Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Speaker Appointed In Perak Assembly

The six-hour sitting, was finally adjourned sine die at 4.10pm.
The NST report.

Original posting:
It's a black day in Perak today when the Perak State Assembly began sitting.
Trouble began as soon as V. Sivakumar, Menteri Besar Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, former MB Nizar Jamaluddin and the assemblymen took their seats in the august house.

Sivakumar who was still Speaker, attempted to kick Zambry and six Exco members and three independents out of the Dewan.

Here's the Star "Battleground Ipoh" account.

Pandemonium, chaos, whatever -- microphones switched off, sergeant-at-arms called to remove Zambry but they refused to do so -- and amid all that, four motions passed including one for the Speaker to be replaced and a new one appointed.

So, former Sungkai state assemblyman Datuk R. Ganesan of MIC is the new Speaker, replacing Sivakumar.

Because his microphone was the only one working (as reported in by the Press), he is in control and in charge.

Meanwhile, police nabbed several people including politicians, activitists and a blogger.

The latest on the court case of the crisis HERE.

Pakatan Rakyat wants to defer the sitting of the assembly so that the six-month deadline (from the last sitting in November) will lapse by May 13 (when the sitting adjourns) that will allow the Assembly to automatically be dissolved, paving the way for fresh elections to be called.

As for Barisan, it, of course, wants the sitting to proceed so that it can remain the government in power until the next general election.

Read all the online news for update because it is getting hotter and hotter.


Lee said...

The despicable Camry Hee had the audacity to order the sergeant at arm to remove her boss the rightful speaker.I use the word "rightful" because the Judiciary have not decided as to who actually controls the state government.And the assembly have not even started, so how on earth can a new speaker be appointed?This is ridiculous.And the so-called new speaker is not even elected!Why was'nt Camry Hee "elected" as the speaker, after all she was the deputy speaker?
Is is because she has resigned and her her case has not yet been decided by the the Judiciary as Pakatan have resorted to the Court, like BN?Why not adjourned the meeting until the Judiciary have decided...due process to take place..with appeal and counter appeal.Why make a mockery of democracy?Such childish behavior as switching off the microphones is making us a laughing stock to the world!

Anonymous said...

What a shame to our country and nation. All eyes are watching us. How can we step so low in our concious.

Frank said...


A correction in your blog:

R Ganesa is a FORMER state assemblyman. He lost the election.

He is an UNELECTED SPEAKER of the House.

Why didn't they pick someone who was elected?



Thank you....I have made the correction.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Perak Zoo.

On your right you will see some wild animals and on your left more wild animals.

Waiting ouside are wildmen shouting and chanting prayers to release the wild animals.

I am your Tourist Guide for this tour.


mad said...

i'm not surprised how the new speaker got appointed. this is the way it always been how leaders got elected in umno. now it spreads into the assembly. never before in the history of any democratic country police personnels (and so many of them) are allowed inside the assembly. what a shameful historic day