Friday, March 06, 2009

Malays, Melayu....

I was not there at the mosque to listen to what the Sultan of Selangor had to say.

But according to the NST, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah today "expressed disappointment over the action of a certain group of Malays who continued to question the positions of Malays and the Malay Rulers when these were enshrined in the constitution".

His highness made his remarks when opening the Masjid Jamek Sultan Abdul Aziz near Petaling Jaya.

Here's the rest of the NST story.

The sultan described this group of Malays as rude, ill-mannered and unabashed, given that they had been nurtured from the time of their ancestors in the customs and traditions, good behaviour, courteousness, and engaging inconsultation.

"It is on this premise that the Malays are held in high esteem and respected, (but) where are the Malays now?

"The nation has been a sovereign state for just half a century, and the Malays have begun to quarrel, lose their self-esteem and become discourteous due to being overly enthusiastic in grabbing power at the expense of the people and the state,"

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim was also present at the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

Puan Nuraina

I believe in that speech, the Sultan has got his points expressing unpleasantness on our behaviors.

I’m not into sociology, but as an observer of human being, our behavioral has changed tremendously in the last 15 years, at the peak of migration of workers from kampung to the city centers.

Malays are easily influenced by behavioral change in a new environment, particularly in a city. Dif race has dif altitude, but then Malays as a result of interaction with other races tend to adsorb a new culture change.

They like gamble, drink, and all, and living in behavior has changed.

Our values have changed and our thinking has changed.

This is the scope or area for a politician to address.

But then, our young politicians too are affected by social change, you see, they like to sleep naked and get photographed. Even some school children do that, Hmmm, what to do.

So if you ask me where is the Malays, I would ask you where is our own city, our own people, our own neighborhood?

No? Then there will be no Malays, but there are confused Malays, Malays with lost identity, lost of neighborhood, lost cultures, lost ideas. Have lost their kampong, and all in it.

Please build our own town, with Malay majority, then u have Malays.

Unknown said...

don't confuse melayu with UMNOputra. UMNOputra is celaka and a leech to our society and nation.

melayu as i know (all my melayu friends) are friendly, kind, helpful and righteous.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that we should all stay in Kampung with only Malays so that we can be influenced and controlled only by Umno and Sultan for generations like the communist countries in the past and Noth Korea,except we do not need to work hard. It is not wise to stop us meeting the world and stop acting as you are our parents.


Anonymous said...

CTANGANG It is because of people like you(umno kind) that say never allOw a malay to have a brain of their own. Look i live in a majority malay area and we are just fedup with penipuaan rakyat.DAH CUKUP LA BN MENIPU KITA MELAYU.


Anonymous said...

in between 1983 -1993 :
" Remove the immunity ! "
" ya ya ya ...YES !" bukan opposition berkata !

Anonymous said...

Yes there are Malays out there..just that their behaviour, thinking, attitude ect. has changed. Which race has not ? To me the change is inevitable because of the inflow of external influences..not so much as internal influences.Change may be good or bad. It is really up to the individual to change for the better. I am a Chinese. I have observed that the Malays used to be very cooperative among themselves a 'long long time ago'. But in my opinion some of the policies that the Government implemented has created a gap commonly termed as 'the rich and the poor'. I believe some Malays got very rich and very fast while the majority are so called 'left behind'. So this 'gap' has given opportunities to politicians to 'play' on them. This 'gap' will slowly widen and different groups will surfaced. What I think the Malays should realise and take it as reality is that no race is spared from this 'gap'. All races must work together to narrow this 'gap' because no one race is without a poor family. The Sultan , I believe is disappointed with the disunity among the Malays. But for Malaysia to advance, the unity of all races is of utmost important.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Build your own town, with your people as better 100% Malay..then you'll have Malays. Oh ya, don't forget to use only Malay language ya, it makes you 100% Malay.

Anonymous said...

What the f''' is a Malay? What are the origins of your culture? Malay culture has nothing which is 100% indigenous to the Malays save for a few miserable words. Define a malay without the UMNO political rubbish.

Anonymous said...

To the writer, ctangang, your last sentence seems racist. For one to live harmoniously in a multi-racial, and multi-cultural society, your racist ideal will only breed discontent and creates more tension. Let us have a more muhibbah attitude as upheld in our Rukun Negara when this nation was born.

Anak Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Besides the traces of evolution, 'Malays' are also socially constructed, which could have much stronger influence than all the genetics.

Anonymous said...

What ever that for. Malay /town city???
Chnages happen to the world environment people irrespective of race or religion...If the race choses to adopt the so called negative values...blame their upbringing/ value etc. U cannot live in a cvae to avoid change.Change is dynamic my dear....u cannot runaway fro it!

Rockybru said...

I think the HRH is hitting out at Raja PK, who recently called for a "constitutional crisis the country has never seen" if Sultan Perak still refuses to listen to Nizar.

Anonymous said...

How f''ki'' horrible. Malaysia has become multi-cultural. Quick impose emergency rule and kick out all non-Malays in order to purify the Malays. Whoops!!! Can't do that. Look at Indonesia after they killed the Chinese. Indon/Muslim girls in the hundred of thousands prostitute themselves in Batam, Balai etc. The Indon/Muslim men by the millions suffer beatings and deaths trying to get into Malaysia illegally to look for jobs. Looks like the Malays will have to live with a colonized Malaysia. But Sultan Pangkor II of Perak has just sold his state to UMNO What UMNO is the new colonialist? How f''k;;; horrible again.

Anonymous said...

Izinkan saya mengulas di blog Akak dalam bahasa ibunda.

Melayu kini dilihat sebagai bangsa yang tidak mempunyai identiti..

Tidak seperti zaman kita dulu2 Kak yang mana kita dapat melihat anak bangsa berpakaian baju Melayu dengan sopan dan lengkap, tiada PUNK, GOTHIC, PENGKID dsb...

Dulu... anak Melayu dididik dari kecil dengan Mukaddam dan AlQuran, hingga khatam Quran... Yang mengajar pula ialah IbuBapa sendiri (as in my case), maka lahirlah generasi yang berbudi bahasa dan tau menghormati mereka yang lebih tua.

Generasi Bangsa Melayu tersebut masih lagi berpegang teguh dengan adat budaya Melayu/Islam dan sentiasa mempertahankan nya dengan apa cara sekalipun. Paling tidak, kami menurunkan nilai2 kami pada anak2 sendiri.

Majoriti nya pula, yang sentiasa sibuk samada dengan tugasan pejabat atau mengejar harta dunia dilihat 'melepaskan' tanggungjawab MENDIDIK anak2 baik dari segi adat, moral mahupun AGAMA. Akibatnya ialah apa yang kita lihat kini... Hari demi hari kita melihat orang Melayu makin hilang adatnya, budayanya, agamanya yang mana ketiga2 perkara itulah menjadi ASAS RUPA BANGSA MELAYU SEBENAR... SATU BANGSA YANG MEMPUNYAI ADAT YANG AMPUH, BUDAYA YANG LUHUR DAN AGAMA YANG MENJADI BENTENG PERIBADI ATAU 'SELF'.

Kita perlu kembali kepada NILAI ASAL kita...

Renung2kanlah... Setakat ini dahulu... Kalau nak dibincangkan terlalu panjang dan mungkin akan membosankan mereka yang tak kenal Melayu...



Anonymous said...

> So if you ask me where is the Malays, I would ask you where is our own city, our own people, our own neighborhood?
> No? Then there will be no Malays, but there are confused Malays, Malays with lost identity, lost of neighborhood, lost cultures, lost ideas. Have lost their kampong, and all in it.
> Please build our own town, with Malay majority, then u have Malays.


After 50 years of Merdeka, and supposedly living in harmony with other races, you, @ctangang, attempt to blame the Malaysian non-Malays for the problems faced by Malaysian Malays? LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR FIRST!!!

WTF DO YOU MEAN BY "where is our own city, our own people, our own neighborhood"? WTH DO YOU MEAN BY "build our own town, with Malay majority, then u have Malays"? You sound like you are for ethnic cleansing and getting rid of the non-Malays in Malaysia.

What are you, @ctangang, a Nazi?

ChengHo said...

Daulat Tuanku.....
All this problem started when u have Anwar and his PR...

Anonymous said...

Puan Ina,
Istana mesti juga sedar tanpa Melayu, tidak wujudnya sultan/raja i negara ini. Orang melayu yang menyokong sistem kesultanan tetapi kebelakangan ini istana nampaknya telah diperalatkan demi kepentingan puak/golongan tertentu.

Anonymous said...

the Sultans must realise that they cannot always enjoy unconditional support.

their job us to safeguard the rights of the people and not UMNO.

Afterall they are being paid by tax payers money. So siapa patut setia kepada siapa........dan siapa telah derhaka kepada siapa?

malayamuda said...

Sultan tidak mahu perubahan kerana hidup nyer selesa.

Rakyat inginkan perubahan kerana susah.

Apakah kita harus menghalalkan pembunuhan, penyelewengan, rasuah, salah guna kuasa,menyalahgunakan agama, rogol, maksiat dll hanye kerana Perpaduan Melayu....

NO !

Anonymous said...

The Kings are simply trying to guard and protect their own self-interest at a time when the institution of Kings and its necessity, value, benevolence towards the people, are being increasingly suspected, and in some cases, rightly so. So we should read deeper to understand the motive of the Sultan of Selangor's statement. Let us not be naive and take all statements made by anyone at face value only.

The Kings are human beings. They are susceptible to being influenced by politicians and the rich corporate elites. This is sad, but it is reality.

The people are also seeing how the Kings' lavish lifestyles (multiple, big expensive cars are driven when a simpler one could be used) when the people are suffering the brunt of the economic crisis.

The respect that the Kings want must be earned. It cannot be demanded, even if the institution of Kings are enshrined in the Constitution.

Remember our wise old Malay saying: Raja adil disembah, Raja zalim disanggah.

Our people are quarreling over their right to political choice. This cannot be a bad thing. But it must be done in a proper and decent way. Not with curses, and threats, and by the illegal use of police force by one faction and so on.

Sometimes, we have to go through tough times and adversity like this in order for democracy to win and be upheld.

Please, please read what is at stake here, so that we uall nderstand why all Malaysians, including us Malays, are angry.

Unknown said...

What? The Sultan does not want the Malays to change? No way! We want change and we will change if need be, to effect change !

Anonymous said...

perangai Raja, anak2 raja pun teruk juga...x macam melayu pun...

Anonymous said...

Why do some Malays want to prevent the Malay race from changing? Every race goes through changes to advance forward. If a race cannot adapt to changes, then that race will be left behind. It is also not wrong for a race who has advanced in his intellectual ability to voice out his opinion about what is right and what is wrong. How can anyone progress if you turn a blind eye to what is right and what is wrong? Don't let extremism in race stiffle the Malays advancement. They need to mix with others to advance. Come out of the coccoon.

Anonymous said...

kasihanlah kita orang Melayu, selalu dipergunakan dan diperalatkan oleh pemimpin- pemimpin dan raja-raja atas nama bangsa Melayu, agama dan Hak Melayu.

Hak siapa yang sebenarnya yang dipertahankan? Hak rakyat atau hak pemimpin-pemimpin/raja-raja?

Sedarlah orang Melayu, hanya keadilan yang boleh mempertahankan hak rakyat.

Kalau tidak ada keadilan, hak istimewa juga tidak berguna walaupun di tipu, di tindas, di bunuh.

Anonymous said...

In the world of commerce all over the world, it is known that the rural and agricultural economies are lower income and less progressive when compared with the urban and industrial economies. During the old days, the malays wrere happily left in their kampungs to tend their agricultural land which they owned while the non malays worked in the productive areas which eventually become urbanised. It is not the non malays that force the malays to the rural agricultural region. The malays owned the lands there but the non malays have nothing but to endure hard work to survive. If there is any stupid person to propose that the malays should preserve themselves in their own region, then they will forever left behind and of course will become the political tools for the racist UMNO to preserve their power. So please don't blame others for the lagging of the malays and then use discriminative policies to suppress people.

Lee said...

The Malays, strictly speaking i.e.genetically speaking, is not a racial group.He can be as fair as a European or as black as a Negro from Africa. As long as he is a practising muslim, speaks malay and pratises the adats, including wearing sarongs etc he is a Malay according to our Constitutions.Ethnically speaking, according to the genes and cultural heritage, a Chinese, an Indian an Arab a Kadazan or an Iban can all be referred to as Malays if they are all muslims and practise the "malay culture'.His Highness the Sultan of Selangor was probably refering to the group of peoples who are descendants of peoples who lived in this part of the world more than 500 years ago. Certainly recent immigrants from Arabia, India or Indonesia who are classified as Malays because they are muslim and practises malay culture are not the the peoples he was refering to.Most people will agree with me that there is a difference between them
in their behaviour, especially!

Satria Asia said...

The only thing that is constant is change...and Malay view towards the Royal Households changed in 1993. Mahathir taught Malays to be 'biadap' -- he was the proverbial Jebat.

Anonymous said...

Sultan of Selangor's speech...
This fella is a was all Melayu, Melayu, Melayu and Sultan Sultan all the this country was a Brunei...IT IS NOT..
The sooner this former and current playboy realises this...the better...

Anonymous said...

Setuju dengan Anonymous di atas.

Tanpa orang Melayu, tiadanya raja-raja. Raja-raja kalau tak berpihak kepada rakyat, maka hilang erti raja-raja. Kebelakangan ini, mereka macam menjaga kepentingan diri dan berpihak kepada puak-puak tertentu. Malang dan sedih.

Anonymous said...

Only one comment: Cultures change with time. To try to impose some idea that a culture must remain static is equally dangerous.

For example, many of us would say slavery today is evil, but it was a normal part of the culture in the 18th century. Would we then be on the side of radicals and moral decayists if we were then thrust back into time?

Old Fart said...

"I think the HRH is hitting out at Raja PK..."

How callous a statement!!

If at all RPK is more pro-royal than most of us.

Amongst the Indians and Chinese in Malaysia, we know that our final humanly protector in this land are the Malay Royals.

Assuming the UMNO led BN prevails any much too longer, they will be the ones who will not want the constitutional monarchy, finding them an inconvenient encumbrance. It is to UMNO's advantage to want to become Republic with a President replace the Agong. And guess what? If and when that happens, you can rest assured such a president will be a full blooded UMNO supporter and leader.

No siree, I would want and Malaysia needs the perpetuation of this Constitutional Monarchy, and maybe with a little more power than they have right questioning a lot of assumptions.

Syed Zul Tojo said...

In the constitution, it says among others, Malays is defined by whom who speaks Malay and practises Melayu adat.

Sometimes when I get across some royals and senior malay politician children who cant speak good Bahasa Melayu and practising Western culture, I thought to myself, do they really understand who Malays are?

Anonymous said...

The Melayu of yesterday differs greatly from the Melayus of today.

The older generation lived in greater poverty than today and the social fabricates then were completely different from now.

For instance, a piece of chicken was shared by a table of ten, with bare fingers, regardless of hygiene during a kenduri.

Nowadays, kenduris have whole chickens on food warmers and waiters to serve.

Educationally, they have improved tremendously partly through the Bumiputra and NEP policies, but they do not realise it.

Along the way, came Anwar, who brainwashed students to take to the streets, inconvenience the public and misinterpret law and order.

The herd mentality Malay students swallowed everything. Hook, line and sinker, as a sign of respect for their cult leader.

The non-Malays are laughing quietly at the sheer stupidity and are hoping Anwar will destroy the Malay race. DAP is using Anwar for this agenda, but the Melayu Baru are so obesssed with being rebels without a cause, that they cannot fathom what is going on.

I know I will be lambasted by what I said but, the truth hurts.

The Indians are following closely behind the Malays, because they think Anwar is on their side, forgetting the ABIM days.

Oh well, let them self destruct, if that is what they want.


Anonymous said...

In the speech as reported by NST, the Sultan talked about "power grab". Of late, the only power grab that comes to my mind is the one in Perak where the incumbent MB was unconstitutionally removed in a blatant disregard for rule of law. And this is followed by police report against the Speaker for suspending the illegally appointed MB and his equally illegal Exco members. Karpal Singh and Kit Siang had been suspended many times in the past from Parliament and DUNs but they didn't make any police report as they know that decisions of the Speaker can't be challenged in any court. Well, rules and laws are different when BN are at the receiving ends... We are used to that by now...

frm: Go to hell

bluebell said...

I don't know what happened to the Malays in the 80's, but i think the NEP and the former Prime Minister had a lot to do with it. I think there were just a ‘too fast’ rise from rags to riches for certain cronies, that they forgot their poorer Malay and non Malay brothers. When I was growing up, there was no disparity between the races or between the Malays themselves.
In PJ in the seventies, everyone was as rich or as poor as their neighbour, unlike now in my neighbourhood where several Malay Datuks have more than 13 cars each, and I’m not talking Protons or Peroduas mind you. And a mere 1/2 kilometre lives a Malay family whose husband is a stroke victim who has to go for dialysis 3 times weekly, and whose child is disabled...Now is that fair?
As a Malay myself, I am ashamed that people of my own race have fallen to such a sad state. The Datuks to a state of absolute riches but heartless, and the poor to a state of poverty but hearts so big you want to cry..
Who is the better Malay now?
Don't talk about derhaka to Sultan or Ketuanan Melayu - talk about how some Malaysians have got it all and how some have absolutely nothing ..