

Perhaps I could probably paste more if I research longer. And I haven’t even BEGUN to get into blogs like Harris Ibrahim, MalaysiaKini and Raja Petra, who allows malay-bashing racists to write in whatever they want and deletes daily 500-600 (according to that RPK interview) pro-malay comments.

Yes, Malaysian Heart. Bigotry is a result of another bigotry imposed on them. You racist me, I racist you even more.

I also found out that apart from this place, you have also posted this comment of yours at some other spots. Meaning, you just are not interested in a rebuttal. You would like to broadcast anti-malay sentiments wherever you find there is a reader. Showing that you have a purpose, an agenda in mind.

Rockybru said...

Dear Malaysian Heart,

The aim is not to get Kijangmas or anyone else to speak for you or/and me. If the idea is good for our children and the future of this country, we should help develop it. The Satu Sekolah concept is not new, not is it Kijangmas' idea. Dr Mahathir came up with the Sekolah Wawasan idea, aimed at putting all our kids in one school compound wherever possible. Same aim: interaction and unity. And like I pointed out in my own posting, Lee Kuan Yew did it in Singapore through the integration effort in the Sixties. I doubt it was LKY's idea and even after all these years the Singapore model is not perfect, let me tell you.

Thank you.

anakwatan said...

notwithstanding the fact that MCA did NOT deliver (the Chinese votes) in the March 2008 general elections!

Donplaypuks® said...

"I doubt it was LKY's idea and even after all these years the Singapore model is not perfect, let me tell you." Rocky.

No education system in the world is perfect. But if we can get it 70%&-80% right, that would be good for starters.

In S'pore it is too haevily weighted on th eacademic side so much so they have to import Olympic champions to give a boost to sports. There is little emphasis on other schol extra-curricular activities.

In our case, we are under-weight on all aspects! Our education system should produce well-rounded studenst, not automatons,

wyk said...

The Heart of Malaysia,
I refer specifically to the anti-Malay quotes in your comment.I am giving you the benefit of doubt that you are not a spin writer paid to sow disunity among the races.
Are you so naive as to believe the anti-Malays quotes come from the non-Malays? Grow up pl.
Do not simply believe whatever you read. First thing for an intelligent reader to do is doubt whatever you read. Put it to the acid test. Use your intelligence, analyze,reason and think, why a person want to write that? Any hidden agenda or plain stupid ? A plain stupid person will not write. If indeed he writes, why should you give him a dame ? Did I response to ever comment ? Worst still why should you quote him - why should you quote a stupid ? Ignore the stupid & he will leave. Entertain him & he will stick around. Simple year one psychology. Who ever who writes writes with an agenda.Sincere people writes for a sincere cause. Paid spin writer writes according to the dictate of his master, the spin writer is nothing but a modern day slave.If you are not a spin writer then your are very naive and you are presently in the category of people who can be fool by anyone all of the time.
Do you read ?
Do you watch movies, TV series ???
When group A and group B are arch enemy, a traitor in group A wants to take over the control of group A,what will he do ?
He will kill the leader of group A and lay the blame on group B and instigate group A to attack group B. Simple, right. Why don't u think of that ?
Did it not cross your mind that the anti--Malay quotes may come from certain Malays with hidden agenda - I noted that you have quoted May 13,I smelt a rat. I would not know who want to create animosity between the races ?
To cut a long story short,your anti-Malay quotes do not sound very non-Malays. I know, I just knowlah. Pl read my other comments.This is the 21st century. Move forward not backward. If we move forward and ask you to move forward along with us,but you choose to move backward, pl have the courtesy not to blame us if you are left behind :) If you are not already left behind.
We Malaysian are left way behind by the South Korean, do u know that ?!

AnakMelaka said...


"...On the one hand they talk of everyone studying in the same school in one language, on the other they are defending the right to segregate schooling in the form of fully residential schools for only Malays, UiTM only for Malays, MRSM only for Malays..."

Dear Nuraina, are you & rocky suggesting we tutup sekolah agama too?

Tam Dalyell said...

Dear Malaysian Heart;

Today, 1Sekolah is the best idea yet coming out of the 'tiny' heads of tiny peoples of Malaysia who look forward positively towards Malaysia that belongs to everybody dead or alive, just born or yet to be born. All we need to do is to give it a chance. In the past many tiny heads shot down such move initiated by big minds. The Sekolah Wawasan is an example.

Today 'big heads' have started their moves in shooting down this 'tiny ideas by tiny heads' which is only repeating the same ideas mooted 50 years ago by 'big people' who cared a lot.

No one is out to subjugate anyone in this national effort to give our children a better chance for a better future in a better Malaysia. How better it is going to be is up to us and our leaders.

Let's not look at who is initiating this move. We Malaysians should give this idea a good look, improve on it, fine tune it, give it a proper honing, and then hand it over to those big wigs to push it down the throat of our elected leaders who have no taste for comradeship and goodwill for us tiny rakyat.

It may take a long time to realize this. It may take two or more generations to work this out; but at least we parents can be satisfied that we have handed down to our children something positive to work for together instead or a legacy of childish bickerrings that we seem to relish so much.

We should be ashamed of ourselves that we should be quarreling in front of our children, purportedly for their good, while we know that all the time we are actually indulging to satisfy our selfish greed all for ourselves.

RORO said...

aina. dalam kemeriahan berkempen satu bahasa, satu bangsa dan satu negara, alangkah molek jika blog ini turut mengunakan Bahasa Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


3. Make the sekolah kebangsaan attractive by mean of bringing in anything good from Chinese and Indian school, to the sekolah.

4. Language wise: Mandarin, Tamil, English (and Arabic) can also be thought in the school. Even history of the Chinese and Indian also can be in the syllabus.

5. The vernacular schools, leave them as it is


Mahadi , I am more in favour of your idea. KM's approach is too radical.

Make the SK a viable alternative to SRJC and T and I am sure with your kind of suggestions put in place, it will naturally attract more non Malays to SKs.

Also the SKs must be secular in nature like during the 60s.

Another important matter is that while calling for all races to study and interact in the same school, the govt should show it is genuine by opening up MRSM, SAP and UiTM to all races . Other wise, it would only be back to square one.


Anonymous said...

Weii... Hutt of Malaysia, you oso go round copy-paste yor comment here n there one... so you don't start talk bs ok?

- A.non

Anonymous said...

aiyo... Miss, tomorrow I will ask my MP to start Iban schools here in Sarawak and also near KL as there are more of us there...

Iban Boy

Anonymous said...

SAya pon mau bukak sekolah Kadazan.. apasal tak boleh?


Anonymous said...

Allo.. sekolah Bangla boleh ka?

Anonymous said...

Just read this in Tun's blog "Today we are grappling with the problem of education. We have three streams and woe betide anyone who suggests that we should not have them. We talk of liberal society, of free speech, but if you express some commonsensical views you would be labelled racist."

I concurred with Tun's view and the wise old man has got a point there. What do you think?

-Tun's fan

artchan said...

When they are supposed to take a stand, they have to ask UMNO's permission. More often this is wayang played out, eventually everybody will come to middle agreement and MCA will come out smelling like roses.

MCA has lost..UMNO can just tell them to piss off like Rustam told PPP. And UMNO would not suffer any less than now. Those who support UMNO are diehards, and will support UMNO come what may. Events over the last few months with arresting people for flimsy reasons like for lighting candles and wearing black have not gone umnnoticed. And the MCA keeps quiet, very quiet....not a whimper of protests on the abuse of detentions by police.

Srikanth Siva said...

It is only fair that all kids are educated in 1 school system, but before we bark on that tree......what about UiTM? Should UiTM open its admission to other races? What about Malay College Kuala Kangsar?

Can you imagine if Oxford or Harvard someday come out with a statement saying that from this day onwards, only white people will be allowed admission? Would that be shocking news or acceptable?

Srikanth Siva said...

and MRSM too....are you ready to discuss in opening up these schools?

zamrar said...

Cuma nak tanya, slogan kat situ ada tulis satu bahasa, bahasa apa tu? Setahu saya Kak Ena ni penyokong kuat PPSMI!

TTS said...

That's one thing about non-Malay. They want to abolish bumi's right, NEP, quota for bumi at the same time they don't want even give up vernacular school..If Malay can tolerate lots of things in the spirit of 1Malaysia concept, why can't they???completely outrages!

Anonymous said...

Ali Ibrahim,

I beg to differ.

4of my siblings attended SJKC, 1967, 1969, 1971 and 1973. All over their 40s now.

Today, none of them sent their children to SJKC! They experienced it themselves to know what is best for their childrens' educational needs!


electrocutioner said...


Malaysian Heart said...

Dear Dal,

The measure of how good any idea is, is not the sizes of the heads involved or who tried to shoot down what. To evaluate the idea and determine how good or bad it is, we need to look thoroughly at its intent, proposals & probable consequences, then compare that with what all Malaysians aspire to. That is the least that we owe to our future generations.

To properly evaluate an idea of such import, there needs to be space for discussion & debate; as you yourself have said, "Malaysians should give this idea a good look". What I observe in this memorandum is this: while it claims to promote unity & integration, it does more than just propose a single school stream. It contains some very disturbing premises & key elements, just 2 of which are:

a) that it seeks to institutionalize intolerance against the so-called "foreign" cultures & languages of some Malaysians, by proposing that these be ghettoized, i.e. set apart from & denied its role in the public life of Malaysia, and
b) that it espouses assimilation rather than integration.

Neither of the 2 elements above is in any way necessary for true integration & unity. On the contrary, they will work against "comradeship and goodwill for us tiny rakyat". Elements like these (as well as the intolerant language used in the memorandum) hardly make for a "struggle of all Malaysians irrespective of their colour, origin, creed or breed".

Added to that is the attitude of some promoters of SSUS. While they are quite happy to repeat over and over again the professed objectives of the project and the fact that 1 school for all will promote integration, they seem to want to ignore the fact that Malaysians have concerns & reservations over some elements & aspects of the SSUS. There seems to be an effort to deem people with such concerns as unpatriotic or even racist; and to paint anyone who tries to delve below the surface of SSUS & its promoters (& tries to share it with others), as, in your words, a "provocateur with malice and hidden vicious agenda”. Why this unwillingness to address those concerns? Why this hurry to railroad the SSUS without due diligence & deliberation? If this idea is as good as you say it is, won't it sail through scrutiny & criticism with colours flying?


Malaysian Heart said...

(Dear Dal, continued)

You wrote , "No one is out to subjugate anyone in this national effort to give our children a better chance for a better future in a better Malaysia". I sincerely welcome your statement; indeed Malaysia cannot be united or strong as long as we seek to subjugate one another.

However, let's look at something else you also wrote, in response to this comment of kijangmas, in which he refers to Field Marshal Phibun Songkhram's Thai Ratthaniyom policy, describing it as one "where all Chinese schools, newspapers, culture and names were banned under penalty of imprisonment. Within one generation, the 30% ethnic-Chinese population became fully Thaicized".

Your response to that was:
Tam Dalyell said...

Quote "When the Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu agreed to the wholesale dishing out of Malayan citizenships --even inexplicably waiving Bahasa Melayu proficiency tests -- to a million and a half unwanted, abandoned stateless Chinese (and Indians) in 1957 ..."unquote

Hmmm ... what would happen if The Duli-Duli Raja-Raja Melayu did not agree, and Malaya had its own Phibun Songkhram or Plaek Khittasangkha with a Malayan version of "Ratthaniyom" back then?

But may be, today's individual parts of "Ratthaniyom" can be build up and put into action ... no?

October 27, 2008 9:56 AM
(For the benefit of other readers, Phibun Songkhram a.k.a Plaek Khittasangkha was the Prime Minister and military dictator of Thailand from 1938 to 1944 and 1948 to 1957. Phibun was the person who decreed the Thai "Ratthaniyom", which was a program of forced assimilation of minorities in Thailand, done in the name of "social cohesion" & "unity". The Malay & Chinese minorities in Thailand were amongst those affected by it. You can read more about Phibun Songkhram & his Ratthaniyom policies here and here. Please also look at Kijangmas' description of the negative effects that phibun his policies had on the Patani Malay population, in his other blog, Patani: Behind The Accidental Border, in the post entitled "Thai Ratthaniyom: Erasure of the Patani Malay Race". Please do read it for yourself.)


Anonymous said...


I would like to add more, our experiences when my siblings were in SJKC;

….My mum had to prepare bergantang2 ketupat daun palas and her rending specialties, and lots of ketupat kuah kacang (yearly request) for all our Hari Raya celebrations, specially to cater for their SJKC classmates, even the Chinese teachers made it their yearly affair to attend our open house – a real refreshing and exciting yearly get together.

...In turn, of cos we get invited to their homes for CNYear Celebrations. Our refrigerator will be crammed with all sorts of different Traditional Flavoured Mooncakes during the mooncake festivities - tak habis makan!

IT DEFINITELY GOT US ALL VERY CLOSE TOGETHER, their school teachers and families, classmate’s grandparents, parents, and today, their spouses and their new families, friendship developed over 44years.

And for the last 30years, I employ only Chinese maids to help take care of my home, something VERY VERY uncommon these days right?

HOWEVER, today, in terms of education, (besides knowing Mandarin and many other Chinese dialects) we find that SK is definitely a better choice for our kids (offers many activities and we find it more rounded for their growing stages).

Banyak lagi ingin di ceritakan kat sini.. but yes,

1Sekolah, it will DEFINITELY contribute to help unite us closer as Malaysians!!


glassman aka jitraguy said...

They are defending vernacular schools because of the real estate. Period

Dr. Lingam Wong Bt. Rahim said...

Dear Kak Aina & Everybody Here,

While many support the campaign to promote the 'One School For All' campaign, one must also ponder as to why the many rejections to it.

I believe it is a very good initiative to foster unity, understanding and tolerance amongst the many races. But then again, if there is still daylight institutionalized discrimination (affirmative action) by race instilled in our constitution, how can we expect the non-Malay races to support this initiative?

Simple analogy here: "Put yourself in their shoes". You can't say that they have not contributed to the growth of the country nor paid their taxes or brought this country together to where it is today now can we?

Question is, if we were of the non-Malay origin bearing in mind the "affirmative action policies" in place, would we strongly support this initiative without hesitation?

It takes to hands to clap people. Period.

Thanks Kak Aina.