Monday, October 06, 2008

Umno's Amazing Race...

Even the dizzying pace of Aidilfitri has not unsettled me, nor has it made me so totally detached from the goings-on in Umno/national politics. No sir.

My ears tingle during Aidilfitri chatter. By design or otherwise, the chatter invariably veers towards making guesses whether or not Pak Lah will announce that he's stepping down. And this sparks heated debate on why he would or wouldn't. Most times, innuendos and unsavouriness and gossip dominate discussions.

How we so easily forget that this is the holy month as we fill our chatter with some unsubstantiated allegations! Eesh eesh eesh!

Looks like Pak Lah has until Wednesday to announce his decision whether to defend his Umno presidency or hand it over to his deputy, Najib Abdul Razak (before the Umno divisions begin holding their annual meetings on Thursday).

Well...we can safely speculate that Pak Lah will announce his retirement. And Najib will get the nominations, I'm sure. The mood is palpable already.

Next question: Will anyone challenge Najib for the presidency? Or it's understood that the presidency should remain unchallenged?

By convention, the Umno president automatically becomes the Prime Minister..

We all know that Umno veteran and Gua Musang division chief Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has already openly offered his candidacy. Whether or not he gets enough nominations from the divisions, remains to be seen.

Thus far, there has been no other who has openly offered himself for nomination to contest the party's top post.

What's interesting and seems to have taken a life of its own is the contest for the deputy presidency. Suddenly, it's crowded with favourite Muhyiddin Yassin who is tipped heavily as candidate, surrounded by wannabes.

Well, alright then. Not all can be dismissed as wannabes. There are a couple of REAL contenders there.

The 61 year-old party vice-president has earned the distinction of being the one with balls, spine and gall, for having been the first Umno leader/member to push for an earlier power transition, ahead of the set 2010 pact.

He opened the way for the revised decision -- for Pak Lah to step down next March.

Still, Muhyiddin has not quite made any commitment - openly or on the quiet -- whether or not to go for the number two post.

The Umno deputy president is, by tradition, the choice for the Deputy Prime Minister's post.

Muhyiddin will find no problem in garnering more than enough nominations to get his candidacy. You can count on that.

So obviously, Umno is looking at a Najib-Muhyiddin tag team. For the moment or until such time when all the wannabes decide to bow down and settle for a slot in the vice-presidents' race.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and supreme council member Zahid Hamidi has offered himself. Some say, he's there to put a spanner in the works.

"Buat kacau...pull the rug from under Najib and Muhyiddin" or something to that effect. Can Zahid do that?

Well, his people say that he's going for broke. And they're right. Because if he loses, he's got to pack up. Then again, miracles happen in Umno.

Malacca Chief Minister and party vice-president Mohd Ali Rustam and Pulai member of Parliament Nur Jazlan Mohamed have also offered themselves for the deputy presidency.

Meanwhile, party information chief and Rural Development Minister Muhammad Muhd Taib has indicated that he is interested too. Weelll....

And then, there are Foreign Minister Rais Yatim and former Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar Isa Samad.

But let's not get deluded. We'll have to see whether or not they'll get the required number of nominations to qualify or, whether it's just hot air for now and in the end, some of them will back off.

Just wait...with bated breath obviously for the show, I mean, the race to really begin.


Lee said...

AAB's Agonising (6)

To be or not to be!
That's what is haunting me!
Do my party really wants to ditch me?
My peoples have to decide and not me!

To be or not to be!
Time is not on my side!
Whatever will be will be!
It's not for me to decide!

To be or not to be!
Should I the warlords bowed?
Whatever will be will be!
Am I so easily cowed?

Let it be, let it be!
Perhaps, the real grassroots should decide!
Whatever will be will be!
To the delegates I'll gladly abide!

Anonymous said...

Can we expect the wisdom of UMNO members to prevail? Or something beyond expectation? Nah.

Khairulnizam Bakeri said...

One more thing, it will be a presumably dirty race. Very dirty.

Anonymous said...

Racism is the key to the political survival of UMNO, MCA and MIC. Recently, PAS is also flirting with it by singing Islam-Melayu eventhough Malays are not the only Muslim in this country. In any country, the small area urban economy is always more vibrant and competitive compare to the large area agricultural economy in the rural region which is less rewarding. It is the same in all parts of the world and in any type of government. Any success in building a progressive economy, whether urban or rural, will depend on the economic vialbility in that area. Therefore the backwardness of the rural Malays is not the doing by others. It is natural economic evolvement. But to propagate the politic of race, the race-based political parties will make loud calls to the people of their own race that they will need to protect and defend their right and survival against their fellow citizens of other races as if the others have taken away their wealth. No one owe us a living. We work hard to try to survival and succeed. But the raced based politic makes use of discriminative measures among races in the name of redistribution of wealth to the agony of the citizens. It segregates and disunites the population and misleads them to believe that there will be chaos if such race based policies are not implemented to the satisfaction of certain group. After 51 years, is there still a big gap between rural and urban economy? Of course there is, because this a natural economic evolvement, unless the country imposes absolute communist economy. Even China failed to continue that. To bridge the rural disadvantage, the natural phenomenon is a rural migration to seek for better opportunities in the urban centers. Again it happens everywhere in the world. So for the race based politic to lay blame on others for the predicament of the rural Malays in their economic backwardness is a misplaced notion but a political expedience. Unless these race based political parties carry out the necessary reform to open to all Malaysians, their narrow and selfish political objectives will destroy this country in the face of global challenges.

amoker said...

Anybody from Cambridge/ Oxford/ Ivy league qualification that is not a son in law?


Although the BN has a majority, with 60% of the parliamentary seats, its historical defeat has demoralised its most ardent supporters who are mainly careerists and privilege-oriented leaders. This phenomenon has been weakening it. It has a leadership crisis and internal bickering in almost all of its component parties. The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), GERAKAN (Movement) and the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) - the major components of the BN besides UMNO - have almost lost their grassroots support in the election, and are effectively overshadowed by the opposition parties. Meanwhile, UMNO, which still has significant support in certain states, especially among the Malay rural population because of its Malay supremacy, has been forced to call for Abdullah Badawi to resign the premiership in order to recover from the humiliating defeats and prevent it from losing the political grip of Malay hegemony.

Anonymous said...

Kenapa lah mereka buat Pak Lah macam tu. kesian dia. Sepatut nya mereka membantu Pak Lah dengan semangat setia kawan bukan cuba menolak nya dan meletakkan semua kesalahan kepada Pak Lah.Dalam diam diam mereka juga menikam Pak Lah dari belakang.
Tapi itu lah ya puan, nama nya politik melayu kot.Harap harap Pak Lah terus melawan. biar putih tulang jangan putih mata. Tak kan Pak Lah hilang dibumi Malaysia ini!!! What say you puan Nuraina? dh9753

Anonymous said...

Hai..Just in case you missed out,Sakmongkol had a similar title..Amazing Race Umno.(3rd October).However his version is of course different..happy reading!


anon@9:55PM: I do. altho i went to his blog but didnt go that far back. Oct 3 posting was amongthe older posts.

but that's cool. i had wanted to title it "umno's hot race" but i had a photo of ida nerina in front of me and remembered the amazing race...

hope saudara ariff doesn't mind...

Anonymous said...

I am just a reluctant spectator on the sideline. Some people said that politic is the business of the impossible. So just let the amazing UMNO realty race proceed as schedule and let's see who are the final winners ...
Wali Kota

Anonymous said...

anon 941pm

kenapa? I think AAB got only himself to be blamed for the not doing anything. For all his time, he neglected his duties as PM..or would I say abused his duties as PM...PM wth the highest records of overseas travel, flip flop, 4th floor garbage..

Most of all he forgot he is Prime Minister of Malaysia..,,and feared the UMNO warlords.

Al said...

Hi to All ....
Well ... funny our Malaysia has now turned reality games that we see on tv into a real-deal 'live' affair! We had our bright numero uno banker Maybank ... playing "Deal or No Deal" ... ending up to claimed that they "attained" a hefty discount of some RM759 million ... what a load of crap!! Ended up paying so much ... too high a price to many ... well GOOD JOB boys/gals in yellow & black!! UMNO pulak now engaging in 'The Amazing Race' (kudos to Nuraina ... exactomundo!!) ... another exciting prospect for everyone to see. Lets get more comedy into our lives now ... since globally all of us are heading into a somewhat 'depressed' or better described as 'trying' economic times ... we need some entertainment. Trust the Malaysians to come forward & excell in this area ... our ever so proud motto 'Malaysia Boleh' & sleepy head's slogan ... Gemilang-Cermerlang-Terbilang!!! Haaa baguih ... baguih! Salam to all.

Raison D'etre said...

Kak Aina,

The DPM's post: All the usual suspects, ye dak?

And so little in the proven and trustworthy category.

Is Umno in dearth of capable leaders?


mamasita said...

Abacadabraa..zoom kakaboom!I see a pool of leaders in a beutiful green pond..oops..a fool of leaders in a very mouldy pond?O dear!Whats wrong with my magic ball today?

Oldstock said...

Salam Nuraina,

I personally would like to see AAB announce that he would defend his post. Only then, can we really know how the UMNO grassroots think of him as a leader.

If he does decide to defend his post, then I hope he gets the required number of nominations. It would be exciting to see an actual UMNO Presidential election after so many years of `no-contests'.

If he withdraws now, nampak macam tak macho la... Especially after hearing him say, `Saya PANTANG dicabar!' at the last assembly.

ChengHo said...

what do you think of tag team Najib-Rafidah ?

Anonymous said...

Menariklah artikel ‘Umno: Wajarkah Abdullah Pasrah?’ dlm SiasahDaily mengenai penyokong Paklah tibai Najib. Tengok gaya Paklah akan pertahan jawatan presiden Umno dan Zahid Hamidi akan jadi geng dia lawan timbalan presiden. Habis dibelasahnya Najib yang dituduh main belakang Paklah untuk jatuhkan beliau. Hebat betul Paklah ni sebagai pemimpin Ulul Amri yang terulung pernah dilahirkan oleh Umno. Menarik cerita Siasah ni sampaikan penyokong Paklah marah bila beliau disalahkan untuk semua masalah negara Najib kena teruk! Konon Najib sabo PRU12 dan Pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh. Penyokong Paklah kata Najib rancang sumpah liwat di masjid. Najib juga adalah target Anwar Ibrahim. Jadi masalahnya adalah Najib bukannya Paklah. Bila Umno dan negara bermasalah pemimpin semua nak lepas tengkok masing2. Skrg ni siapa lagi penting! Umno atau Paklah/Najib. Pasal gila kuasa pemimpin sanggup gadai parti dan lihat Umno dan bangsa Melayu hancur! Paklah salahkan Najib macam-macam hal. Mahathir kata Paklah hancurkan Umno dan BN, Komponen BN lain pun risau dgn pemimpin2 Umno ni. Menantu Paklah, KJ pun nak tanding Ketua Pemuda. Hebat Umno ni. Pak Mentua presiden parti, menantu ketua pemuda Umno tak lama lagi. Silap2 hari bulan, MCA, Gerakan, MIC dgn parti komponen Sabah/Sarawak keluar BN. Masa tu si Luncai Umno dibiarkan bergaduh sesama sendiri dengan Labu dia. MerdekaCenter kata Org Melayu, Cina dan India tak yakin dgn Paklah tp penyokong Paklah kata Najib punca masalah skrg ini. Lawan Paklah lawan, jgn tak lawan. Anak-Menantu punya pasal Paklah jangan tak lawan. Malaysia, Umno, BN jangan ambik pusing Paklah! Janji Paklah senang dan tidur lena.


Anonymous said...

it becoming a trend in umno, for president and deputy president. no election. if someone become president, he can stay there for life. for deputy, no member have any power. only president. if the mention the person name for deputy president, then he will become deputy president- by no election

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