Monday, May 11, 2009

Perak To Have Fresh Elections

That is what Nizar Jamaluddin hopes to work towards.

Nizar who was today declared the rightful Menteri Besar by the High Court in Kuala Lumpur is seeking an audience with the Sultan Of Perak (to seek consent) for the dissolution of the State Assembly, to pave the way for elections to be held.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said Barisan Nasional will appeal against the court decision tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

NO need fresh election for whole perak , too costly, our blood money lah !
the 3 ugly toads must resign = by-elections tercukup lah, ok !!




Anonymous said...

Didn't they know, in their hearts of hearts, who is the rightful MB !

Were they true to themselves - they wouldn't need the Court to tell them so.

All the strategies to gain control of the State - yet were they not aware of the horrid reputation and stigma they've created.

Was it really worth it ?

anak bugis johor said...

yea, i agree with fresh election, let rakyat tentukan, well, I also believe the majority malay votes will swing back to BN & the Chinese will also have some divided & some are quite rational when it comes to business opportunities esp. the new leadership. I think BN will win majority but election is a cost to public. Public still lost.

nur mohd nidzam said...

Best is to dissolve DUN and have a fresh election,let the people decide. Its not that pr is going to be sure winner. Dont understand why is this govt acting like fagots or pondans.They seems to be scared to death at mere thought of elections.Penanti they want to chicken out,manoharan just gertak to resign and they quickly released all the ISA detainees,Perak they acting like chickens of the softest kind.They just might as well give up and hand everything to pr aje lah.

Dhahran Sea said...

Whoever "advised" Najib to go for the "back door" hijacking of Perak should be fired! Kan dah malu UMNO/BN? And as TDM said, it would backfire on UMNO/BN & we can see that happening now... with this mess, UMNO/BN would need a MIRACLE to win the hearts & minds of Perakians! Double-trouble but have to bite the bullet lah, no choice!

Anonymous said...

when court verdict was due...d`nt to u think calling 7th may assembly with so much of police backing....such a huge tax amount has been wasted...whose fault r these??

Anonymous said...

Dear PR Leaders and PR supporters,

Congratulations to DS Nijar and PR Leaders for they who won the 1st half battle of the constitutional issues but don't be too carried away for this moment.

UM-No/BN (Najis/Zombie) not going to just let off the current political developments of the court ruling as they would appeal soon. It might be a strategy of getting the Rakyat thought that the judiciary commisssion was acting justifiably in the 1st half of this battle but on the 2nd half, the court may ruled otherwise. Be reminded that this agency (JC) is still the UM-No/BN horse.

Once this happen, PR will have a major set back and cry fouls of the JC's integrity and therefore any objections by PR of the court ruling that cannot be accepted by PR would be seen as uncivilised or "KIASU" !! (The 1st half UM-No/BN can accept court ruling but 2nd half court ruling cannot be accepted by PR).

PR just have to be very careful and strategizing the next course of action.
Anyway, as supporter of PR, I still believe in people's power and the best solutions to end the whole episode is to dissolved the assembly and go for a fresh elction.

The PERAK peoples and MINDFULL Malaysian are 1000% behind PR.


Anonymous said...

Bubar dewan? Mengadap DYMM Sultan sekali lagi untuk bubar dewan? Nizar ini macam dah gila..dulu kan dah pohon dan DYMM Sultan tak perkenan.Tak akan kali ini DYMM nak perkenan ,atas alasan apa nak bubar dewan? Bukankah dalam episod dulu, setelah DYMM tak perkenan,dan bila lawannya mengadap DYMM dengan mengesahkan sokongan majority lalu di lantik MB baru, maka tiba tiba Nizar ingin mengadakan sidang Dewan untuk test dia punya kedudukan,sehingga jadi kecuk ( yang sepatutnya itu "move"yang pertama dia perlu buat,iaitu mengadakankan sidang dewan untuk dapat sokongan sebelum mengadap DYMM Sultan dalam episod dulu).
Sekiranya Dia mengadap juga maka episod yang lalu akan berulang semula.So Nizar bawah lah balik ke sidang dewan test your strength there, bukan mengadap DYMM Sultan

Anonymous said...

I am more concern about whether Nizar is going to secure the sultan consent to dissolve the state assembly ,even the high court has ruled in favor of PR.After all the sultan can still stiock to his decision that the case is being appealed by BN govt as cautious by Najib that Perakian should not overjoyed by the high court ruling.

By then the second thing I am wondering is whether the judiciary can make the royal understand than judiciary have a higher say or the monarch in this matter of democracy

Lets see and watch very closely!

telur dua said...

Of course BN can appeal. It is called due process of the law. I hope the other side is given the same. Boleh?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Just hold by elections for the 3 katak seats.
Whichever party wins will have the majority i.e. 28 plus 3 and will be the legitimate government to lead
This will also save time and unnecessary cost and expenses which the BN government is trying to portray.

feng shui master said...

Remember me, the feng shui master:) ?

Today the High Court made a favorable decision to PR that Nizar is the rightful MB.

See what PR leaders say as compare to my prediction.

Anwar "....Alhamdulillah saya menyambut baik keputusan mahkamah tinggi hari ini yang ....."

(Anwar hari ini tak belit:?)

Lim Kit Siang "....This is a great judgment. This is the first time the court has restored public confidence in the judiciary..."

Anonymous said...

Yeah rite!!!
Najib will appeal.
Meanwhile batalions of oplice personnel will waste their time in Ipoh rather than maintaining streets and neigiborhood in Kelang Valley.
Anyway who cares a pregnant mother died of snatch theft or cars robbed in daylight.
Well these are no BNs relatives.
As long the the ministers and the tycoons taht being paying millions to the political parties are fine and save, then everything is ok in the country.

feng shui master said...

From Malaysiakini

".....Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said the court's decision was a victory for the people and democracy in this country...."

"The decision proves that the constitution is the highest law of the land. So it is important for all government institutions to respect the spirit of the constitution. This includes the doctrine of separation of powers," he said

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

InsyaAllah melayu cina dan india akan 100%
menyokong Pakatan Rakyat sekiranya DUN
di bubarkan.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Let justice take its natural course
For all those taking up the right cause
Let there not be any further excuse because
All are tired of antics and tactics coarse

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 110509
Mon. 11th May 2009.

Godisuno said...

I don't think a new election is needed. A waste of money. Instead of wasting money to satisfy the "supposed" leaders greed, why not use the money to help those suffered from the economic crisis, the workers who lost their jobs, the children whose fathers and/or mothers who had been fired from work who are in dire need of money to buy food and shelter. Toads or not, lets go back to democracy like it was told by PR defacto leader, Mr Anwar Ibrahim when he promised the change of power on 16 September ( or is 17 or 18 or 19...not sure due to too many dates given). Majority is majority. Thats democracy. Accept it even when it is bitter to swallow. Remember the English proverb " what comes around, turns around".

Anonymous said...

Ooi, Nuraina, aku memang tak faham lah. Pada zaman IT ini, kita semua dapat membaca berita yg terkini kat Malaysian Insider lah, Mkini lah, RPK punya website lah, the star online lah, NSt online lah, Utusan online lah, dan sebagainya. Kenapa kamu hanya melapor tanpa memberi analysis atau penyelidikan mendalam? Kenapa tiada insight? Kita bukan melawati blog kamu hanya untuk berita kan? Tolong jadi seorang blogger yg lebih serius lah, boleh?


Anonymous said...

These are the things BN must do :

1)Find a raintree
2)Build a historic plaque
3)Hold demos in protest
4)Block the Sultan's entourage
5)Sue the judge.

Because, if the judgement was in Zambry's favour, these are exactly what Nizar would have done.


MalayMind said...


In the end, PR has proven that they’re putting the people first.

1. First to be sacrificed when they insist government to spend more money to politics rather than helping poor people all over Malaysia.

2. First to spend tax payers’ money for ‘popularity testing’ rather than focusing on ‘economic solutions’.

Yes, do this more often. Looking forward for more political rematch.

So damn contra-intellect.

julia said...

In view of the fact that Jamaluddin and Osman were charged for corruption, this means the two coalitions are actually in a stalemate. Perhaps it is best that a fresh elections be held.

Anonymous said...

Perak needs to have fresh election to give opportunity to the people to vote for stronger government that cannot go down easily with vote of no confident basically 40-19 to lead the state. We need stabality because investors have more confident to do business here, otherwise we may lost even bigger people money. Choose the government that works for people honestly and not cheaters.

amoker said...

Rights must be given back to the rakyat. The chartalans must pay

ChengHo said...

yes fresh election ,go ahead Nizar afterall PAS do not have the number
DAP will still in control of 18 seats...Where is Anwar?

Old Fart said...

Agree with Anon 6.57.

It is their selfishness that is going to result in the dissolution solution.

At 28/28 Why not BN suggest this if cost is about the only concern for not wanting a dissolution?

Just 3 seats. That is all. I think Perakians as well as PR will accept the outcome if by-election and the final prize of ruling Perak was confined to a race in just those three seats.

But I suppose in Malaysian politics sense and sensibilities cannot be allowed to prevail, can it?

Anonymous said...

Why Najib is so cared ad afraid to face the people in the general election?
Why cant the people be allowed to decide the future of their own state?
Why must federal government interfere with the running of the state government?
The cost of election is high due to present campaign practice that utilise all government machineries.
Cant we say stop to the use of government machineries including cars, airplanes, helicopters and all sorts of functions and lies made by federal ministers.
We have seen all these lies year after year. and yet now PM Najib suddenly talked about the cost of elections.
The cost is low provided Najib stop using all government monies through schools, military and police programmes.
Not to mention all ministers will jump the wagon with all sort of goodies and all sorts of budgets approved in less than a week.
And you also see all constructions including new roads and toilettes built in less than a week as part of the political campaign.
So, lets allow the Perakian decide their future. And to federalists, let respect the spirit of federalism in its trus sense.

Anonymous said...

Feng Shui Master made some good predictions. But that was yesterday when the going was in PR's favour.

Today, after the stay of execution,

They will say " It's a sad day for justice" bla blah.


sick and tired said...

Aunty Ena,

Can he ask for the disolution of the assembly when he does not hold the majority?

Plus.. don't the DUN have to agree to the motion to dissolve the assembly?

can somebody clarify?

Anonymous said...

Your Camry got his stay lor!Back to MB.The judiciary can work wonders for someone like instant coffee while hundreds are languishing in jail waiting for their appeals!And you still give a damn on our judiciary.
People knows how justice is served and for the present it sucks!You do some write up and let us know the rating!

Anonymous said...

bubar dun tu satu jalan PR nak kalahkan BN ... buat jer undian tak prcaya habes dan tamat kemelut politik perak .. dorang ni tak kesian ke ngn rakyat perak yang menderita pening kepale ngan dorang .. stock panadol pun tak cukup nie... :)

Zamrud Berkilau said...

Nizar and Pakatan Rakyat has been calling for fresh elections right from the start. Consistent and principled. Tak flip-flop macam Barisan Nasional.

Kalau Sultan benar-benar nak selamatkan negeri dan rakyat dia, beliau tidak akan pikir dua kali nak adakan pilihanraya setelah apa yang berderet berlaku sekian lama ini.

Tapi kenapa Sultan kita senyap, seolah olah menunggu keputusan yang akan menyebelahi Barisan Nasional?

Tak paham la Sultan Sultan ni dan niat dan kepentingan mereka.

Semua manusia ada kepentingan peribadi.

Kepentingan Sultan di mana?

Zamrud Berkilau said...

Parpu Kari,

Mana boleh buat sidang DUN tergempar.

Kalau Nizar menteri besar yang sah, maka sidang DUN bawah pokok itu sah. Kalau ianya sah, 6 exco BN dan Zambry tak boleh masuk DUN. Kalau Nizar menteri besar yang sah, Zambry tak boleh undi dalam DUN. Kalau diadakan undi kepercayaan, BN gerenti kalah. Jadi apa yang kau merepek ni Parpu Kari?

cheguBard said...

salam ziarah

Anonymous said...

Saudari Nuraina

Sudilah sokong kempen "Satu Sekolah untuk Semua" di citramaya Deminegara.

Mohon izin logo diletakkan disini.

Terima Kaseh


luah fikiran said...

Saya ada buat ulasan sedikit dalam posting saya "KALAU DUN DIBUBAR, NIZAR TAK SEMESTI JADI MB". Orang Perak kena ambilkira kemenangan tersurat dan kemenangan yang tersirat! Siapa atau pihak mana yang sebenarnya yang mengharapkan dapat faedah daripada kemelut ini?

OrgkpgDoha said...

Let the Rakyat Perak make the decision who should govern them..Only rakyat can decide who they like..Let see ...

tukang taip said...

orang cina dan india terpesona dengan agenda perubahan oleh anwar, UMNO terlalu leka dengan konflik dalaman sehinga lupa kepada agenda mengutakan parti, tugas najib sungguh besar, namun sehingga kini agenda najib masih tidak disambut sepenuhnya oleh ahli umno sendiri...

Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said...

Anifah Memang Pernah Bertemu Anwar Di Australia di

Anonymous said...

the 3, tiga three, SINful ugly toads MUST resign for by-elections !!
fresh elections are TOO costly TOO troublesome & just UNnecessary !!
HRH please order the 3 sinful toads
to quit, ok !!

Anonymous said...

rotations then till GE13 :-

zambry 3 years, Nizar 1.
ganesan 3, siva 1.
bn excos 3, PR excos 1.
perdana 3, camry 1.
dogs 3, cats 1.
ayams 3, itik 1.
advisers ? buang !!

ok, fair & square !