Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Najib: Reinforcing Reform And Change

To be honest, the call for Umno to change and reform is not new. Former Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad had been driving home that message in his presidential addresses at the party general assemblies before, though in many different ways.

But never is this message so significant and crucial for Umno now, given such a terrible outcome in the general election last March (2008).

Umno deputy president Najib Abdul Razak last night made clear what needed to be done (and not done) by the party, by its leaders and members in order to be strong, popular and to overcome the challenges, and to survive as a political party.

He said this in his address at the joint opening of the Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri assemblies at the PWTC in Kuala Lumpur.

Najib called for Umno to reform in order to remain relevant in a country whose political landscape has changed.

Its leaders must be credible and clean.

"I implore you to give me a line of leaders who are strong and able. Present to me a team that has the traits of loyalty, integrity, ability and dedication to duty. "

Najib said Umno must no longer be seen to be elitist and corrupt. It must be in touch with the people and their aspirations.

Indeed, a reverberating message that if Umno does not change, does not reform, it's popularity will continue to wane and it will no longer be in power.

Change or perish!

So....the question is -- Is Umno prepared to make that change?

The writing on the wall was for everyone to see. Umno saw it but refused to acknowledge. Umno was and has been in denial. it brave enough now?

Click HERE for the full text of Najib's speech.


Anonymous said...


It's the same old story.

UMNO's structure from top to bottom is well-known to be laden with corrupt behaviour.

To stop this means a breakdown in how UMNO functions.

It is not possible.

This rhetoric by Najib serves one and only one purpose: to rally the people to UMNO's side once again.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Umno nationalism must be Malaysian bias. Party with strong Malaysian ideology, led by Malays. Likewise the MCA. Or risk being replaced by PKR led by PAKATAN RAKYAT.

Anonymous said...

Listen to this: From 1957, ours was a Malayan Government with a Malayan Civil Service. From '63, it was a Malaysian Government with a Malaysian Civil Service. From '81, it moved towards a Malay Government and Malay Civil Service. The people now want a Malaysian Government and Attendant Service. It can be BN or PR led.

Anonymous said...

Taking it from Najib like listening to old records playing the same old tunes. When he himself can't even shake all the bad perceptions by the malaysians public or the international, he asked us to swallow all that talks? Does he think we malaysians are so naive?

Unknown said...

Good evening Nuraina,

Yes, I agreed with Raja Ular 12:01pm that it is the same old story. Of course, it is speech that is pleasant to Malaysians' ears. Only thing is that Malaysians had been let down so many times. So let's see if Najib can walk his talk.

Anonymous said...

Cakap tak serupa bikin. True...same old story and shit.

Nothing is believable anymore. The corrupt behaviours are so deeply rooted. Reform what?!?


mut said...

Rehash aje. Dah berapa kali? Si Nangis pasal rasuah dulu pun ala-ala begini jugak ucaptama dia.

How much water has flowed under the bridge since then? The reality? ...we have got Najib who has a EUR115m submarine commission question mark hanging over his head. Supported by Tun no less. Becos he's clean? Or becos he is a counterweight to Khairy in Mukhriz's attempt to win the Ketua Pemuda seat? Of course la the latter. See how Mahathir avoided all the questions about skeletons in Najib's closet while spewing his newly found reform mantra?

That's the long and short of it. And Najib is the one tasked with reform and cleaning up. I say the Malaysian political scene is about to descend further into the abyss.

And no, the Mahathir clan is just as guilty for this as anyone else they might be pointing fingers at.

Anonymous said...

hmmm… my fellow malaysian, raja ular..

It boils down back to the numbers.


the thing is.. I went to a premier school in KL.
I thought all malays in malaysia were like me.
but when i grew older.. i traveled all over malaysia..
rupanya.. secebis je bangsa melayu yang berjaya…

Yes we have malay CEOS and great malay doctors and engineers (and writers ;)).. but
masih lagi jauh ke belakang kita nih..

I dun need DEB now.
The other bangsa can never compete with me..
can never challenge the way i work.
They are even intimidated by me.

But what about the makciks, pakciks, abang and adek melayu
in durian tawar? in pekan? in sg petani? in bukit selarong?
in pokok sena? in batang ai? in similajau? in pekaka?
in suai? in kalabakan? in kg jepak? all the other places..

if you can show me.. how PR can ensure that these
people.. my bangsa.. will be taken care of..
I will join you.. because at the end of the day..
i dun care who is in charge.. as long as
my bangsa are taken care of.. and my raja is respected and acknowledged.

I know. UMNO ada corruption.
I will help UMNO fight corruption.
They need young people like me..
and fortunately.. our numbers are growing..

that is why.. we still need UMNO to ensure that
the MAJORITY of the country (the malays) must still
be taken care of. I dun believe PKR can take care of the malays.

I voted for PR in march.. *if you read my comment carefully.
but after seeing nothing has been done.
after seeing the rudeness of PR component parties to my bangsa and my kings..
I drew the line.

Please understand. I am not trying to be racist.

But then again, as what i said earlier.
It all boils down to the numbers..

I dun believe Lim Kit Siang or Lim Guan Eng
or any malaysian chinese politician can
take care of my bangsa. I am sorry. this is how i feel.

Pokok getah pun..
kalau angin tiup.. daun akan melayang..
tapi getah .. ditiup macamana pun.. tetap mengalir masuk perdu.

Figure out the meaning of this beautiful peribahasa melayu.

Anonymous said...

If we start with my race, we will go back to my race. If we start with my religion, we will go back to my religion. If we start with my ancestor, we will go back to my ancestor.

Is that all that we want and capable of reaching?