Monday, May 04, 2009

Pak Lah Is MAS Adviser

From Bernama

Former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been appointed as Advisor, Malaysia Airlines effective May 1.

In a statement in Kuala Lumpur today, Malaysia Airlines chairman, Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid said the board welcomed Abdullah with his wide experience and extensive contacts to the non-executive appointment and looked forward to a beneficial association with him.

Let's hope our former PM can help push Malaysia Airlines to be better than it is today.


Dhahran Sea said...

Salam Nuraina,
Interesting... I hope our pilots don't dozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz off while on the job!

kayumanis said...

Lingkup..lingkup. MAS + ABDULLAH = MASALAH.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

Habis la MAS ... dalam penerbangan pesawat nanti kejap di atas, kejap di bawah, kejap undur balik ,kejap boleh berlepas, sikit lagi ramaila pilot berenti sebab pening dengan arahan flip flop...he he he he

Pejuang Ufuk Timur said...

Announcements were made to MAS staff last Fri on the appointment. I heard it was to facilitate his free flights in the future.

What can a Air Asia sympathiser contribute to MAS anyway? This is the guy, who tried to kill MAS and MAB thru his clear support for Air Asia!

Doesn't make cow sense to me!





Keylee Daud said...

atleast 'there' alots jobs waiting fot tun..and some new hobbies 'drive-in' jumbo jet a380 :)

kumbahkarno said...

How on earth can such an arrangement be even conceived! at least i know it is a reaffirmation the national airline is dreaming to compete with the likes of SIA or VirginAir while operating like a typical Malaysian public department. Bet it is a strategy of Tony's; to plant a mole (of disaster) in the enemy's HQ.

Hey Tony! you da man ...wicked very wicked, but bloody brilliant bro

Anonymous said...

To Pak Lah,

They've treated you so badly & now they're trying to make up for their action.

Just refuse it. After all you don't really need the money. There're thousands who're finding it hard to put the food on the table for their family.

Why should you subject yourself to further scorn by your 'loyal' friends. Maintain your prestige and say to yourself, "If they think not well of me; What care I how good it be." Just enjoy your twilight years by doing some good, so that the future history book will say that "Pak Lah, the ex-PM of Malaysia, was really a man of substance who refused turned down the job of Mas Advisor which came with big monthly money."

Another Old Man.

zackdanial said...

dulu abang pak lah(ibrahim) supply food for Mas and Mas hampir bungkus , now pok lah pulak masuk Mas . mmg 2 beradik ni bolehlah tutup Mas for good .

The future is bright for Air Asia Idris Jala shell is the only way out .

KS Cheah said...

Hi Nuraina,

Tun Det got Petronas
Tun Lah got MAS
Tun Jib will get what?

Anyway, after sleeping on the job this clown Tun Lah now wants to continue to have free holidays. He has negotiated his severance package well!

Anonymous said...

With his so called track record.................!

Does it makes sense or not...????
We all know he can only do 1 thing better...


Anonymous said...

Another waste of fund, this idiot should be relax and sleep at home.

Anonymous said...

Alamak. Time to sell MAS shares.

Donplaypuks® said...

Is it not curious that in all these announcements, the Govt and the MSM never tell us what it will cost the Taxpayer to have these gaji butra advisors?

Another case of self-censorship by the MSM? Don't ask uncomfortable questions? How nice of them!

I mean till today we do not know what Petronas, Putrajaya and Proton (PPP? just a coincidence!)pays Dr.M for his advisorial role.

Surely the majestic offices in Putrajaya and on the 86th? floor of Petronas Towers have a rental value and foregone cost. And when the shit hits the fan like the sale of MV Augusta, Dr.M said he was not consulted by Proton!

I am sure the new advisor's position at MAS (where incidentally Jala has been doing quite well without input from the PM's office) comes with free air 1st class air travel, Merc awith driver and a good 5-figure fee etc,etc!

How nice! Ordinary Malaysians struggle to make ends meet while the elite, who already have houses in London and Perth and sizeable tax free pensions, are showered with more handouts. And when MAS gets into trouble, what will AAB say?

You guessed it - 'Ask Jala. I was not consulted!!' Wouldn'y you give your right arm for a job like that? Top whack of salary and perks with no day to day work and no responsibility at all!

Anonymous said...

Yep, this confirms beyond any doubt why Malaysia is a laughing stock to the whole world !!

telur dua said...

What can he advise MAS on? He'll be sleeping on the job mostly.

His salary won't be RM3000 per month I'm sure. Ya, it will cost Malaysian taxpayers plenty.

James Khoo said...

I also feel very strongly that Pak Lah should turn down the appointment as adviser to MAS.

By doing so, he will gain some respect and prove to his detractors that he has more dignity than his nemesis, namely Dr Mahathir in not seeking any personal fame and/or financial reward now that he has retired.

James Khoo.

Lee said...

This is only one way of giving some extra income to our ex PM!Actually, he does not need the extra income as he has his PM's pension, not to mention his MP's renumeration.I am sure there are better ways to utilise
government fund.Please let the ex- PM have time to spend with his beloved and not bother him by asking him for advices on a company that is having all sort of financial problems.

Anonymous said...

This is cronyism. How is the country going to move forward, if we continue on with this kind of unethical practice? Is this the kind of reform that Najib is talking about, that is, I "scratch your back, you scratch mine"?

Unknown said...

Basically the shareholders (read Malaysian government) want to give Tun good pocket money to go with his pension.

He is not expected to be active and create problems for the airline like what his predecessor had been doing in Proton.

Donplaypuks® said...

KS Cheah

What will Tun Jib get?

This is a no brainer.

Advisor to Mongolian Government on Defence Procurement of Submarines and Fighter Jets! QED!

pua kang kang said...

If it is a joke, than it is not funny at all.

Anonymous said...

AAB made an advisor of MAS, he can fly free on the airline. TDM made advisor on Petronas, he can fly on petronas private jets. It is flying that counts, and to make it convenient administratively, they are made the most respected staff as Advisor. They can be paid too.

The good thing about advisor is that they would not get to be consulted, or involved in important matters. They will not be bothered with small issues. So, they are in fact irrelevant.

But then the ex-vvvips want face and convenience, so the governmentlinked company had to pay. Petronas is state owned, Najib decides. But MAS, the shareholders should ask for an acount of the cost and contribution made by the advisor.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, we should thank Pak Lah for his past services.

The top job in this country is not as easy as one thinks.

Making comments, especially negative ones is easy.

If Mahathir had not allowed Pak Lah to succeed, we will never even be able to express our thoughts through blogs such as this.

I should say that past leaders be given something to do as recognition for their contributions, if any.

But, in all seriousness, Pak Lah should opt for some agricultural projects instead of a high flying career with the airline industry.

He could spearhead some innovative agri-based projects which he used to hold dear when he was in service, because he has a special interest in such things.

Just my two cents.


wak segen said...

Well lets say he is most experienced for the job.
5 1/2 years as PM he spent most of the time flying all over at his whim and fancy.
He should know what it takes for an airline to give the most comfortable service to its passengers.

gongkaukau said...

During his short tenure as PM, Pak Lah travelled extensively. Now he gets his wish to travel free with a monthly allowance to boot!

Who is paying for all these? The rakyat, of course!

Anonymous said...

Suprised no news on Pak Lah since he tool over MAS. No statement from him as well. How come the goverment gives taxpayers money away like this?
Also we've not heard MAS Quarter 1 results. Suprising the company tends to hold it so long; certainly something must be wrong! AiAsia seems to be overtaking MAS. Infact i heard Airasia now flies more routes as well as they have more aircraft than MAS. Whats happening to our National Carrier? Some say that they big money MAS made in the past was due to them selling of all their buildings, planes etc. Now Idris got the real challenge. Try to make money with the airline. no more buildings to seel this would be the real turn around.