Saturday, June 06, 2009

Road Bully Who Drove A Green Avanza WRW8402

This man, in his 30s punched a 72 year-old man who had honked him for swerving into his lane without signalling.

Here's the Star report:

PETALING JAYA: A drive home from the bank turned violent for a 72-year-old retiree who fell victim to a road bully in Damansara Damai.
M. Edwards, the father of one of The Star’s journalists, suffered injuries to his head and body after he was punched several times in the 10am incident yesterday.
He received outpatient treatment at the Sungai Buloh Hospital.Edwards (pic) said he had just finished paying some bills at a bank and was driving home with his daughter when a van cut into his lane.
“I sounded my horn at the driver because he had swerved in suddenly without using the indicator,” he added.
"The man then started driving slowly and kept swerving to prevent me from overtaking.”
This continued for a while and then the van suddenly stopped and the driver got down.
Edwards said he then stopped his car and got out to see what was the problem, adding that another man seated in the van did not get out.
The driver, who looked to be in his 30s, walked straight to Edwards and, without saying a word, started punching him.
“I tried to fight back, but he was huge. He punched me in the face, head and body several times before getting back into the van and fleeing,” Edwards said.
He added that as the bully drove off he challenged him (Edwards) to report the attack to the police.
Edwards lodged a police report at a nearby police station.
Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed confirmed the incident and said police were investigating.

Read Rocky's Bru HERE

It surely was a traumatic experience for Mr Edwards.
Let's hope the police will get this bully.

I'd like to suggest that Mr Edwards get assistance to find out the identity of the bully and take a civil suit against him.
Obviously this bully is confident that the police will not get him.

Suing this bully is an option for Mr Edwards to get redress and see him punished. It may take time....


Anonymous said...

U mean to tell me the JPJ does not have records on the owner of this car?
Already provided the car make and number plate - what else do they need?
Why must we "HOPE" the police would take action - isn't that what they are paid to do?


Driving is NOT for OLD FOLKS said...

This OLD MAN deserved it. Knowing very well he is already freaking old but still yet wanna drive. The Govt. should BAN all individuals age above 70 years from driving cos' they are only a PEST to other road users.

Moreover, I believe this old dumb dude by the name of EDWARDS did something stupid to the other driver causing this commotion. If only this dumb old man had stayed out from driving, this unfortunate episode wouldn't had happened.

"Don't blame the so-called road bully. Blame that old dumb donkey"

TOKZ said...

I hope this OLD MAN learned his lesson. If you're OLD, please don't drive. Just take public transport.

OLD FOLKS are not suitable to drive cos' they will just be RFOAD NUISANCES to other drivers.

Bodoh punya EDWARDS said...

Orang tua nak PANDU,
Tapi pandu tak MENENTU,
Bila kena belasah nak MENGADU,
Tolong haramkan orang tua dari MEMANDU.

Padan muka si EDWARDS,
Dah tua masih nak LAGAK,
Sekarang dah kena belasah sampai BENGKAK,
Memang betul kita semua ketawa KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.

Orang tua tolonglah duduk kat RUMAH,
Tolong jangan pandu pergi MANA MANA,
Buat susah aje kepada SEMUA,
Nanti kena bantai hilang MARUAH.

Anonymous said...

So what if I were to say I know the person behind AVANZA WRW8402 & so what if I were to say I'm the driver of AVANZA WRW8402???? Will it make a difference???

Looking at this episode, I don't think what EDWARDS said are the entire truth. I strongly believed he did something really NASTY & AWFUL to the driver of WRW8402. No one will simply walk up to a OLD MAN & whallop him if the old man didn't have done anything provocative. Why only hear 1 side of the story???

I think EDWARDS had added extra spice & herbs to his own story. For this....Hahahahahahahaha...this OLD FARK deserve it. Padan muka kena HENTAM KAW-KAW!!!

WRW8402 said...

1 dumb old fuck making hell of an issue here. What's the bladdy big deal??? It's just an another ordinary roadside commotion of which happens daily.

This old arse should have just refrained from driving. Thus, this issue will never crop-up again. Moreover, I strongly think driving are NOT meant for OLD FOLKS.

Pegawai JPJ Setapak said...

Hi all,

I'm attached with JPJ & based on JPJ's vehicle ownership database information, I'm able to confirm the owner details of Avanza WRW8404 are as followed:

Pemilik: Mohamad Muda Bantai Tua bin Hero.
Alamat: No.4, Jalan Tua Bodoh, Kampung Orang Tua Jangan Pandu, 73086 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel.: +603-2202 6789

I tried contacting the sad & had asked him politlely why he did such a terrible thing. His answered was....

"Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Padan muka lah si tua EDWARDS tu. Tolong suruh dia jangan pandu lagi. Buat
susah saja kepada pemandu-pemandu golongan muda".

I replied him..."Memang betul cakap lu"

Anonymous said...

Did this OLD MAN (Edwards) die??? If not, just forget it lah. What's the bladdy point of talking about such petty issues??? Old Edwards is still alive only for some minor bruises here & there.

Just ask that old man to rest well at home. No issue, no issue, no issue.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if the police can get the bully!

Anonymous said...

The bully is definitely a member of the opposition; PKR/DAP/PAS/HINDRAF as we've seen how the hooligans supporters behaved on the streets with protests etc.

selampit said...

I do hope the Police would catch the lunatic driver soon and I do hope when that happens ,he would violently resist arrest, forcing the police to...

Now I'm getting too far.

About four years ago, I too nearly became a victim of road rage. I was driving home when this Perodua Kancil overtook my my car in the most insane manner. Of course my natural response was to HORN the uncouth driver.

The driver, whose car was positioned in front of mine, suddenly braked his car, stopping in the middle of the road FORCING my car to a standstill.

The driver, a man in his thirties got out of the vehicle and started cursing and swearing out the terms of every sex organ in existence. He approached my car in an aggressive manner and started kicking the front door of my Camry (ouchhh!), and challenging me to get out of my car to 'settle' it outside MANO E MANO. Yeah, right...

The bugger was physically BIGGER than I was and looked like he trained in the army or something.

I did what I believe any honorable man in my situation would do, STAY IN HIS CAR and avoid any physical confrontation.


Lucky for me, a van stopped directly behind my car and four Indian gentlemen got out and headed straight for the stark-raving murderous maniac. They somehow managed to persuade the incredible hulk to back off, and one of them approached my car and told me to SCRAM LIKE HELL, which I gladly did.


It is my opinion that if a normal person would hear the sound of a vehicle's horn directed to him, his brain would translate the sound as "drive carefully" or "move aside", or "be careful".

But to paranoid sociopaths like the driver of the green Avanza, the sound would probably be translated as "YOU F*CKING TURD!".

So my advice is, use your judgment before using your car's horn.

Anonymous said...

road bully = jalanan samseng juga =
driving lesen dimatikan & kereta itu dihadiahkan kpd orang dibully !!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Cowardly act that deserves a punishment indeed! Purrr...if I were the one to catch this bloke, I'll make him wash Uncle Edward's car everyday, bring him breakfast in bed, everyday too! Ah...wishful thinking of a cat.....

BTW, where have you been Aunty Nuraina? Long time no update....meow meow meow

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

malaysia is full of quadrant
four citizens.(low mentality people)

recently i fell victim to a pick pocket.

this country is just not safe anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious, this bully is not afraid of the Police and it is the other way around. The Police are afraid of him. He must be orang Kenamaan. If not he wouldn't have dared him to report. The question is will the police take the interest to investigate or just leave it as a NFA to cover their shame of not being able to meet the dare.

Anti Mad cop said...

That bully was confident because he could be a cop in mufti.
They can punch anybody and get away with it.
Koh Chon Weng 20, (read M'sia kini) was handcuffed and punched by the police. They are also bullies.
Now you report the police to the police.




Sick of Idiots said...

Kak Ena, what is wrong with people these days. It's bad enough we have people going around being bullies, we also have idiots who read your blog and then post comments about how Mr Edwards probably deserved it.
To all you idiots (I want to use harsher names, but out of respect to you, Kak Ena, I shall not) who think Mr Edwards deserved it, let me ask you this? What if it was your father/uncle/brother/grandfather, or even you who had been beaten up? You all should be ashamed of yourselves and if the bully who beat Mr Edwards up is an idiot, you guys are worse. I pray that nothing like this ever happens to you, and that you realise where you've gone wrong without having experienced such a thing.
Sad though that such sentiments exist, especially in country like Malaysia, where I know for a fact, the vast majority are law-abiding, considerate people!


to the person or persons who posted comments attacking Mr Edward's age and "behaviour", let me say that you are either deranged, wicked or/and stupid.

i don't have to tell you how stupid you are to have made such conclusions.

So, this 72 year-old frail man sought to taunt this driver of the Avanza? He deserved to be whacked?

So, it's ok for this bully to beat Mr Edward but not a younger driver because a younger driver would presumable be a better driver....

What crap.

So cease and desist.

Next time, put your real name and real address.

Anonymous said...

I am so shocked to read some of the comments. What have we become?

I hope those comments represents only a minority. Yes, one day you will also grow old and seek a place in society. I pray at that time people won't be as harsh to you as you are to Mr. Edwards.


Ain't I a HOT DEMAND said...


I'm the HERO who posted those comments that are NOT to your liking. So what??? What can FARK can you do???

Aiyoh, just allow this stupid issue to be history, ok??? No point talking about one OLD DONKEY who got into some routine roadside commotion of which he didn't DIE. That OLD MAN name EDWARDS is still alive & let's move on.

Oh yah!!! You ask for my real name & address, correct??? Why??? You wanna meet me & give me a FREE blow job??? this if you dare. As usual, I guess you dare NOT.

Anonymous said...

I know this type of creep (Ain't I a HOT DEMAND said)
The name he hides behind tells you plenty.
He is the type who would get his mother to do him a blow job.
The bloody idiot must have been born to a prostitude
What's the matter creep, mom in dentures.

artchan said...

Ain't I a HOT DEMAND 113pm...

you can go to hell and rot in hell...and hope also that you will not grow old.

What if Edwards is realted to you..would you have said things differently.

Road rage is road excuse....

The only thing i am pissed off is wattaf*ck the police is doing about this. They are very efficient at nabbing people wearing black t_shirts, lighting candles.

umialia said...

kalau bapak diorang yang kena macam mana ya

bukan salah ibu mengandung

tak mungkin mak diorang ni ajar jadi kurang ajar.

seronoknya mereka bila org tua kena punch.
dengan org tua berani lah nak berlagak
nak tunjuk lagak pun eloklah sesama baya.

road bully buka ikut parti politik -siapa yg dangkal tu

atau pun diorang ni lahir tak da bapak sebab tu lah tak reti nak hormat bapak org lain

Anonymous said...

Hi Ena,

I am flabbergasted with some of the comments made pertaining to this issue. Road bully is rampant over the last few years. Perhaps these people are "sick" and do not have a means to vent their frustration, anger or failure. Simply they are not able to control themselves.

Based on "perception" of some of the comments made I totally disagree that old people should be banned from driving. Infact there are a lot of young drivers who should be banned from driving. If only the authorities are more consistent in implementing the law then perhaps the number of road bullies could be reduced. Alas, those entrusted to implement the law seems to do things when and where they seem fit.

May I suggest those making comments in any of the blogs to be more prudent in making their comments. Everyone shall grow old and this is a fact of life. If the younger generation now feels that they shall stay young forever then they better realise that the day shall come when they grow old. Manners is vital and what you say reflects not only your personality but also your upbringing!! The young of today shall be the leaders of tomorrow....and if they are not well disciplined and uncouth.....what do we expect of them in the future.

Ena....all the best and kind regards!!

Ex Mass Comm

Anonymous said...

Sabar-sabar, there are always two sides to a story. Kita kena siasat dan kaji dulu, what really happened. Dont jump to conclusion. One is innocent until proven otherwise. Who are we to be judge, jury and executioner? The problem is we all live in our own worlds, to obbsessed with ourselves. In short, we are always right. Only GOD is great.


Anonymous said...

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