Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Victory For Shahrizat And Khairy...

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil is Wanita Umno's new chief! She trounced incumbent Rafidah Aziz by a wide margin. She obtained 507 votes while Rafidah, 280.

In her victory and adjournment speech , she thanked her supporters and promised to bring Wanita forward.

Her deputy is Kamilia Ibrahim who won the post uncontested.

Khairy Jamaluddin won the Pemuda chief post in a three-cornered fight. He obtained 304 votes out of the 793 possible votes, defeating Dr Mohd Khir Toyo and Mukhriz Mahathir.
As late as 11pm, votes were still being recounted until the final results were out at soon after.

Khairy, in his adjournment speech, said the winner does not take all and the loser does not lose all given this narrow victory which he said was not a majority.
He called on Umno Youth to close ranks and help him to reform the wing and take on the Opposition wherever it maybe..
Razali Ibrahim won the vice chief post.

Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin was elected Puteri Umno chief. The vice-head is Shahanim Mohamad Yusoff.


Anonymous said...

Aunty Ena,

It was full of suspense.
I was surprised that I was really interested to know.

I know now.. that I love UMNO.
I thank my grandparents and great grand parents for it.

Yay for shahrizat?
Kesian gak tan sri rafidah.. she only 280 votes.. hope they will unite and bring back UMNO to its former glory..

now.. for the pemuda!!

Anonymous said...

Tahniah la!!!
Siaran Langsung Perhimpunan Agong UMNO

Ti Lian Ker said...

Padan muka Mahathir kerana cuba mengungkit perasaan perkauman untuk memancing undi demi anaknya.
Like i said, the old man is out. Not in sync with the times. The Melayu baru are smarter and cleverer now. Their feelings are not easily manipulated by the ultras of the 60s and now in their 80s. If the old man is still calling the shots, malu la kita…
UMNO!Plz Stop using the Chinese as the Bogeyman..enough is enough!
Demi Bangsa, Negara dan Agama!

DIN said...

Tahniah Bangsa Ku

Tahniah dengan saf baru,

Mungkinkah belayar dengan jayanya?

Atau mungking mempercepatkan
karamnya bahtera?

Nampak gaya Uwang lebih hebat dari nasib bangsa.

Tahniah Bangsa Ku

The Phoenix Foundation said...

As I commented yesterday: Shah has been a gentle person all these years , not timid but GENTLE.
& MOST IMPORTANTLY - this kind of personality is required for our BUMI to cleanse itself of the rot!

Anonymous said...

I just wonder, what is Sharizat background? Is she really Melayu? From my understanding she is not... can anyone clarify her Melayu status? is her parents really Melayu or just tukar IC jadi Melayu like so many mamak and indons, if she is one of them, that makes her a cheater too...

Its funny how people vote. Shahrizat lost in the election. Rafidah didnt. Rafidah is one of the most respectable international face of Malaysia. Though its democracy, its a sad loss for Malaysia.

What I would really like is a list of people who claim to be umno but pretends to be Melayu (like Khir Toyo) but its not genuinely from Malay ancestry.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners. Time to prove their worthiness because the whiners will be their main cause of concern.

The whiners are not only within Umno but busy bodies from other parties.

The new team must pull up their socks and sharpen their pencils to bring solidarity back to the fore.

Otherwise, be prepared for the enemies to nail the coffin.

Khairy will be haunted by the 'guilty yet not guilty' poser and this issue will be played at full volume during his tenure. Can he turn the volume down?

Sharizat may sail through but she needs to initiate the much needed call for change or be fazed out.

Nonetheless, give them a chance to prove. Good luck, you fellas really need it.


ChengHo said...

The delegates deliver "SURE HEBUH " culture to Najib , the result was not the manisfestation of what the grass root want...
Good bye UMNO...


sick and tired,

i know... itu-lah, i baik dengan both women. nasib i bukan wanita umno delegate or exco member.....however, votes are secret, so....i undi rosak...:-)

as you know...Khairy is new Pemuda chief.

Let's hope the job isn't too big for him.



The Tun says it as it is. But I don't think Mukhriz lost because of the Tun and/or what he said.

Anyway, it's good to hear different views on this. Thank you.


Din di Manchester,

Bahawa sa nya, aku mampu menolong nasib bangsa ku.

Aku mampu. Aku sanggup.

Tetapi, aku tidak ingin.....

(itu lah hakikat nya....)


Mr M (The Phoenix Foundation),

Yes you are right.

And maybe that's what helped her win big for the Wanita chief post!

Thanks again, Sir for visiting.

Take care and Godspeed!



you know this debate about what is Malay and what constitutes Malay is longstanding.

In this country, our definition is in the constituion -- you are a Muslim, profess and practice Islam, speak Malay as your mother tongue, practice Malay customs...then you are a Malay. that.

As you must know, most Malays here are from Thailand, Burma,Cambodia, and (majority) the Malay archipelago (Sumatra, Java, Borneo) as well as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, the Middle-east.

Shahrizat is a Mamak and she will tell you that. She is Malay because she is all that I have said a Malay is.

I myself am Javanese/Persian (my father's side) and Mendailing/Burmese (my mother's side). I am Malay.


Good Man....

I agree...

Hear hear!

Anonymous said...

We have now half recipe for disaster..Lets wait for the deputy President post..

Good for Kairy..on track to be the PM by 40..celebration last night goes right down in S'pore..

Pity for Rafidah..UMNO need firm and tough leader like her..

Nak beli kacang cap tangan lak..

Suspense giler...mcm citer "Epic Movie"..hehehe




They'll just have to prove that they can work magic and miracle on Umno....

Anonymous said...

Dear Noraina,

>In this country, our definition is in the constituion -- you are a Muslim, profess and practice Islam, speak Malay as your mother tongue, practice Malay customs...then you are a Malay.

The above statement is almost a joke and hypocritical in this country.

Are you saying that any immigrant that comes into Malaysia that profess the above is automatically Malay?? Thats double joke in this country. So what good is this bumiputera which intention is to support the origins of people of Malaysia?? And all this people who are not the "origins" are now claiming that they are the origins.

Then, I hope you guys just drop Malay as Bumiputera because they are no more. That makes you too are hypocritical. Because the real Malays are and will be trashed out and extinguished by the fake "origins" or bumiputera.

Atleast if you want to claim you are a blooded bumiputera, atleast a direct parental lineage should be from the origin. Im sorry to say I dont agree with such a stance. That is confirmed then, Shahrizat is not a bumiputera. So are you Noraina and so is Khir Toyo and so forth.

Soon, we will have a flood of Paki, Bangla, Indon who then follow Malay customs becoming Melayu, because like you state it, Yes its like that! so simple (without the conscience). Melayu boleh... hypocrits.


Anonymous said...

Derar Nuraina,

It was a sad night for me. In silence, I wanted UMNO to recover and come back like the rebirth of the phoenix for the good of all - Malays, Chinese and Indians.

We have to understand, if the Malays are a happy lot, this good feeling will spillover to other races, when the Chinese and Indians are happy, all the goodness will come back to the Malays - it is a cycle.

I could see a gleam of hope if Mukhriz had been the Youth Chief but KJ the loudmouth is now the Youth Chief. We need less loudmouth in politics. The Youth Wing needs a good leader that will not condone things such as keris, attacking Karpal.

OK, Sharizat & Rafidah is 50-50. I think Rafidah has the international stature and she has done so much for the good of Malaysia and made the Malaysian women proud because she spearhead one of the most intellectually demanding ministry. She elevated the women status in her own way, but a younger person may be needed to drive the women agenda today. I wish Sharizat the best. I think Sharizat's speech has depth compared to KJ's.

NanaDJ said...

TS Rafidah has pass her shelf life. She has done well in the past (except for her AP blip) and I have tremendous respect for her. But one must know when to pack up and leave gracefully. Ijat has been very patient, now it is her turn to prove to us what she can do.
As for Pemuda, Mukhriz could have won if not for the Toyol. But then again, I don't know whether Mukhriz can do the job either had he won (too much in the shadow of his father). As for KJ, lets see what happens next - its not really nice of the others to shout 'rasuah,rasuah' at him it should have been aimed at the pengacau daun too.
We will wait and see what happen today!

Hazreen Rashid said...

cik nuraina,

I wonder why do I have a feeling that Mat Taib is gonna win tonight...

hurmmm...umno umno....

Anonymous said...

I think it is long overdue for UMNO to change the name UMNO.Stop using the word
UMNO it is a half breed organisation, period.
Malays do grow up and form your own Malay
organisation and stop the half breeds from robbing you in the name of UMNO !

Rockybru said...


last night I dreamt that I was with Khairy Jamaluddin. He was trying to explain to me why Khir Toyo lost to him. Mimpi yang ngeri .. We were at a Muslim cemetary. [I woke up later and wondered if that was where Umno had been buried, but there was no fresh grave in my dream]. I could not understand what the son-in-law was trying to tell me, but he seemed defensive. Finally he decided to draw a diagram to explain Khir Toyo's defeat. It was a diagram of another cemetary! I asked him to explain how Mukhriz lost but before he could, the nightmare ended.

It was raining outside. Alhamdulillah, I live to fight another day!



you are most certainly one of the many who find it funny.

clearly, it needs more than a few paragraphs to explain to you what a Malay is, including tht a malay is a muslim.

for the moment, in this beloved country of mine, Malay is define in the constitution....people of the malay archipelago. the malays formed the people who were in malaya or tanah melayu to first form a government.

i don't think any foreigner can claim to be a malay unless he really is but i reckon he or she has to be a citizen first.

if this is all so confusing, do read books on the subject.

let me say again, i am MALAY. whether you like it or not.

you are welcome to change the
constitution. :-)

thank you for visiting and asking.


hazrin rashid,

as a person, mat taib is likeable. very nice and very friendly. difficult to dislike. we have even forgiven him for his shenanigan in ozland. but...oh, make no mistake, we have not forgotten.

but will he make a good DPM. i'd say no. and i know what many people think of him...and i must say here that his name conjures some kind of joke in people outside umno. malaysians also know the kind of millionaires he created when he was selangor MB and the financial scandals and abuses his monsters were involved in.

if he wins the deputy presidency, Najib cannot make him DPM, for the sake of UMNO and the country.

i don't want to go into details, but the baggage Mat Taib carries is no secret.

mat taib winning the dputy presidency is really bad for Umno. and not only najib will have a herculean task to regain the people's confidence in Umno.

i really hope umno delegates will do the right thing.



wow.. a nightmare!

anyway, as i have said in your blog, some people owe you a drink or two because you predicted that KJ would win if both Khir and Mukhriz decided to contest.

c'est la vie, i always say...but it is not a big win for KJ...only around 35 percent that he got...

tough for him but everyone will just have to accept the outcome.



i suppose, not everyone will be happy with the outcome.

let's hope wisdom prevails when they choose the top leaders...



i know what you mean...

the problem is that the election structure and system in umno is dated, outmoded by progress and an increasing membership...

it is really up to umno ...

Anonymous said...

Ti Lian Ker,

You are bloody rude to write 'padan muka' remarks to Tun Mahathir!!!

Sedar diri sikit, because whatever Tun writes are so true! Without him, you are NOTHING!!

Anonymous said...

Did the delegate BETRAYED the grassroots? During the UMNO Division Youth election, Mukhriz got the most votes => most of the UMNO youths wants him to lead. But the power have been given to the delegates to vote according to the decisions of the division. But did they? Were they being 'bought' over? Is money the real leader in UMNO ?
Can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

From Ibn Seerin Dictionary of Dreams:
Cemetery(Burial ground, grave, graveyard) - Seeing a cemetery or a graveyard in a dream means appeasement and comfort for the terrified person and dismay to a comfortable and relaxed person. The graveyard represents the elements of fear, hope and return to guidance after heedlessness. A cemetery represents the hereafter because it is its vehicle. A cemetery in a dream also represents the prison of the body...also means seclusion, devotion, abstinence, asceticism or admonition.

selampit said...

First to my fellow countryman Ti Lian Ker,

You wrote, "Their feelings are not easily manipulated by the ultras of the 60s and now in their 80s. "

Ohh, you mean the same 60's ultras that handed over Singapore to the Chinese without a bloodbath? What happened to the Achenese and Timorese when they demanded Independence from Indonesia? They were shot and buried in mass graves. The Malays in Southern Thai? They were shot with using live ammos at street protests, and many disappeared without a trace for the same reason.

You have the gut to accuse those 60's Malay leaders as ultras, YET you want the Malays to stop playing the racist card?

Go figure my friend.

Now, back UMNO PAU.

I have no beef with Shahrizat, so congratulations on the victory, hope you will serve the party to the best of your ability. Kak Pidah, you have served UMNO well all these years, we thank you.

Khairy can go f*** himself (pardonnez mon francais)

As do the 300 or so delegates who voted for him. Bunch of idiots, or should I say, bunch of FAT idiots.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,
you gave a good insight into what constitute to be a Malay in response to anon@7:09AM query.

But you shift the goalpost when confronted by anon@10am reply.

your quote"for the moment, in this beloved country of mine, Malay is define in the constitution....people of the malay archipelago. the malays formed the people who were in malaya or tanah melayu to first form a government.

i don't think any foreigner can claim to be a malay unless he really is but i reckon he or she has to be a citizen first."

What you are saying is, if one practices what is in the constitution,and is a recent immigrant and obtain citizenship, then he/she qualifies as being a "Bumiputra?"

Instead of saying KJ won with only 35% of the votes, why not describe the 2 losers as only having garnered only 32.5% of the votes. Anyway, a win by even one vote is still a win, like it or not. Good for KJ, I congratulate him.

I think your spin is as good as Rocky

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina,

Just a further comment on what constitutes a Malay. There is a popular mamak restaurant in Subang Jaya. The owner is quite well-known around the area, notorious even, given the many 'irregularities' he has been able to get away with. Long story shot: rags to riches story. KJ was a regular customer.

Now this guy is an indian married to a malay lady. Whole family (brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles etc) are hindus, you can see them occasionally hanging out at the restaurant. Imagine my surprise when I saw him on TV, complete in Umno grab, jumping around with the KJ crowd after the results were announced.

So, the obvious conclusion is, he is (in so far as I know) the only one in his family tree who has miraculously morphed from an indian to a malay. Incredible but true. And completely confusing.

Anonymous said...

To 7.09 pm;
You wondered who is Sharizat; let me tell you, from the looks of her face, the eyes, the lips etc; she is mixed, Indian, more Indian than Malay;

Anonymous said...

Nuraina and Anon,

Malay in the constitution is defined as:

menganuti agama Islam, lazim bercakap Bahasa Melayu, menurut adat istiadat Melayu, dan

a. lahir sebelum Hari Merdeka di Persekutuan atau di Singapura, atau ibu bapanya telah lahir di Persekutuan atau di Singapura, atau pada Hari Merdeka itu ia adalah berdomisil di Persekutuan atau di Singapura; dan

b. ia adalah keturunan seseorang yang tersebut.

Anonymous said...

So by definition, a Baba/Nyonya who embrace Islam is a Malay la?? Baba/Nyonya speaks Malay, eats Malay food and wears sarong, more Malay than many I know...

You said Mat Taib carries a baggage with him, what about Najib? Shouldn't he try to clear his name first by taking on all the bad things written about him in international media b4 Pak Lah pass him the PM-ship???

So, how???

Wong Pencen said...

Anon @ 7:09AM

Ever heard of this saying, "Pen is mightier than sword".

Especially for you I share the following.

p.s. only when the hand that move the pen is controlled by a mind that is sharper than a sword.

And for your benefit, let me explain further.

Human's mind works from a set of something located inside human's skull referred to as brain. A set? Yes, a set as there are right and left side of the brain.

For most people the set work together and for some others, the set work together as a team. People in the former group are called 'average people' while the latter 'brilliant' or even referred to as 'genious'.

There are another group of people whose right brain is lost while the left is out looking for it.

For this third group of people, no matter how high is the quality of pen he holds, the result would never amount to much.

Nowadays we do not use much of pens to write and we just use our fingers to tap on the keys of our keyboard to write. For the type of person whose right brain is lost, even if he writes using a real big computer with big keyboard, so big that he can use his but to tap on the keys, the result would still be messy.

This type would never come up with something that's mightier than swords, as his two sides of brain are always too busy and it has no time to work together as a mind.

This third type of people should seriously consider what Nuraina suggested at Para 5;2.56PM of this page.

Again for your benefit, it reads "if this is all so confusing, do read books on the subject."

And here, I suggest you do just that.

Thank you.



i'm done talking about what a Malay is.

on KJ -- the truth is that KJ won that much. and ok..if you must want me to say, khir and mukhriz got that much each.

indeed, a win is a win. i never said it is not. by KJ's own admission he said he indicated as much.

we can all have different interpretations of the results.

oh...please. enough of this spin accusation.
if that was spinning, i must be doing a bad job.

Anonymous said...

A Malay is someone who can identify with Jawi being comfortable at the sight of it(walaupun baca merangkak i.e not so proficient in reading it).Jawi is what constitutes Malayness, the spirit that binds this region called Malay Archipelago the colour of the Malay skin notwithstanding. If you asked me,
Jawi should be freely and proudly
used everywhere. The Jawi characters even though Arabic in origin is distinct refecting the richness of the Malay living and literary culture that has taken root in the universal faith. I say let's give Jawi it's due and prominence and allow it to flourish for the sake of unity on this beloved land of ours.

Live & let live

Anonymous said...


Though you are done talking with the Malay thing (good for you), I just have few last comments.

Thanks to anon@9:32PM for clarifying the constitution about Malay. I would never have known this since I am not a lawyer and wasnt smart enough to find such a statement in the web. But thanks, atleast I am clear now what is exactly the definition of Malay. By the way, I dont think schools even teach about this important part of the constitution. Somebody, should make this compulsory for students to know the constitution in school to make sure all Malaysians knows their rights and "limitations".

So, I have to retract and apologize, Sharizat, Noraina, and Toyo, you guys are "Malay" by constitution. But to be truthful, I have to categorize as non-indigenous. But by constitution are indigenous (bumiputera). How ironic.

My take on this, is this part of the constitution is flawed. Who am I to change it anyway. For those who are not the real "keturunan", congrats for being hypocrites because constitution protects you.

Too bad to the real malays. Well, maybe in many years later, it will be too far away from the merdeka date... then maybe this wont be an issue for me. (probably dead already)

In reality, in this world... why do we care really about race. So, to the irony, its so contradictory for me on these few people. Its the benefit system that nobody is willing to lose. We should be more concerned as Malaysians. I realize UMNO is a mind polluter, you just get blinded. But unfortunately, neither do I support the other opposition.

One day, I wish we have a greater Malaysia. But it maybe too far fetched.


Anonymous said...

Delegates boo Zain Yasim for saying Khairy Jamaluddin does not need Pak Lah in order to stay relevant. about 3 hours ago